The United Nations documents dozens of executions of Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war

(CNN) — The United Nations said, on Friday, that it has documented dozens of executions of prisoners of war, carried out by Russian and Ukrainian forces since February 2022, but it acknowledges the difficulty of obtaining information from Russia, or from the territories under its control. In a new report, the Office of the United … Read more

After 8 years, Russian athletics got out of the ban. But nothing will change for Lasicene & Co. | 03/24/2023

We tell you what is the reason. Source: AP 2022 7 years and 4 months. That is how long the ban of Russian athletics lasted. March 23, 2023 is a historic day when World Athletics restored the membership of the All-Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) in the organization. During those almost 7.5 years that there were … Read more

Argentina. Mass influx of pregnant Russian women. A manhunt has begun for the hotels and clinics where they are staying

In recent months, a large number of pregnant Russian women have arrived in Argentina, which has aroused the suspicion of local authorities. Now Argentine services are raiding luxury hotels and travel agencies that mediate in the arrival and accommodation of pregnant Russian women, as well as private medical clinics. In early March, Argentine immigration officials … Read more

Left without an iPhone, you have to fend for yourself, but it’s not very successful – less than 1,000 Russian copies were sold per year

Russian smartphone brand AYYA T1 has sold fewer than 1,000 units since it hit the market more than a year ago, business daily Vedomosti reported Thursday, citing unnamed sources close to the sellers, according to The Moscow Times. From 2021 in October, when retail chains started selling them, only 905 AYYA T1 devices were purchased, … Read more

stated that Russian tanks are better than Challenger 2, Leopard 2 and Abrams

This comically bold statement came alongside the news that the Russians are beginning to transport old T-54s and T-55s from long-term storage. The original source for the “advantages” of the upgraded T-62M was Military Watch Magazine, and the article was called “The new version of the Russian tank “T-62” was created in the 21st century. … Read more

Scandal in Latvia: the chocolate manufacturer may have supported the Russian army

Russian military exercises The State Security Service of Latvia is verifying information that a Russian company based in Ventspils that produces various chocolates and candies allegedly provides support to the Russian armed forces, the State Security Service confirmed to Delfi Bizness. Since the investigation is ongoing, the State Security Service is not commenting anything yet.

V. Malinionis assures that the Russian attack failed: he named the mistakes made

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says the West will have to supply weapons to Ukraine for a long time in its fight against Russia because Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin is planning “more war, not peace”. The hottest spot on the front has been Bakhmut in the eastern Donetsk region for some time. However, the Russian … Read more

Xi Jinping embraces Putinmei scholars: more sanctions will be brought to Chinese and Russian companies-International-China Times News

Xi Jinping embraces Putin, American scholars: more sanctions will be brought to Chinese and Russian companies. (Xinhua News Agency) Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow from 20 to 22 and several interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin have attracted global attention. Opinions vary as to what deals they made in secret. The Sino-Russian relationship is getting … Read more

Launch a huge ball of flame.. Watch what happened to an apartment building in Ukraine when it was hit by a Russian missile

In a terrifying scene documented by a camera in broad daylight in the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, a Russian missile directly hit an apartment building, and Ukrainian officials say that Russian forces fired at least six missiles at the city on Wednesday. Search and rescue teams rushed to find people trapped under the rubble. Among … Read more

The Russian national team, marginalized by FIFA, arrived in Iran: you can’t believe where they played

Portal, who traveled together with the Russian national team the journalist was shocked at what stadium he would have to play in. “Many impressions and even more photos. There is a strange feeling when entering the Azadi Stadium. A nice World Cup logo is welcome, although it looks very out of place here. Especially … Read more