Erdogan’s courage is hard to contain, Turkey is ready to face everything for the sake of the Taliban

WE Online, Ankara – The Turkish president said Tuesday that his country would talk to the Taliban about Turkey’s efforts to operate and secure an airport in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Speaking after Eid al-Adha prayers in northern Cyprus, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan acknowledged that hardline Islamists had some “discomfort” over Turkey’s proposed plan for … Read more

For the sake of additional salary, three Arema FC foreign players must be willing to do ‘side jobs’ from skipper 99

SURYAMALANG.COM, MALANG – Foreign players Arema FC will have a ‘side job’ besides being predicated as a professional football player. The ‘side job’ in question is that they will become brand ambassadors for the company owned by the president Arema FC Gilang Widya Pramana. President Crazy Lion nicknamed Crazy Rich Malang it said, this step is a … Read more

For the sake of TikTok Content, Bekasi Teenagers Fight Trucks to Death

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A teenager with the initials FA die got hit by a truck after blocking him to create content on social media TikTok. The incident occurred on Jalan Raya RE Martadinata, North Cikarang District, Bekasi Regency, Sunday (11/7). The incident was caught on video and has gone viral on social media. Head … Read more

For the sake of movie lovers, Netflix and Cannes should “kiss and be reconciled”

For the third edition in a row, Netflix is ​​absent from the biggest film festival in the world. As digital platforms have seen their results soar with the pandemic, it seems more urgent that the two sides find common ground. When Bong Joon-ho presented his black comedy “Parasite” at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, … Read more

For the sake of Saweran 140 thousand, this young woman wants to shake her pants open, gets the punishment of death and falls from the stage –Death is indeed a mystery to humans living on earth. No one knows when death will come. Like the death of this one woman. His life was taken out like a punishment when he was wagging his butt on stage. He died horribly after indulgence in nakedness for the sake of a small amount. … Read more

Considered There Is No Morals For The sake of Content, Christian Pulisic Fucked by Maritime Activists

Christian Pulisic was rebuked by marine activists after a video of him playing with an endangered fish went viral on social media. Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic has become the target of netizens after his actions with goliath groupers. Last Saturday (3/7), a viral video on social media showed the 22-year-old attacking midfielder sitting on a … Read more

For the sake of selfies that lead to mass accidents of Tour de France participants, dozens of racers are injured and broken bones, this is the fate of the perpetrators

Sosok.ID – Some time ago the action went viral selfie audience bicycle race Tour de France fatal. Because selfie back to the track, act audience The woman ended up in a mass accident. The writing board that the sang audience moment selfie hit a racer to fall and there is a domino effect. Dozens of … Read more

For the sake of my children, I give up accusing my wife of adultery… Confessions of a husband who witnessed his wife with “the son of her father’s Murat”

Subscribe to receive the most important news After accusing his wife of committing adultery with “the son of Murat her father,” who is 17 years younger than her, and was killed and fell from the fourth floor while escaping from him in the mill after they were caught in his bedroom, the husband waived the … Read more

For the sake of being trained by Guardiola at Barcelona, ​​Javier Mascherano is willing to be a backup: Okezone the ball

BARCELONA – Former player Barcelona, Javier Mascherano, judge Josep Guardiola as the best coach of his life. Even Mascherano was willing to be a substitute player for the sake of being handled by Guardiola. Before defending Barcelona, Mascherano is Liverpool’s mainstay midfielder. However, when he received an offer from Barcelona, ​​Mascherano did not think twice. … Read more

For the sake of clarification to Pep, this City player ‘escapes’ from his reception

Manchester – Happy Days Oleksandr Zinchenko disturbed because of the act of his wife. Player’s wife Manchester City that’s the end of criticizing Pep Guardiola. Zinchenko and his wife, Vlada Sedan, just had a wedding in Kiev last week. But in the middle of that happy day, Zinchenko had to deal for a moment with … Read more