Rumor: OnePlus will release a budget smartphone with 6000mAh battery – Tablets and phones – News

OnePlus reportedly plans to release a smartphone for around $ 200 this year. The 6.5 “screen of the smartphone would have 1560×720 pixels and OnePlus would like to provide the device with a 6000mAh battery. OnePlus would work on the entry-level smartphone under the internal code name Clover, claims Android Central, that the information about … Read more

Rumor: Nintendo will release new Switch version next year – Gaming – News

Perhaps two three models (because there is also a Switch Lite), a Switch and a Switch Pro / Plus / XL or something. Because it is a handheld, it will never be as powerful as a PS or Xbox. The current Switch detects when it is in the dock and then boosts performance, perhaps they … Read more

RUMOR on Halo Infinite: the game discontinued on Xbox One and postponed to 2022?

Lately, Microsoft connects the blunders in terms of communication. Following the announcement of the postponement of Halo Infinite to 2021, it seems that things are getting worse on the side of 343 Industries. Indeed, according to a moderator bearing the name of Sponger on the site Resetera, the studio reportedly struggles to get Halo Infinite’s … Read more

Rumor: Apple is short of driver ICs for 120Hz screens for iPhone 12 Pro – Tablets and Phones – News

Apple wouldn’t have been able to get enough driver ICs for the iPhone 12 Pro. The manufacturer had wanted to release the iPhone 12 with 120Hz screens. The manufacturer could have waited, but has decided to release the models with 60Hz panels, says an insider. In addition to the screen, Apple also needs a driver … Read more

Rumor: Disney + to get adult movies and series section – IT Pro – News

Disney + may eventually have a separate, closed section where mainly films and series that are aimed at adults can be found. That section should stand out from the current, more family-friendly content on the streaming platform. Including the YouTube account Grace Randolph says to have heard that Disney + will have an adult section … Read more

Rumor: iPad Air 4 will be released next year and has usb-c port – Tablets and phones – News

The iPad Air fits in the middle segment. The iPad is a low budget model, but considerable concessions have been made to keep the price so ‘low’. Despite that, I still think the iPad (2019) is a waste of money. Among other things, I don’t think a non-laminated screen is nice to look at. The … Read more