▷ Dos ex-Blizzard fundan Frost Giant Studios

From ex-Blizzard they have announced the founding of Frost Giant Studios in Orange County, California. Tim Morten, CEO of the company, was the chief producer of Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void and has worked for the last six years with the company, although he has gone through numerous studies and has been involved in … Read more

▷ Frost Giant Studios, a new studio founded by two ex-Blizzard industry veterans

Tim Morten and Tim Campbell have already raised over $ 4 million to work on a groundbreaking RTS. Blizzard is a company that tends to turn everything they touch into gold. Therefore, when assets leave the company it is also noteworthy. Two ex-workers of the successful firm were born Frost Giant Studios, a new California-based … Read more

A Russian rocket was what surprised Saltillo and not a meteorite

“The second stage Soyuz-2-1V that put Kosmos-2543 into orbit has re-entered Coahuila, Mexico at 0702 UTC northbound over west Texas, ”the Harvard expert on space activities tweeted. The remains of the rocket, which were appreciated, entered the atmosphere and began to disintegrate, fell in the Bosque de la Gloria, a part of the mountains near … Read more

Coahuila records the day with the most infections during the COVID-19 pandemic: sum 39

Coahuila had its worst day of infections during the entire pandemic yesterday: 39 new patients infected with COVID-19 joined, in addition to two more deaths. These figures already account for 437 cases and 41 deaths. Of the total number of cases reported yesterday, 23 cases were from the Central State Region, highlighting mainly Monclova and … Read more

April pink supermoon … how and at what time will this celestial phenomenon be seen?

“I know that right now people may have some restrictions on going out, but if it’s a clear night, and you have a great view to the south, you should be able to catch a glimpse even outside your own residence of the moon rising beautifully in the sky ”NASA scientist Noah Petro told the … Read more

Mandatory use of face masks in Coahuila due to coronavirus: Riquelme

Too indicated that they will increase the filters of sanitary inspection in the municipalities, to restrict traffic only between people with a genuine need to leave their homes, and did not rule out sanctions being applied to people who fail to comply with these new preventive measures in the state. “There are still people on … Read more

Medicine interns in Sonora report deficiencies: # LaVocationNoMeProtege

He also revealed that if they do not have these measures, they could make more patients sick, because in most of these small towns, they are the only place where medical care is provided. Regarding the call made by the secretary Clausen To recruit students, Luis considers that it would be putting them at risk, … Read more

Director of clinic 7 of the IMSS of Monclova dismissed after 42 infections

Mourned the doctor’s death Gualberto Reyes, who was the second victim of COVID-19 in the entity, and said that another point is to keep track of the suspected cases of COVID-19 that are in the hospital as well as the contacts made by positive patients to prevent the spread of the virus among the community. … Read more

AMLO rejects laboratory of the Nobel Prize in Medicine to detect COVID-19

The argument is that they were not authorized by Cofepris, but there was more background. A senior official at the Ministry of Health confided it to an official at one of the public hospitals, when it was suggested that the government could do whatever tests were needed to do an early detection of the virus. … Read more

Chumel Torres, Jaime Camil … and the meme that sparked the anger of Gloria Trevi’s husband (photo)

Armando Gomez He revealed that he and his famous wife met Jaime in an award ceremony for Premios Lo Nuestro, and at that moment the artist praised Gloria for her work and even invited them to dinner, but they decided to reject his offer; however, soon after they met at the same restaurant wheree Jaime … Read more