Teach the US a Lesson, Putin Urged to Use Nuclear Weapons that Exceed the Hiroshima Bomb

loading… The tsar was this horrific bomb that made the president of the United States (US) at that time, John Fitgerald Kennedy, so nervous that he pioneered an arms control agreement between the two countries. PHOTO/ DAILY MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin urged to immediately issue a nuclear weapon to teach the United States … Read more

NATO Member Bulgaria Denies Involvement in Crimea Bridge Attack

loading… The impact of the explosion on the Crimea Bridge is visible in satellite images. Photo/REUTERS SOFIA – Bulgarian investigators found no evidence of the country’s involvement in the Crimea Bridge explosion last October. Bulgaria’s Chief Public Prosecutor Ivan Geshev explained this on Sunday (22/1/2023). Moscow, however, never blamed Bulgaria for the attack. “Colleagues from … Read more

Former Adjutant Zelensky Doubts Ukraine’s Military Fortune

loading… Mantan advisor to Presiden Ukraina Volodymyr Zelensky, Aleksey Arestovich. Photo/klymenko-time.com KIEV – Ukraine has squandered a chance to win in the conflict with Russia. Former adviser to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Aleksey Arestovich, explained this on Friday (20/1/2023). Speaking in an interview with political analyst Yuri Romanenko, Arestovich said, “If everyone thinks … Read more

The Russian-Ukrainian War Raises the Ghost of World War I Soldiers?

loading… Sightings that are claimed to be the ghosts of World War I soldiers are associated with the imminent occurrence of World War III. PHOTO/ DAILY MOSCOW – Russia and Ukraine War which is still going on fiercely, this is predicted to trigger the occurrence of World War III. Even the strangest senseless events are … Read more

Confronting Iranian Drones in Ukraine, US Orders Advanced Point Blanks to Israel

loading… Point Blank, which was specially made by Israel on the orders of the United States Department of Defense. PHOTO/ FORCE KIEV – Attack Drone Iran which made Ukraine confused, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presented a type of kamikaze drone which, if the attack was canceled, could return to its launcher. ALSO READ – Ukraine … Read more

Flying 20 times the speed of sound, Putin confirmed that it was impossible for Avangard to be intercepted

loading… Russia’s Avangard hypersonic missile. PHOTO/ DAILY KIEV – Russia ready to use The Avangard hypersonic missile which is claimed to have 20 times the speed of sound and is impossible to conquer begins to operate. ALSO READ – Muzzle 9M730 Burevestnik Aimed at Kiev, Ukraine on the Brink of Doomsday President Vladimir Putin said … Read more

Russian attacks on Ukraine are increasingly sporadic, iodine pills are selling hard

loading… Russia is ready to drop its nuclear weapons including Poseidon 2M39 to end Ukraine’s resistance, this makes Europe buy up Iodine Pills. PHOTOS/AFP MOSCOW – Russia reportedly preparing the ultimate weapon to end the war with Ukraine, making the United States and the Allies hot and cold. ALSO READ – Muzzle 9M730 Burevestnik Aimed … Read more

German Foreign Minister Calls Hole in Russia’s Protecting Law

loading… German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. Photo/REUTERS BERLIN – German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said there is a loophole in international law which currently does not allow the West to prosecute Russia for “aggression” against Ukraine, so a “new format” is needed. He made the comments on Monday (16/1/2023) during a speech at the International … Read more

Russia Relives Soviet Union’s Sea Monsters to Knock Back NATO

loading… Project 12061E Murena-E sea monster of the Soviet Union is ready to be revived. PHOTOS/ Russian Today MOSCOW – Despite being focused on ground warfare in Ukraine, Russia not forgetting the development of the amphibious assault capability element which was once the mainstay of the Soviet Union. ALSO READ – Russia Ready to Use … Read more

Maduro Wants to Form a New Regional Block Allied with Russia and China

loading… Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Photo/REUTERS CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed the creation of a new international bloc involving Latin American and Caribbean countries that would have close ties with Russia and China. During his annual address to the Venezuelan parliament on Friday, Maduro said he had recently spoken with the presidents of … Read more