Russian POWs in Ukraine: We were Fooled!

Kiev – In the detention room, on the second floor of a prison facility in Ukraine, members of the Russian military who are prisoners of war waiting for their time to be tried. DW deliberately did not mention the exact location of the building for security reasons. The Russians were held separately from the other … Read more

One-way ticket: how Russian volunteers are at war in Ukraine

“In April, I received a call from the military commissariat: I offered to volunteer. I was told I would get 130,000. ruble salary, all food and uniform, and travel expenses will be covered. But more importantly, they promised to help repay the loans, “says Dmitry (name changed for security reasons), who lives in a small … Read more

Experts: Now the Russian army is fighting as expected

Western experts warn that the failed attack on Kyiv at the beginning of the invasion should not be seen as an indicator of the Russian army’s combat capability – it was a political operation. However, this does not mean that there will be a major turnaround in the war – the losses at the beginning … Read more

Puffs of smoke and a string of explosions. A fire of a Russian ammunition depot in the city of Khrustalny

Khrustalny, with a population of 80,000, is located relatively far from the Donbas front line, 100 km east of Donetsk, in the separatist Luhansk People’s Republic. It is not clear what caused the fire and explosions at the Russian ammunition depot in the city. The Kremlin media claims that the facility was hit by a … Read more

The Russians cannot find their soldiers, they are complaining a lot about Putin’s office – ČT24 – Czech Television

The Russians had virtually no choice but to oppose the war in accordance with the law. People up to 15 years behind bars are threatening people behind bars for expressing themselves on social networks, a poster with stars instead of letters or the book “War and Peace”. Even in sociological surveys, people are afraid to … Read more

Russian Soldiers Complain Conditions on the Battlefield: Tired, No Medical Assistance and Food

DONETSK, – Soldier Russia managed to advance slowly on the battlefield in the fierce fighting in the Donbas, but that achievement came at a high price for the troops on the front lines of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Evidence shows that the casualties of high-ranking soldiers increased, while some units russian army admit … Read more

Russian equipment “full” of American components

Analyzing the situation, Skip Parish, a NATO and US military expert in modern technologies, emphasizes “total dependence on Western technology” in applications “integrated chipsets in key, sensitive working parts of Russian weapons systems – targeting, navigation, communication and weapons execution.” .

Summary of 90th Day of Russia’s Attack on Ukraine, Putin Eyes Long Conflict, Changed Russia’s Military Age Limit All

KYIV, – Russian attack on Ukraine entered the 90th day on Tuesday (25/5/2022). It’s counted since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which he described as a special military operation on 24 February. On Russo-Ukrainian war yesterday, there were still some new things that happened to “color” the dispute between the … Read more

Russian Soldier Sentenced to Life in Prison: I’m Sorry To Kill Civilians All

KYIV, – A Ukrainian state prosecutor asked a court on Thursday (19/5/2022) to sentence a person to life imprisonment Russian army. This soldier was accused of killing an unarmed civilian. Reported Reutersthe trial of charges was held in the first war crimes tribunal related to the Russian invasion which began on February 24. Read … Read more