Monero fork could be buy case rumor sells news – BeInCrypto

The privacy coin Monero has seen a huge price increase this year, along with a software update via a hard fork and the possibility of Atomic Swaps. Monero’s price surge has been crying out for attention for weeks. A planned software update appears to have at least partially fueled the excitement. The rise of monero … Read more

Rumor claims that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have ultra fast charging

Ultra fast charging could charge the battery in seconds We are only a few months away for the official presentation of the new high-end smartphones from Samsung of the Galaxy S line, which could be made up of at least three new models such as the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and the Galaxy S21 … Read more

Rumor: the Batman could be canceled because of Robert Pattinson

Since the pandemic began, one of the film productions most affected by it was The Batman. The film has suffered from numerous delays due to COVID-19, but apparently this new virus is not the only one responsible for so many problems on the film set. According to sources close to the production, Robert pattinson could … Read more

The Samsung Galaxy S21 family will have an S Pen and it will be the end of Note phones, according to a new rumor | Technology

After the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 the rumors that announce the end of this family of mobiles are fanned. A Korean media ensures that next year we will not have Note 21. The Galaxy S21 mobiles will eat the Note 21, that is what ensures a new rumor that comes from … Read more

Rumor: PS5 would only have 664GB of usable storage

Same as him Xbox Series X, it seems that the operating system of the PlayStation 5 it will also take up quite a bit of space on the console’s internal storage. Until now, Sony It has only announced a 1TB version, although it seems that in reality the space that we will have available will … Read more

Fabricio Bustos’ response about the rumor of passing to Boca: “I’m focused on Independiente and nothing else”

Little by little, Argentine football returns and does so on the screen of TNT Sports. In this case, Independent beat Gimnasia 4-0 in the second game of the day and was part of it Fabricio Bustos. Precisely, the right side of the “Rojo” was consulted by the last interest of Boca. Busts was part of … Read more

Starfield is coming to Xbox Series X and PC according to a Microsoft executive, and a rumor points to 2021

Starfield Coming to Xbox Series X and PC According to a Microsoft Executive. For the last few days, news related to Starfield has been the order of the day, especially after the announcement that Microsoft bought the ZeniMax group, which has undoubtedly been a stir for the great IPs that the company treasures. Last week … Read more

Metal Gear Solid could have a remake on PS5 and PC, according to a rumor

Many are the rumors that have arisen since yesterday about a new reissue of the saga Metal Gear: a verified ResetEra user assured in the forum that both Metal Gear how Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid 2 coming soon to PC, while today the first two games of the Solid series were … Read more