Mental health..3 steps to improve your intellectual and physical well-being

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The National Institutes of Health estimates that one in five adults in the United States has a mental illness. Health experts say this is the time to prioritize self-care. Here are three types of self-care, and how they can help your mental health. Read more #Mental #health..3 #steps #improve … Read more

US Centers for Disease Control: Adolescent mental health is improving but still a crisis

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Visits to the emergency department for mental health reasons have risen sharply among children and adolescents during the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic. A new report published Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Control (CDC) showed signs of improvement, but poor mental health remains a “major public health … Read more

Study: Tidal interaction with one of Greenland’s glaciers may raise sea levels faster

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The interaction of a major glacier in northwest Greenland with ocean tides has led to a melt that was not previously observed, potentially contributing to faster sea level rise, scientists reported Monday. A group of glaciologists at the University of California-Irvine (UCI) and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) published … Read more

Rare and dangerous brain cysts spread among children in America… Why?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The US Centers for Disease Control and Control is investigating a group of brain abscesses Rare and serious infections affecting children in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. Doctors from other parts of the country said they may see cases rise as well. In 2022, the number of pediatric cases … Read more

Galicia advances vaccination against herpes zoster in healthy population to next April 10

Updated Saturday, April 8, 2023 – 19:43 It is a measure well received by professionals, mainly due to its effectiveness in preventing postherpetic neuralgia. A health worker administers a vaccine to a patient.ANTONIO HEREDIA Virus Hospitalizations for herpes zoster skyrocket in Spain Galicia advance to next April 10 the vaccination against herpes zoster in a … Read more

A unique job, whoever occupies it must be “bloodthirsty”… New York appoints the first “mouse caesar” for health reasons

New York named the first “Mouse Caesar” in the American city. Its mission will be to find “innovative ways to cut off rat food sources” in the city, as well as “use technology to detect and eradicate rat populations”. The rodent control director will work with other city agencies to do her job, including the … Read more

Are you planning to receive guests during Ramadan? This is the best way to know the doneness of meat and poultry while cooking

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — With a lot of social life during Ramadan, it also means a lot of banquets that bring together families and friends. And if you are preparing to receive guests and prepare a delicious breakfast, it may be a good idea to use a food thermometer. It is not possible … Read more

Study: Is there a link between Alzheimer’s disease and hormone therapy?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Alzheimer’s disease affects more women than men, as more than two-thirds of people with severe dementia are female. This may have biological causes that are still poorly understood, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Part of the puzzle is that women lose sex hormones, such as estrogen, when they go … Read more

Affects the kidneys and liver.. Disturbing facts about the damage of plastic water bottles to the environment and humans

The National Wildlife Federation’s executive vice president, Mustafa Santiago Ali, explains to CNN’s “Nightcap” host the troubling facts about plastic recycling. While the United States is the world’s first consumer of bottled water. Where plastic packaging is manufactured in a form or manner that remains present and does not decompose. And the important thing you … Read more

Survey: Mental health problems push university students to give up pursuing their studies

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Isabelle, a 20-year-old college student, is used to hard work. After graduating from high school a year ago, she worked three jobs for most of 2021. But when she started college in the fall, she felt like she was “sinking.” She didn’t find herself in the first trimester, and … Read more