a bump from the Russian Federation was destroyed – UNIAN

A Russian public figure has been liquidated in a part of eastern Ukraine. Yevgeny Novikov destroyed in Donbass / screenshot In the Donetsk region was liquidated Deputy Head of the Civic Chamber of the Altai Territory of Russia Evgeny Novikov. The body of a public figure should be delivered to Barnaul this week, writes altapress.ruciting … Read more

The Ukrainians repelled the Russian attacks in four directions

Ukrainian troops repelled Russian attacks directed towards Slovyansk, Bakhmut, from Avdijivka and near Novopavlivsk. On Monday morning, the Ukrainian General Staff wrote this in an overview of the events of Sunday. In the Luhansk region alone, the Russians launched eight attacks in the last day, said Serhiy Hajdaj, the military administrator of the region.

“Go away with that flag.” A Ukrainian fan in Cincinnati was kicked out of the Russian match

She just quietly watched the match wrapped in a flag, yet her presence caused a commotion. A Ukrainian fan named Lola showed up in the stands during the qualifying finals of the tennis event in Cincinnati. That in itself wouldn’t bother the organizers if two Russians weren’t playing against each other. A close first set … Read more

A Russian company attacked Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland: they told them to go home and die

“A Russian company that has been living in Zurich for more than a year attacked refugees from Ukraine with accusations of oppressing the Russian language. The Russian-speaking man, who introduced himself as Belarusian, first pinned a 20-year-old student from Ukraine against the wall. He later punched her when he heard she was from Ukraine. We … Read more

Ukraine: another Russian base in Crimea hit. Putin against the US: ‘They want to prolong the war’ – World

Harsh attack by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the United States, which he accused not only of wanting to “prolong” the conflict in Ukraine and of using Ukrainians as “cannon fodder”, but also of trying to “destabilize” the global situation with the visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. The West is now aiming … Read more

Rows of Russian War Officers Killing Ukrainian Civilians

Monday, 15 August 2022 – 05:05 WIB VIVA – Directorate of Intelligence Ukraine released the names of four officers military Russia, who was confirmed to have committed war crimes. The four Russian officers killed Ukrainian civilians, using cruise missiles to hit a number of areas. In the quoted report VIVA Military from PravdaUkraine’s Directorate of … Read more

Former Russian President Ramal Zelensky After Not Leading Ukraine Will Be Tried Or Come Back

TRIBUNNEWS.COM — Ex president Russia Dmitry Medvedev predict the fate of the leader Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in due course. Quoted from Russia Today, Dmitry Medvedev said that if he didn’t face a court martial, Zelensky would simply return to his acting career. Volodymyr Zelensky before being elected President Ukraine is a comedic actor or comedian. … Read more

The Russian billionaire does not hesitate to criticize Putin

Minz calls Putin’s actions “heinous” and the invasion “the most tragic event in the modern history not only of Russia and Ukraine, but of the entire world.” He compared it to Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939, which started World War II. “This war (in Ukraine – editor’s note) is the result of the madness … Read more

The complaints of the relatives of Russian soldiers are shocking: an unfathomable nightmare awaits conscripts in the army

Confirmed the authenticity of the leaked documents “Don’t treat our children like dogs!” Revealed archives of the Russian military prosecutor’s office have shown the real situation on the front, reports investigative journalism group The Insider. This publication is not ordinary Only subscribers can read the entire article By becoming a subscriber, you support independent authors … Read more