Russia threatens to cut bilateral ties if US does this

Moscow – Authority Russia throws the latest warning on United States of America (US). Moscow stressed that bilateral relations between the two countries would be severed if the confiscation of Russian assets was carried out, also if Russia was designated as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’. As reported ReutersSaturday (13/8/2022), the latest warning was delivered … Read more

Devastating time, stadium manager says about price hikes. Youth sports are on the verge of extinction

The Icerink winter stadium was built in Prague’s Strašnice in 2018 and is one of the most modern in the Czech Republic. However, he too is now suffering heavy blows due to the increase in energy prices. “It’s a critical situation and you can’t save money. We would be going against the clientele,” explains Martin … Read more

The decisive phase of the war began with the explosions in Crimea — ČT24 — Czech Television

Crimea is Ukrainian, Zelenskyy declared The Ukrainian side has not officially claimed responsibility for the explosions. The adviser to the Ukrainian president, Mykhaylo Podolyak, even denied for Internet TV Dožď that his country was behind the explosions: “Of course not. What do we have to do with it?’ Any attack by Ukraine on Crimea would … Read more

Moscow applies house arrest to Ovsyannikova – Abroad – News – TVNET

In a closed session, the court of the notorious Basman district of Moscow decided that Ovsvajnikova’s house arrest is applicable until October 9. As reported, the former editor of the Moscow propaganda channel “Pervij kanal” (“First Channel”) Ovsyannikova, against whom a criminal case “for discrediting the Russian army” has been initiated, was detained on Wednesday. … Read more

Russia claims that its military planes were not injured in the explosions in Crimea – Abroad – News – TVNET

It has not yet been officially confirmed that the attack on the base in Crimea was carried out by the Ukrainian armed forces, however, it is quite clear that what happened was not an accident, as several explosions took place in several places at the same time. After the incident, the Russian Ministry of Defense … Read more

If the West persists in supporting Ukraine, I can imagine that Russia will clear Crimea, says analyst Votápek — ČT24 — Czech Television

According to Votápek, who previously also served as consul general in Russia, the conflict in Ukraine is entering a new phase, in which the supply of heavy weapons from the West is changing the situation on the battlefield step by step. “Already the delivery of HIMARS rocket launchers with a lower range of 70-80 kilometers … Read more

Vaikule threatens to be banned from entering Russia – Celebrities

After Vaikule appeared in front of the audience with the Ukrainian flag during a concert in Lithuania, they want to impose the harshest punishment on her – a ban on entering Russia. Kuznetsov believes that the star deserves to be banned from entering the country, because in this way she will no longer be able … Read more

More than 1,000 civilians have been killed in the Kharkiv region since the beginning of the war – Abroad – News

“The aggressor state is terrorizing and killing peaceful residents. I am forced to state that more than 1,000 civilians have already been killed in the territory of Kharkiv and the region, and twice as many have been injured. Among those killed are 50 children,” Filchakov said in a statement. The prosecutor stated that the Russian … Read more

CURRENT ON THE FRONT ⟩ Strategically important Kherson bridge damaged again by Ukrainian missile strike – Abroad – News – TVNET

“According to preliminary information, the bridge is seriously damaged,” Yuriy Sobolevsky, deputy chairman of the Kherson District Council, wrote on the Telegram messaging platform. The 1.4-kilometer long Antonivka bridge on the outskirts of Kherson, which connects the city-village of Antonivka, which is administratively subordinate to Kherson, with the city of Oleshki, was important for the … Read more

Russia could speed up the preparation process for “referendums” in the occupied territories of Ukraine – Foreign countries – News

As a result, the occupiers could speed up preparations for a “referendum” on the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories, according to the US Institute of War Research. Resistance among the Ukrainian population is currently forcing the occupiers to constantly change their plans for the “referendum”. Counterattacks by the Ukrainian army against Russian forces could … Read more