Surprisingly.. Death afflicts the star of the youth bomb series “Kefta” and sadness hangs over the Saudis and the Gulf!!

2022/01/24 It’s 04:30 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The news of the death of the Saudi actor, Suleiman Al-Muqtib, topped the social networking sites and the trend. The pioneers of social networking sites shared the news, mourning Al-Muqtib and announcing his death after a long struggle with the disease, as he stated that he … Read more

Makhlid Al-Raqadi: Anger and sadness in Oman after the death of a football player while warming up

December 23, 2021 picture released, Social media comment on the photo, Makhlid Al-Raqadi passed away at the age of 29 Football fans and social media users in the Sultanate of Oman were shocked and saddened after the death of football player, Makhlid Al-Raqadi, after the start of his team’s match in the Omani League. According … Read more

Attila Árpa still did not recover: “There is much more to me than sadness”

Sándor Oszter was laid to rest in the Farkasréti cemetery on December 11th. Among other things, the actor Gyula Bodrogi and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said goodbye to the actor. Sándor Oszter was laid to rest in the Farkasréti cemetery on December 11th. Among other things, the actor Gyula Bodrogi and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán … Read more

Between sadness and criticism: the farewell of the mariachis from Plaza Garibaldi to Vicente Fernández

The nights of the Plaza Garibaldi have for decades a series of proper names, artists whose songs resonate in its four corners, in its old canteens, in the throats of the dozens of street musicians who inhabit the open-air temple of the parranda de Mexico City. Legends that death did not defeat: José Alfredo Jiménez, … Read more

‘Entire Cities Lost’, Sadness for the US Was Beaten by Ferocious Tornadoes

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – More than 50 tornadoes were reported in the United States (US) last weekend. Of the five, eight states are now reported to have been hit by the storm, which was called the worst in Uncle Sam’s history. The country’s emergency agency estimates at least 100 lives have been lost as a … Read more

here is the sentence of his attacker

Posted on Monday, December 6, 2021 at 12:01 p.m. Through Belgian A two-year prison sentence, with a three-year probationary suspension, was pronounced on Monday before the Mons Criminal Court. Jonathan was attacked with a knife simply because it obstructed the traffic. The court first spoke of an assassination attempt. This has been reclassified as assault … Read more

With great sadness: A touching video Watch what the late Shaaban Abdel Rahim did in the care room before his death to the popular singer Ahmed Adawiya!

2021/12/05 It’s 06:00 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip of the late Egyptian artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim, in his last appearance with the popular singer Ahmed Adawiya, in the intensive care room of the hospital where the artist Shaaban was treated. 27729847 Where the singer … Read more

The sadness of this woman’s marriage, died suddenly in the arms of her husband, still wore a dress when he was buried – One the bride died suddenly in the arms of the groom. The beautiful wedding suddenly turned into a funeral. The woman was even still wearing the wedding dress at the funeral. Wedding is one of the most important and happiest days in everyone’s life. Also read: Her face is beautiful and she is … Read more

on appeal, the sentence of Logan, the author of the beatings, is increased

Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 13:37 On November 6, 2019, William Guichart was killed in the Aldi parking lot in Tertre. The third chamber of the Hainaut Court of Appeal on Wednesday increased by two years the prison sentence imposed by the Hainaut Criminal Court, Mons division, against Logan Brogniez, perpetrator of manslaughter. … Read more

Male star dies at 28… Parents become “8.5 million internet celebrities” in 5 years and are bombarded with consuming son 2 The truth about old sadness | Entertainment | CTWANT

Mainland actor Qiao Renliang was troubled by depression, and finally chose to end his life at the age of 28. Later, his parents became Internet celebrities on the Internet, and they were criticized for consuming their sons and not good-looking, but they were still optimistic. Recently, Qiao Renliang’s parents talked about the reason, “We do … Read more