Yusuf Mansur Still Asked to Return Investment Money for Land Savings Once Paid by Migrant Workers

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TANGERANG – For migrant workers Indonesia, which has been involved as an investor in the business managed by Ustaz Yusuf Mansur | keep asking that Yusuf Mansur | return the funds they have already deposited. They are disappointed, hope they can get money from fund development investation turned out not to be in accordance … Read more

Cdiscount sales: €200 savings on the HP VICTUS 16-d0206nf gaming laptop!

Do you need a powerful laptop for playing video games or creating content? The best players have suitable computer equipment for the game, if you want to have a chance to compete with them investing in a good computer is necessary. The HP VICTUS 16-d0206nf gaming laptop is displayed on sale during the sales at … Read more

Inflation, 3.9% jump in December: the largest increase since 2012. The guide to saving savings

Double the cost of the shopping cart The prices of the so-called shopping cart continue to run fast. According to Istat surveys, in December, the prices of food, home and personal care goods doubled their growth from + 1.2% to + 2.4%. On the other hand, those of high-frequency purchasing products accelerated from + 3.7% … Read more

The bank raises the deposit rate slightly – rather recommends savings in funds

The article continues below the ad Sbanken refers to Norges Bank’s two interest rate hikes in 2021, and thus joins the ranks of banks that raise interest rates. The mortgage rate is raised by up to 0.25 percentage points. It reports the bank in a statement Monday morning. Sbanken’s customers will be notified of the … Read more

Superindo Promo January 17-20 2022, Enjoy More Savings Shopping Starting Monday!

KONTAN.CO.ID – The latest Superindo promo is back by providing discounts from January 17-20 2022. Get more economical prices for your daily needs products. Superindo always provides many regular offers for its customers. In this latest Superindo promo, there are attractive offers that are valid for 4 days this week. Get daily necessities products according … Read more

Here are the interests of postal savings bonds in 2022 and which ones yield the most

Among the investment products that will also be the most popular in the new year there are certainly postal savings bonds (BFP). These are historical and easy to understand tools, which in the past have given rich satisfactions (interests) to subscribers. Everything changes, though, so let’s see how things stand now. So, here are the … Read more

New support from Mise, aid on the way: that’s who

The government is working on a “ter” Support Decree with new compensation to be allocated to the various sectors in economic difficulty, but in the meantime the Mise makes other resources operational for the activities still in crisis since the previous Sostegni bis Decree. In fact, the ministry led by Giancarlo Giorgetti has released 190 … Read more

one could lurk under many Christmas trees

For safety reasons, the product QILIVE CITY ELEKTROMOS ROLLER with the following IDs will be recalled. Risk of injury due to a reduction in the distance between the support part of the steering column of the electric scooter and the stop stop shaft of the base from more than 18 mm to 0 mm when … Read more

those who have undergone covidone do not have to wait to take the vaccine

Unvaccinated people who have had a coronavirus infection can be vaccinated without a waiting period, according to the latest published recommendation from the National Center for Public Health (NNK), which states that a PCR test should be performed to check for any asymptomatic infection before vaccination. The most important news, without the daily news noise.The … Read more