After Searching 3 Locations in Jayapura, KPK Finds New Evidence in the Case of Lukas Enembe – Eradication Commission Corruption (KPK) has flown to Papua to check on Governor Lukas Enembe. Lukas was named a suspect in bribery and gratification of infrastructure projects in Papua. The KPK claims to have found new evidence related to the case after investigators searched three locations in Jayapura, Papua. The three locations are the … Read more

Reduce the Risk of Cervical Cancer by Preventing Sex at an Early Age – Cervical cancer or cervical cancer is one of the health problems experienced by many women in Indonesia. This cancer arises due to infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). The risk of cervical cancer can be reduced by not having sex at an early age, said internal medicine specialist from the University of Indonesia, … Read more

Surya Paloh: No Problem Democrat-PKS Not a Coalition, We Have No Burden – Chairman of the NasDem Party, Surya Paloh, does not care if his party does not form a coalition with the Democratic Party and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS).PKS) for the 2024 election. He said the NasDem Party would not force other parties to form a coalition. “If I were the chairman of NasDem, … Read more

Respiratory Tract Infections Are Vulnerable to Occurring During Transitions, Here Are The Causes – During the transition period, weather changes occur erratically and suddenly. This condition can be prone to causing various health problems in a person. “Acute respiratory tract infections (ARI) must be watched out for in the midst of changing seasons that also affect the body’s immunity,” said the Head of the Epidemiology and Immunization … Read more

This is the Error of Parents Teaching Children about Money Warren Buffett Version

Saturday, September 24 2022 09:30 Reporter : Merdeka Warren Buffett. ©Jamie McCarthy / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP – The name of a billionaire and an accomplished investor Warren Buffett may not be foreign to hear. He is one of the world’s richest people who had success with investment firm Berkshire Hathaway. However, … Read more

KAI Spreads 77,000 Cheap Tickets, Executive Class Trains Only Rp. 150,000 – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) organized the KAI Expo 2022 which was held in Hall B Jakarta Convention Center, on Saturday 17 to 19 September 2022. This event is also part of a series of KAI’s 77th Anniversary on 28 September. Director of KAI Wisata, Hendy Helmy said, the KAI Expo was held … Read more

Mortgage loan rates on the rise and the increase in the payment of installments | Reference rate | Interest rates | Housing credit | Housing prices | YOUR MONEY

According to the portal of the SBS, the annual average rate for mortgages is located at 9.32%; figure higher than that observed a few weeks ago (see note). GNB is the bank that offers the lowest rate so far (8%); while Mibanco registers the highest percentage (15%). SEE OUR SPECIAL: Initial fee according to type … Read more

The series Paul Pogba and his brother continues .. Arrests and investigations

After he posted videos in which he threatened to reveal information about his brother Paul Pogba, police have taken Matias Pogba into custody following an ongoing investigation into an alleged extortion plot, according to reports in France. And the French newspaper Le Monde claimed that Pogba, the brother, turned himself in on Wednesday, after being … Read more

Egypt news | Latest news / Red Bull engine hope for Ferrari in the Dutch Formula 1 Grand Prix. What’s the story?

Dutch driver Max Verstappen faced great difficulties in the first free practice sessions, Friday, in preparation for the Dutch Grand Prix, the 15th stage of the Formula 1 World Championship. And the Italian “Sky Sports 24” website confirmed that the Dutch star had to withdraw his car quickly without the team’s management issuing a statement … Read more

Number falls from Diomedez’s tomb in lottery prize | Trends

Nine years after his death, Diomedes Díaz continues to delight several of his followers, although not precisely with his songs. One more time, Thousands of Colombians won the chance after playing with a number that links the ‘Cacique de la Junta’ and his son Martín Elías. (Superindustry granted registration of the Diomedez Díaz brand to … Read more