Do not put money in FIXED TERM without knowing this key information

With the intention of seducing savers, the Government raised the interest rate paid by bank deposits, in a framework where inflation shows increasingly higher data. Therefore, the debate that is opening up among investors is to know if now it is better to carry out a traditional fixed term or if it is preferable to … Read more

how much money do you earn if you put $80,000

The savers who seek to escape inflation seek a refuge in traditional fixed terms. How much is earned in 30 days when placing $80 thousand By Mariano Jaimovich 09/09/2022 – 21,00hs In times when leaving pesos “at sight” is not a business, because monthly inflation at such high levels liquefies the purchasing power of money, … Read more

Fixed term, is it really convenient? What experts say about the rate

The strong rises of interest rates for fixed terms carried out by the Central Bank weeks ago, seems not to be enough to reach the high levels of inflation that various analysts are projecting. So it slips that it is necessary to offer a higher return to be able to beat the prices of the … Read more

what they are and the 7 best to operate from Argentina

Los ETF o exchange traded funds are funds that are traded on the secondary stock market. Although only a few of the thousands that exist can be traded in our country, these assets are enjoying great popularity because they can generate large profits to its investors. What does ETF mean? ETF, corresponding to exchange-traded fund … Read more

How much is $1000 argentines in brazilians?

The real is the currency from Brazil and enjoys great popularity in the Argentine territory, either by Argentine citizens who wish to vacation in said country, as well as by those savers What are they looking for in the real a way to protect yourself from inflation. This fact has generated that many Argentines change … Read more

Banco Santander fixed term, new rate: how much do you earn with $80,000

Traditional fixed terms offer a new interest rate for a few days. How much can be earned in 30 days by placing 80,000 pesos By Mariano Jaimovich 01/08/2022 – 19,17hs The rises in interest rates at the end of last month, generates that savers have a calculator in hand to know how much they can … Read more

What can happen to the blue dollar in August, according to an expert

The escalation suffered by the free dollar price between June and July, beyond the fact that in the last week it fell to below $300 due to the announcements in the changes in the Cabinet, it continues to make noise in the market. In fact, fears that it will resume a rise are latent, due … Read more

How to put together a fixed term so that it gives $10,000 profit per month

How to put together a fixed term, how much it yields and how much initial money to put so that the profit exceeds $10,000 per month By iProfessional 20/07/2022 – 10,42hs The fixed term is a great alternative to “investment” for having features like low risk, simplicity and a high level of security. with the … Read more

Banks begin to put these obstacles to the FIXED TERM UVA

The escalation of inflation in recent months has not only hit the pockets of Argentines, but is causing a disaster in some investment instruments that follow the prices of the economy, as is the case of Fixed deadlines UVAwhere several small banks are “removing” them from proposals to clients. as anticipated iProfessional days ago, continuing … Read more

Saver shield: investments in pesos with estimated returns of 40% in dollars

The savers seek to avoid the consequences of the economic and political crisis that is plaguing the country. After the departure of Martn Guzman as Minister of Economy, the turmoil spread throughout the financial system, including intermittence in applications of banks that experience difficulties in acquiring foreign currencies. The political landscape increases the climate of … Read more