Words that break the heart .. “Mabkash Lea Hadd” is a famous shock and sadness after Shweikar’s death

The able artist Shweikar left our world a while ago, at the age of 82. Shahira expressed her deep sadness at the departure of the artist Shweikar. She posted a picture of Shweikar through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”: She explained that she had communicated with her and she was in … Read more

Macri’s farewell letter to the deceased CEO of Vicentin: “I know of the sadness that overwhelmed you in the face of so many obstacles and so much aggression”

Macri and Nardelli in the port of Timbues, last year“Dear Sergio, allow me to say ‘dear’ to you, even though there were not many times that we met. But in those times, and watching you act, I developed affection and respect for you “. Thus begins the farewell letter sent from Europe by the former … Read more

Can’t bear to see the son-in-law continue to stumble in sadness, Mother …

IG collage @dida_sinclair and @bclsinclair Could not bear to see the son-in-law continue to stumble in sadness, Ashraf Sinclair’s mother was blatantly urging the BCL to immediately forget the child: Time to Move On! Grid.ID – Departure Ashraf Sinclair is now entering its fourth month. Of course, this is not easy to do by Bunga … Read more

Gott’s († 80) birth anniversary: ​​IVAN PAID OVER THE POCKET

A family headed by a widow Ivana Gottovou (44) she asked the cemetery staff if they would oversee the events around his grave on the anniversary of the singer’s birth. Mainly to prevent a fire from hundreds of burning candles on the record or around the last resting place of the legendary singer, as happened … Read more