Released by JR East, what is a cheap “off-peak commuter pass”-Morning rush is not available, and other points to note Japan Top News

On March 18, JR East released an “off-peak commuter pass,” which is an initiative to introduce a variable fare system. While it cannot be used as a commuter pass during the morning peak hours on weekdays, the commuter fare has been reduced by about 10% from the fare before the revision. Off-peak commuter pass can … Read more

Hi-Fi Rush celebrates 2+ million players with an infographic

Late last week, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks announced that Hi-Fi Rush had more than 2 million players after just two months on the market. It is clear that they are so happy with this achievement that they felt that a simple tweet informing about the milestone was not enough. Therefore, we now have three … Read more

Hovland’s caddy had to rush to the PGA shop in the middle of the tournament: – Never seen anything like it

Watch Viktor Hovland in The PLAYERS Championship from Thursday to Sunday on Discovery+ and Eurosport Norway JACKSONVILLE (Discovery): It was a dramatic Sunday in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, with Viktor Hovland at the center of the events. The Norwegian was in the close fight for a long time, but had his dream of victory crushed … Read more

Hi-Fi Rush now has a photo mode

Everyone seems to love Hi-Fi Rush, and it’s at Microsoft and BethesdaDeveloper_DirectAnnounced and published during the period.As Hi-Fi Rush has more than 2 million players “target=”_blank”>reported earlier today, the game has just reached the alreadyHas more than 2 million playersmilestone, which we believe is well-deserved (Hi-Fi Rush” target=”_blank”>Read our review where we explain why)。 Now … Read more

WELCOME to the All New Toyota Rush 2023, Various Changes and Improved Features Make the Car Even More Luxurious

KABARFAJAR.COM-The new car from Toyota, namely the All New Toyota Rush 2023, is still being discussed. There is news that the All New Toyota Rush 2023 is in the finishing stage. And in the near future will be launched this most luxurious car. Of course, the presence of the All New Toyota Rush 2023 is … Read more

“Father of Evil Castle” Mikami Shinji will leave Tango Gameworks. His latest work “Hi-Fi RUSH” is well received #capcom (189856)

Shinji Mikami joined CAPCOM after graduating from the Department of Commerce of Doshisha University in 1990, and in 1996, he produced the classic game “Evil Castle” as a director, so he also has the title of “father of “Evil Castle”. Promote the production of CAPCOM’s classic games such as “Dinosaur Crisis”, “Devil Hunter”, and “Ace … Read more

Part of borrowers rush to repay mortgage loans, worried about the increase in the EURIBOR rate

“Every day, there are borrowers who partially or completely pay off loan payments before the due date, even in low interest rates. The volume, of course, is not extremely large. It is not very important for the total number of borrowers, but it happens. Following the volumes of borrowers who partially or fully repay their … Read more