Mexico exceeded the “catastrophic scenario” of deaths from COVID-19 predicted by Hugo López-Gatell

Mexico exceeded the “catastrophic scenario” of deaths from COVID-19 predicted by Hugo López-Gatell (Photo: Jacky Muniello / Europa Press) The sanitary, epidemiological and health authorities predicted each of the possibilities that Mexico had in the number of deaths from COVID-19. One of them placed the 60,000 deaths as one of the worst scenarios. It was … Read more

Coronavirus August 22. López-Gatell’s “catastrophic scenario” is fulfilled with 60 thousand deaths from Covid-19

Authorities of the Ministry of Health reported this Saturday, August 22, 60 thousand 254 deaths from Covid-19 in our country, as well as 556 thousand 216 confirmed cases, 83 thousand 146 suspects and 614 thousand 70 negative. This Friday, the Ministry of Health reported that Mexico reached 549 thousand 734 positive cases of Covid-19, as … Read more

State of the More Electric Aircraft market by current scenario, historical context and future forecasts till 2023 – Commune Magazine

The More Electric Aircraft Market 2020 report covers all the significant developments which have recently been adopted in the global market. The primary objective of the More Electric Airplane market report is to provide an in-depth analysis of all market dynamics including drivers and restraints, trends and opportunities. The More Electric Airplane market report covers … Read more

The head of the DIT predicted the growth of cases of COVID without “Social Monitoring” :: Society :: RBC

The Moscow authorities could not do without introducing an application that automatically assigns fines for violating quarantine. Otherwise, the number of patients with coronavirus would grow exponentially, the head of the DIT explained in an interview with RBC Eduard Lysenko (Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC) “Potentially, if every citizen with a confirmed diagnosis violated quarantine … Read more

Worst case scenario of Vojtěch’s traffic light: Buy food for 14 days

White, green, yellow and red. Four colors that will represent the danger of coronavirus infection in the Czech districts in the coming months. The project of the risk map was presented by the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch – the first sharp map will be published next Monday. “The aim is to give the public … Read more

“Naples had already organized for medical visits to Osimhen, new agent complicates the scenario”

Napoli was already ready to make medical visits to welcome the new purchase Victor Osimhen. This is the background revealed by today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport on the negotiation with Lille to bring the Nigerian striker to wear the blue. To change the situation, explains the rosy, it was the change of agents … Read more

The Swiss immunologist called the presence of asymptomatic patients a myth as a myth COVID :: Society :: RBC

According to Swiss scientist Beda Stadler, coronavirus is a common seasonal disease, and asymptomatic carriers do not exist: these people have immunity to the causative agent COVID-19 and they cannot infect others Photo: Guillermo Legaria / Getty Images Mistakes were made in the fight against coronavirus worldwide, said Beda Stadler, microbiologist, professor emeritus and former … Read more

Fitzgibbon evokes a “negative” scenario for Flying Whales

Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon spoke on Tuesday of a plan B in the event that the federal government blocked its plan to develop an airship intended for the transport of goods. • Read also: Flying Whales: Fitzgibbon to be “in deep trouble” • Read also: Ottawa fears China will spy • Read also: Flying Whales: the … Read more