Can be life-threatening, beware of warts on intimate organs – Health problems in the reproductive organs and genitals are not something that can be taken lightly. One of them is the case of genital warts or genital warts. In fact, if not treated quickly and appropriately, about 50 percent of the cases show that genital warts are capable of transforming into a malignant … Read more

Index – Economy – BKIK: NAV will not penalize forced contractors, but customers

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) would keep the kata in a redesigned form and launch an online consultation with entrepreneurs, the country’s largest chamber of commerce announced in a statement to its more than 300,000 registered entrepreneurs. The organization complains that although he promised to do so last year as the head … Read more

Colonel Priyanto Sentenced for Life – Panel of Judges of the High Military Court II Jakarta Timur, Tuesday (7/6) found Colonel Inf Priyanto guilty and sentenced to death and dismissal. Etes, Handi Saputra’s father who was a victim of a premeditated murder accident in Nagreg, Bandung, West Java, said that so far none of the defendant’s family had come … Read more

UK: Monkeypox confirmed to be transmitted from human to human – The UK’s Health Safety Administration (UKHSA) yesterday said that chickenpox was confirmed to be transmitted from person to person in the country. The disease, which is usually mild and endemic in Central and West Africa, is known to be transmitted through close contact. Until early May, cases of monkeypox were usually related to … Read more

There’s a problem with PO Haryanto, these are the words of security that are frightening to make people shrink

Haryanto PO Security Team. Youtube/Dente ChannelL ©2022 – Driver buses often get threats from thugs, a security team from the bus company PO Haryanto also gives an ultimatum. He gave a warning to the people, especially the thugs who intended to annoy the driver bus PO Haryanto. He conveyed the statement through a … Read more

The Governor of South Sulawesi’s Viral Speech: Why Don’t You Get Out of Indonesia – The Governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel), Andi Sudirman Sulaiman, drew the spotlight after the video of his remarks at the anniversary of the East Luwu Regency (Lutim) went viral on social media (medsos). In this video, Andi Sudirman responded to the demands of the residents of Rampi, North Luwu Regency (Lutra) regarding road … Read more

Covid-19. What the variants hitting South Africa tell us about the rest of the

Will we be able to better predict the evolution of worrying variants of Sars-CoV2 and the spread of waves of Covid-19 ? The current evolution of the pandemic, refocused on the Omicron variant, opens up hope. BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5, sons of Omicron The most watched variants at the moment are the sub-lineages…

The Mystery of Rape and Murder Cases That Makes Brazilian Police Confuse – Police Brazil’s federal government said yesterday it was still investigating the alleged rape and death of a 12-year-old Yanomami girl by illegal gold miners, but cast doubt on the veracity of the allegations. Officer police who led the investigation, Daniel Ramos, told reporters interviews with members of the community of Aracaa village in … Read more

Accident Chronology Kills BMW S1000RR Motorbike Driver – Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya is still investigating the accident that killed the BMW S1000RR type motorcycle rider with the initials YPN after experiencing an accident with a Toyota Calya car in the Senayan area, Jakarta Center, Sunday (1/5). “We are still collecting witnesses and evidence, both witnesses and CCTV at the location. We … Read more

Scientists Observe New Type of Explosion in Space – Scientists are observing a completely new type of explosion taking place in outer space. Astronomers say the explosion could change our understanding of how stars explode. And their kind – micronovae, thermonuclear explosions – could actually be common throughout the universe. But the explosion only lasted a few hours, making it very difficult … Read more