Do you often see it in rural areas? Why closed service stations are left “as is” | Merkmal

Despite the good business condition, service stations are being closed one after another. You should calmly analyze the business condition and instruct them to close the business early. Closing business becomes a big issue Image of abandoned service station (Image: Photo AC) The service station (SS) has attracted the attention of the public as gasoline … Read more

With three concerts in Marrakech in June Chico & The Gypsies return to the stage for the benefit of rural girls

Marrakesh will host on June 15, 16 and 17 concerts by Chico, one of the founders of the mythical group “Gipsy Kings” whose songs have resonated in the four corners of the world for more than forty years. In this context, Chico held a press conference on June 3, at the Meydene theater at M … Read more

This would be a Fiat Cronos Weekend (rural)

As you already know, the rural ones disappeared in our regionwhile on other continents they remain strong, although at the same time they continue to be overshadowed by the SUV wave. Even so, during the last time those that survived updated their lines to gain a more focused format on crossovers. In the case of … Read more

Rastrojero, the rural truck of the Argentine mill

The dulce de leche, the pen, the fingerprints, the by-pass and more tend to make us proud as inventions arising from Argentine ingenuity. Which also gave us the Rastrojero, one of the distinctive icons of the Argentine automotive industry.of which the last May 1 marked the 70th anniversary of the exhibition of the first prototype … Read more

It is difficult for Henan Rural Banks to withdraw funds for more than a month and shake the financial confidence of depositors | Million depositors | Internet Banking | Mobile Banking

[The Epoch Times, May 23, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Li Xinan and Gu Xiaohua interviewed and reported) 4 Henanvillage BankIt has been more than a month since normal withdrawals have been made, but the official news that depositors have been waiting for is that Henan New Fortune Group, the major shareholder of the bank, is … Read more

Approved change in anti-foot-and-mouth vaccination – Rural

Los cattle under two years will not be fully immunized against aphtose fever in the next annual period of June but only those under one year of age will be vaccinated, which will save around US$ 1.8 million in vaccines, in a category that already has sufficient immunity. Around 1.7 million head of cattle from … Read more

Many Chinese bank outlets are difficult to withdraw cash and ICBC depositors are made difficult to withdraw money | Henan | Yuzhou Xinminsheng Rural Bank | Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

[The Epoch Times, April 23, 2022](Comprehensive report by The Epoch Times reporter Li Jing) Recently, many bank depositors in China have encountered difficulties in withdrawing funds and checking accounts. Many depositors expressed dissatisfaction with this. They felt that the money was theirs, and the inquiries and withdrawals should have been smooth. Why did banks in … Read more

Rural buildings: from the Region up to 150 thousand euros for restoration. Questions since Friday

Cagliari Individuals and institutions can submit the request for co-financing For the recovery, restoration and enhancement of the rural architectural and landscape heritage, the Regional Department of Culture led by Andrea Biancareddu has promoted in agreement with the European Union the project called “NextGenerationEU: Protection and enhancement of architecture and rural landscape “. The grant … Read more

In the hands of the National Rally, rural France feels forgotten

Place du Marché, it’s ten o’clock sharp. Gueret comes alive. That morning, the bar-tabac Le Balto bet on a storefront of circumstance: newspapers, newspapers and more newspapers. We don’t rush at the gate at Sylvette’s. “Presidential: The two Frances”, headline The mountain, the local duck. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, always them. The numbers … Read more