The participants of Big Brother 2022 enjoyed a new party after the scandals and fights

A few hours before a new elimination gala takes place, the participants of Big Brother 2022 They had their usual urban-themed party on Fridays and enjoyed a night full of music and fun. Each little brother wore a particular garment specially designed for the occasion and then they went to the sector of the house … Read more

The first matches of the FIFA World Cup and the scandals of Qatar – ‘Aizgure’ special edition at 9.30 am

This weekend saw the first FIFA World Cup football match and first impressions of the impressive stadiums and conditions in Qatar. Which results surprised the most and how will the athletes cope with another four weeks in one of the world’s hottest countries? About that in the Uldis Strautmanis program “The back” in the special … Read more

From the market leader to caring for the child: the scandals of the company Facebook and Instagram

There are many companies in the field of digital technology whose name is known almost all over the world, but Facebook is perhaps the only one whose birth story has been immortalized in a Hollywood movie. In 2010, director David Fincher demonstrated in a feature film how Harvard University students, among whom was the head … Read more

These movies caused scandals: 36 most controversial movies in history | Names

36. “The Last Temptation of Christ” (1988) The work of Martin Scorcese, recognized as one of the best directors of all time. The director dreamed of making a film about the life of Jesus Christ as a child, so he did not hesitate when he got this opportunity. True, the film based on Nika Kazantzakis’ … Read more

Are Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank on the verge of collapse? What is happening? – FINANCE AND MASTERS OF THE WORLD

Credit Suisse, one of the largest banks in the world and second only to UBS in Switzerland, is at a “critical moment”. This was stated in a note by Credit Suisse CEO Ulrich Koerner, as reported by the financial portal TheStreet. “I am aware that there are many uncertainties and speculations both inside and outside … Read more

An investigation reveals “scandals” in the American Women’s Football League

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Inquiry details • The investigation began after it received a report issued by the site "The Athletic" 2021, to "Extensive sexual and emotional abuse of female athletes"in the Women’s National Football League, the highest division in Women’s football in the United States. • In a report consisting of more than … Read more

The series of scandals that led Carolina Sabino to leave Colombia – Publimetro Colombia

During the 1990s, Carolina Sabino She was one of the most coveted Colombian women in show business, not only for her attractive figure, but also for her talent in front of the cameras. But practically from one moment to another, her fame faded thanks to a series of scandals that not only took her away … Read more