The public of Cosquín sang and danced with the cumbia from Santa Fe

The goodbye night of the Cosquín festival included the staging of the official delegation of the province of Santa Fe. Around one in the morning this Monday, Claudio Juárez, the festival’s master of ceremonies, presented the Santa Fe representation that was greeted by the crowd that filled the Próspero Molina square. The cast called “Santa … Read more

“Santa Claus is garbage”: Magali places a bag of clothes in front of a bubble, she receives a €50 fine

“We really didn’t do this in order to degrade“, Magali can’t believe her eyes when she receives a fine for having left a bag of clothes next to a full bubble. She is a loyal customer of the clothes bubble: “It’s really a habit when I’m sorting and I’m a mom of a fast growing … Read more

Babo from Cartel de Santa: How many millions does his fortune amount to?

Theirs He is not only known for being the lead singer of Cartel de Santabut also for the talent he has shown in composition, production and acting. Here we tell you how many millions his fortune amounts to. Eduardo Davalos de Lunabetter known as Theirsy Santa poster released their first production in 2003, under the … Read more

Some 400 doses of COVID vaccines are discarded in Santa Cruz due to cold failure

The Ministry of Health has had to discard 400 doses of COVID vaccines due to a failure in the cold chain at the La Casa del Mar Health Center, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In this way, around 200 people who received the dose will have to repeat the vaccination. The conservation chain of one … Read more

At least three people from Santa Maria are among the 736 arrested for the destruction of Praça dos Três Poderes

Until the afternoon of this Wednesday (11), at least three people from Santa Maria were on the list of prisoners due to the invasion and destruction of the headquarters of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary powers, which took place on Sunday. The list of more than 730 names was released by the government of the … Read more

About 200 thousand a month, the pension of the Santa Fe Klan to his sonPart-time

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 05.01.2023 15:00:00 Two weeks after it became known that Santa Fe Clan y Maya Nazor had separated, it transpired that among the agreements they will have to reach is the one that refers to the child support for both, Lukawhich points to a good sum of money. How much money … Read more

The first born of the year in Trentino at 4.27 at Santa Chiara. Births are collapsing – Chronicle

TRENTO. Is called Haiderof Pakistani nationality, weighs 3 kg and 70 grams and is the first born in Trentino in 2023. The baby was born at 4.27 this night at the Santa Chiara hospital. The last one born in 2022 is called Cecilia: she was born last night at 11.14 pm in Rovereto. The last … Read more