SAS, Ryanair | Ryanair cheers after massive SAS defeat

An EU court on Wednesday annulled the European Commission’s approval of Swedish and Danish state aid to SAS during the pandemic. The two countries stepped in with 11 billion Swedish kroner to support SAS during the corona pandemic, which the European Commission approved. The EU normally has strict rules for state aid, but loosened the … Read more

What experience – by accident or by design – do you deliver to the customer and why we fire Ryanair

Gitana Velikait-Remeikien, head of the customer experience management association Towards Customer and one of the members. V koliaas The customer’s experience is shaped by every business, even if they don’t pay attention to it, from the acquisition of the product to its use. Only then will that experience be either good or not so good. … Read more

Eight years in prison for Belarusian journalist taken from Ryanair flight | Abroad

03 mei 2023 om 12:41Update: 2 dagen geleden Belarusian journalist Roman Protasevich has been sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in major demonstrations in 2020. His arrest following an interrupted passenger flight drew international attention almost two years ago. The 27-year-old Protasevich stood with two other founders of the critical news medium … Read more

Wheelchair user is forced to crawl down the stairs after a Ryanair flight: “This is unacceptable. I would like to be able to travel with dignity” | Abroad

Irish Adrian Keogh (37), who ended up in a wheelchair eight years ago due to a construction accident, is very disappointed about the lack of help after a flight with the airline Ryanair at Gothenburg-Landvetter airport in Sweden. Adrian was told he would have to wait “at least an hour” for assistance to get off … Read more

Air traffic control strike: Air France details the impact, Ryanair too

@Guadeloupe-Caribbean Hub The impact of the two-day strike in the air traffic control has been detailed by the airline Air France and its subsidiary low cost Transavia, Ryanair evoking 220 flights canceled during this long weekend. Following a strike movement by Air traffic controllersthe Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) asked all airlines to reduce … Read more

No more “Ryanair” prices: in the summer season – 15-20 percent. more expensive flight tickets | Business

Flyers who are used to looking for plane tickets on airline websites for some time are quite surprised to find prices that are not so low. Sometimes – even very high. For example, a few weeks ago, traveler Robertas Pogorelis shared a screenshot of a 600-euro low-cost Ryanair flight from Malta to Brussels.

after the farewell of Ryanair, the announcement of the president Schifani arrives

«From next May 15th Aeroitalia will take over Ryanair for air connections to and from the airport confiscation». This was announced by the president of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifanifollowing a telephone conversation with Gaetano IntrieriCEO of Aeroitalia. In fact, two days ago Ryanair had communicated the stop to the connections with the Ragusa airport. … Read more

“We risk chaos in Europe this summer”: Ryanair wants to break the strikes of air traffic controllers

This is called a “cascading effect”. The current rebellion against pension reform in France can have consequences hundreds of kilometers from France. It could even cause a delay of several hours on a flight between… London and Dublin. This is at least the example given by Eddie Wilson, the boss of Ryanair DAC, the company … Read more

Steve complains about the lack of space on a Ryanair plane, he did not expect the response he was going to receive (photo)

Some community managers know how to use a lot of humor. It’s not Steve who will tell you otherwise. On Twitter, the man took his smartphone to complain about the lack of space on a Ryanair plane. “I am only 1m70”, he wrote, photo in support. But he did not expect to receive such a … Read more

Ryanair presents flight schedule from Klagenfurt

All in all, Ryanair is offering three exciting destinations, including two new connections to Alicante and Mallorca and an extension of the existing winter route to London Stansted. Ryanair’s summer 2023 flight schedule for Klagenfurt offers: 3 routes incl. 3 new summer routes to Alicante, London & Mallorca 14 weekly flights 131,000 passengers to/from Klagenfurt … Read more