Elettra Lamborghini attacks: “Vip with the Coronavirus taken in Sardinia, they go around”

Elettra Lamborghini does not fit and starts the complaint with a story about Instagram: “Half of my friends from Bologna – says the famous heiress – who have returned from Sardinia have coronavirus and rightly stay at home. There are some famous people who have returned from Sardinia who, I know for sure, have caught … Read more

Mosetti and Yespica positive at Covid after Sardinia: “Do the tests and put on the mask”

Antonella Mosetti also contracted the coronavirus during a holiday in Sardinia. She began it herself, on Instagram, but reassuring her followers about her health conditions: “I contracted it mildly, I’m asymptomatic. No fever, no cough. Just a little tired and I don’t feel the flavors and I don’t I can smell the odors, which set … Read more

Federico Fashion Style: “I’m positive about Covid after a holiday in Sardinia”

“Guys, I want to inform you in respect of the health of all the people who have been in contact with me … I contracted Covid-19, I performed the swab immediately after returning from holidays in Sardinia even though I had taken the test and it was negative in Rome, I swab and it was … Read more

Coronavirus, two temptresses from “Temptation Island” hospitalized after the vip holidays in Sardinia

The last selfie from the hospital bed was a cold shower for the followers of the brunette, who until a few days ago had admired her in a bikini on luxurious boats and hosted the most exclusive parties. “Exactly a week ago I was in Sardinia, on the Costa Smeralda, a holiday paradise, a meeting … Read more

“There is a bit heavy air in Sardinia.” Test also in Leone

Chiara Ferragni e Fedez they swab: “In Sardinia there is a bit heavy air.” Test also in Leone. Holidays in Sardinia for the Ferragnez. Fedez, Chiara Ferragni and their son Leone are spending part of their Italian holidays in Sardinia. The rapper, always very careful to share topical topics with his followers, also spoke about … Read more

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez swab: “In Sardinia there is a bit heavy air”

“Given the situation exploded in recent days, we decided to undergo the swab, including guests and Leo. Fortunately we are fine. I hope the same for you”. Fedez and Chiara Ferragni underwent a swab in Sardinia, where the couple is spending the holidays with some friends and their son Leone. The rapper himself communicated this … Read more

Andrea Bocelli loses his dog on vacation, appeal on social media – Culture & Shows

Appeal on the social networks of the tenor Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica Berti for the loss of their dog, during the holidays in Sardinia. It is a small beige Italian greyhound named Pallina. The specimen was lost in the stretch from Liscia Ruja, in the municipality of Arzachena, to Baia Caddinas, near Golfo … Read more

The drama of Andrea Bocelli: his little dog lost at sea in Sardinia

August 22 2020 09:19 Pallina, the singer’s Italian greyhound, fell from his boat on a stretch of coast between Arzachena and Golfo Aranci. Launched an appeal on Facebook hoping that someone will find him READ ALSO: Andrea Bocelli, social repentance: “I sincerely apologize for the words on Covid-19” The people present on the boat would … Read more

Covid in resort, 10 positive after the first 150 swabs – Sardinia

La Maddalena, 470 exams in all. Final results within the day On the first 150 swabs processed among tourists and quarantined staff in a resort in Santo Stefano, there are 10 cases of positivity to Covid-19. This was revealed by the mayor of La Maddalena, Luca Montella, after the results of the first tests, arrived … Read more

Ibrahimovic and Diletta Leotta: is it the couple of the summer?

A sensational indiscretion risks becoming the gossip of the summer. According to the weekly Chi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Diletta Leotta would have started a relationship; the Milan striker would have confided to a friend that something would be born between him and the DAZN presenter that goes beyond simple friendship. And now the rumors about … Read more