Is this the Zodiac? Detectives report a breakthrough in one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century

A group of former investigators claim to have revealed the identity of one of America’s most famous serial killers, nicknamed the Zodiac. He is associated with unsolved murders that took place in the 1960s around San Francisco. According to a team called the Case Breakers, the man died in 2018 without being punished for his … Read more

The new Microsoft Office will be available from October 5

The new version of the popular word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software Office 2021 will be available from October 5, the company that produces it, Microsoft, reported on Thursday. The Redmond company (Washington state, USA) indicated in an entry on its corporate blog the launch date, as well as the availability as of this Thursday … Read more

Flight ended evacuated: teenager sent photo of a toy gun on board and caused alarm | Society

It happened last Thursday at the International Airport of San Francisco, in United States. A teenager who was on board a plane United Airlines He sent a photograph of a toy gun to other passengers and it caused an alarm, so they all had to evacuate. As reported by the portal SFGate, the affected flight … Read more

A house of the “Flintstones” at the heart of a pursuit

A “Flintstones” house is at the heart of a legal dispute between the Town of Hillsborough, California and the owner. The city, located on the outskirts of San Francisco, declared the colorful residence a public nuisance and took its owner, Florence Fang, to court two years ago, CNN reports. Screenshot / CNN Ms. Fang then … Read more

Suspected of having military relations, Chinese scientist runs away to the San Francisco Consulate

WASHINGTON DC, – one the scientist origin China who are suspected of cheating visas and keep their relationship confidential military has escaped to consulate China of San Francisco, said US officials. Prosecutors accused the case was part of a Chinese program secretly sending scientists from the military to AS. On Wednesday (7/22/2020), the administration … Read more

Roundup: Monsanto’s conviction upheld on appeal in California

A California appeals court on Monday upheld the conviction of Monsanto, sued by a gardener with cancer he attributes to Roundup weedkiller, but once again significantly reduced damages to be paid to the plaintiff. • Read also: Roundup: Bayer to compensate US plaintiffs up to $ 10 billion • Read also: California can no longer … Read more

Federal President of Germany Steinmeier: “We need to be anti-racists”

Dhe West is in a moral crisis. From San Francisco to Berlin, millions go to the streets to protest against the everyday racism. In this Situation, a German government might be tempted the President to intervene with a keynote speech. It does not speak for Frank-Walter Steinmeier that he does, but the conversation is looking … Read more

George Floyd: This photo shows the difference between Trump and Obama

Cooking of national guard shot and killed – he should have opened fire Again a case of state violence: In the US state of Kentucky, a cook, was shot to death investigators, according to the national guard after he had shot the guard. David McAtee is on December 31. May have been taken while cooking … Read more

George Floyd: members of the U.S. national guard infected with Coronavirus

After Trump’s Statement: Facebook checks dealing with controversial Posts Due to the ongoing debate on the handling of controversial Comments by US President Donald Trump ends Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has made improvements in view. The company will review its dealings with government threats of violence and with publications that might affect the turnout, said … Read more