Murder of Chinese civilians in the Central African Republic, attempted sabotage of the Xi-Putin meeting? – 1

On the eve of President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Moscow, nine Chinese nationals were murdered in a gold mine in the Central African Republic. After the case of the ICC arrest warrant, would this be an attempt to sabotage the said visit in view of the strong presence of Wagner’s militias in this African … Read more

Top Russian politician doubts that pro-Ukrainian group was behind Nord Stream sabotage

World Several explosions caused extensive damage to the two Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea at the end of September. The seas Lock 13. mars 2023 08:54 – Updated 13 March 2023 09:24 The head of the Russian Security Council believes that Ukraine did not benefit from the Nord Stream pipelines being sabotaged and … Read more

Two arrested for sabotage against giant aircraft

News DESTROYED: A Ukrainian soldier with the Antonov An-225 aircraft in Hostomel, Ukraine.Photo: Vadim Ghirda. Ukraine suspects three former employees of the state-owned aircraft manufacturer Antonov of being behind the sabotage of the world’s largest aircraft. Two of them have been arrested, while the former general director of the company is being investigated, the Ukrainian … Read more

The government is apparently worried that sabotage could hit the mainstay of the Hungarian economy

The first Monday is the parliamentary season opener in his speech Prime Minister Viktor Orbán put it this way, clearly referring to the Turkish Stream, through which we receive gas from Serbia: I would like to remind you that the southern interconnector, through which gas arrives in Hungary, has become the mainstay of the Hungarian … Read more

The Netherlands accuses Russia of planning sabotage in the North Sea

World Russlands president Vladimir Putin. The seas Lock NTB 21. feb. 2023 19:13 – Updated 21 Feb. 2023 19:13 Dutch intelligence claims Russia is planning sabotage on critical infrastructure in the North Sea. According to the Dutch military intelligence service (MIVD), in recent months Russia has tried to gather information with a view to carrying … Read more

Nuclear: Georges-Louis Bouchez accuses the Greens of “sabotage” negotiations with Engie

The leader of the MR wants to extend “five reactors” in Belgium, and accuses the greens of doing everything to slow down negotiations with Engie, the nuclear operator… The blue calls for a government meeting. Belgian. Pierre-Yves Thienpont. Political journalist For David Coppi Published on 02/22/2023 at 08:58Reading time: 2 mins Sur Twitter this Wednesday … Read more

Danger Alarm, Russian Troops Become Sabotage Targets in Idlib

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 – 08:12 WIB VIVA – Major General Oleg Yegorov pressed the alarm button, having received information that troops military Russia became the target of terrorist sabotage in the city of Idlib, northwestern region Syria. This intelligence information reached Yegorov, who is Deputy of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Thursday, … Read more

Paraná has another attempt to sabotage a power tower

The Cascavel Federal Police Station, 500 kilometers from the capital of Paraná, is working on the initiation of an investigation that investigates yet another action that damaged a transmission tower in Furnas, which distributes electricity from the Itaipu. The structure did not fall, but one of its steel cables was completely severed. There was no … Read more

Everything but the green men. Bulgaria remains a Kremlin target

The other day, the inhabitants of Bulgaria learned that on April 20, 2016, an attempted coup almost took place in the country. According to the plan prepared by Russian military intelligence, members of two paramilitary organizations, Vasil Levski and Shipka, more than seven hundred people in total, were to riot outside the parliament, start shooting … Read more

Ukraine for the killing of the Minister of the Interior: the possibility of sabotage is possible

The helicopter crash that killed him is still happening Ukrainian Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky And his deputy, Yevheni Yenin, and other senior officials of the ministry, are the focus of attention. The Ukrainian security services announced that they are studying all hypotheses that may be related to the accident. “Sabotage is possible” And she added … Read more