The body does not absorb protein in meat substitutes as well – New Scientist

The small intestine absorbs the proteins in meat substitutes less well into the bloodstream than proteins from chicken breast. This is what American food scientists concluded after growing intestinal tissue in the lab.

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Giant bacteria discovered that you can see with the naked eye – New Scientist

A newly discovered bacterium, Thiomargarita magnifica, is thousands of times larger than regular bacteria. You can see it with the naked eye. In addition, its cells contain a special structure that has not been seen in bacteria before.

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Vitamins and nutritional supplements are a waste of money for most people – New Scientist

According to the US Preventive Services Task Force, there is no good evidence that dietary supplements protect against cancer or heart disease in most people.

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The scientist sounds the alarm. Warfare kills dolphins

Prof. Ivan Rusew from the National Natural Park “Limany Tuzłowski” warns that the hostilities of the Russians have a negative impact on the population of Black Sea dolphins. According to the information he provided, at least 3,000 people have died since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. these mammals. The “Limany Tuzłowski” National Nature … Read more

Gravitational waves and gold collisions reveal neutron star interiors New Scientist

For the first time, scientists have combined gravitational wave measurements, telescope observations and collisions of gold atoms in particle accelerators to map the properties of the extremely compact material in neutron stars.

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Biography of Ibn Sina, Muslim Scientist in the Field of Medical Sciences

Illustrated biography of Ibn Sina, photo source: (Thomass Kelley) by Ibn Sina is one of the most famous Muslim scientists. Unfortunately, not many people know about biography Ibn Sina. In fact, this insight is very important to encourage the interest of generations in studying science. As is well known, Ibn Sina had a major … Read more

“All the cleaners in the Kremlin know that.” Political scientist on Putin’s imminent “disappearance from radar”

Ancient history Valery Solovay told Postimees that his illness had begun to hit Putin seriously nine or ten years ago. “He’s suffering from cancer, and not for the first time,” says the former professor. “He was cured, and qualitatively. And for the third time, it looks like he will not be cured anymore. In addition … Read more

Chinese mitten crab with a Japanese twist flourishes in Belgian waters – New Scientist

It has hairy claws that resemble wool gloves, and can be found in rivers and coastal waters. It occurs naturally in East Asia, but now the Chinese mitten crab has become an indispensable part of Europe. Belgium takes the cake. The crab that lives there turns out to be genetically modified.

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Rainfall on Earth is influenced by the moon, this is according to scientists

[**] Rainfall on Earth is influenced by the moon, this is according to scientists Wednesday, 15 June 2022 – 17:52:18 WIB – The moon also has an effect on the Earth in addition to lighting up the night and the height of the ocean waves. A study from the University of Washington reveals, the … Read more