How rare people get HIV under control without treatment

Less than 0.5% of people infected with the AIDS virus (HIV) can maintain such control of the virus without treatment. This is despite the presence of cellular reservoirs where “dormant” HIV is hidden. To explain this phenomenon, the researchers compared the viral genomes that were integrated into the DNA of cells of 64 people of … Read more

Moroccans worried about rising coronavirus infections

With more than a thousand daily cases since the beginning of August, the increase in contamination with the new coronavirus in Morocco is fueling concern and criticism in the local media on the management of the health crisis. “Morocco under severe strain”, “Infernal spiral”, “Fear of cities”, “The government is walking on corpses” … Under … Read more

Thousands of fans celebrate the anniversary of DJ Arafat’s death in Abidjan

“We are all gathered because of Arafat, he is a gentleman to respect. Bob Marley (died May 11, 1981) had his May 11, we, in Ivory Coast, we have our August 12”, a declared Amandine, 28, strapped into a black t-shirt bearing the image of the artist, on which we could read: “Arafat Year 1”. … Read more

progress compromised by the Covid-19 epidemic

Thousands of Muslims took part in Istanbul on Friday in the first prayer organized at the former Hagia Sophia since its conversion into a mosque. It was the first prayer organized at the former Hagia Sophia since its controversial conversion into a mosque; a ceremony in which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recited a passage from … Read more

There is apparently not an arsonist behind the fire of the cathedral in Nantes, the detained refugee was released

At the moment, there is no indication that the fire of the cathedral in the western French city of Nantes was intentionally started by someone. According to Reuters, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said this today. The fire has so far been investigated as a possible arson attack. “At the moment, there is no indication … Read more

Riots linked to electricity supply kill Sierra Leone

At least four people, including a teenager, were killed and ten others injured when police and soldiers opened fire on demonstrators in northern Sierra Leone, a health official and witnesses said on Sunday. Hundreds of people gathered on a rainy day in the town of Makeni on Saturday to try to block the movement of … Read more

The Face of the decline of the bees, bubbles of soap to pollinate fruit trees

Professor at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science Japan and author of the study, Eijiro Miyako has been working for several years on robots pollinators, but the latter tended to crush the flowers. “It was very sad,” he said to the AFP. The scientist has the idea of using soap bubbles while playing in a … Read more

The Rwandan genocide financier was caught in Paris

JN / Agencies Today at 19:44 Félicien Kabuga, considered the “financier of the Rwandan genocide” and one of the main defendants wanted by international justice, was arrested this morning outside Paris, according to the French prosecutor’s office. At 84, Kabuga, who lived in a Parisian region with a fake ID, is accused of having created … Read more

Hundreds of deaths in East Africa from torrential rain and floods NOW

In Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda and Ethiopia, hundreds of people have died in recent days from heavy rainfall and floods. Hundreds of thousands of people have had to leave their homes because of the floods. According to the BBC at least 260 people have already been killed by rain, floods and mudslides. In Ethiopia and … Read more

In South Africa, the explosive cocktail coronavirus and AIDS

As soon as the first cases of Covid-19 contamination in China appeared in December, experts raised the alarm about the possible risks that the virus could pose to AIDS patients and weakened immune systems. Especially in South Africa which, according to their estimates, has 7.5 million HIV positive people, a third of whom are not … Read more