A Russian political scientist about the Kremlin’s lightning operation: we will all have to pay for it

Kazakhstan asked the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to send forces as peaceful protests over fuel prices in the country escalated into an unprecedented wave of violence that claimed dozens of lives. The decision to send such a contingent was the first in the history of this bloc. Russia’s political scientist Arkady Dubnov told Novaya … Read more

How is Corbevax, the first vaccine without patents against covid-19 developed by a Honduran scientist

Carlos Serrano (@carliserrano) BBC News World January 12, 2022 image source, Texas Children’s Hospital Caption, Maria Elena Bottazzi. Since the first covid-19 vaccines were approved, an intense debate has arisen that divided the world. On the one hand, there were the pharmaceutical companies of powerful countries that protected the intellectual property of the vaccines they … Read more

How is Corbevax, the first vaccine without patents against Covid-19 developed by a Honduran scientist

Since the first vaccines against Covid-19 a intense debate That divided the world On the one hand, they were the pharmaceutical companies of powerful countries that protected the intellectual property of the vaccines they developed. And on the other, those who asked for the patent release so that vaccines could be produced in greater quantities … Read more

Leading US scientist predicts that we are approaching a significant “threshold” due to the omicron strain

Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases said it was unrealistic to eliminate coronavirus and that “omikron, with its extraordinary, unprecedented degree of transmission efficiency, will eventually find virtually everyone. “ “There is no way to eradicate this virus,” he … Read more

Scientist invents screen that creates flavors when you lick it

Technology keeps evolving and lately innovators are trying to find new methods to enhance sensory technological experiences. In this case, researchers have looked at taste in particular. They invented a screen capable of generating flavors when you lick it. Seeing the dishes in some films and series, we want more than anything to taste these … Read more

Hamas Arrests Man Who Helped Mossad Kill Rocket Scientist in Malaysia

loading… Image of Fadi Mohammed al-Batsh, the Palestinian rocket scientist killed by Mossad in Malaysia in 2018. Photo/REUTERS GAZA – Hamas claims to have arrested the man accused of helping Mossad killed a Palestinian rocket scientist in Malaysia. A scientist named Fadi Mohammed al-Batsh was shot dead in Kuala Lumpur in April 2018. Al-Batsh was … Read more

Ukrainian political scientist Molchanov called the benefit from the early launch of Nord Stream 2

Short link January 9, 2022 03:49 am Ukrainian political scientist Kirill Molchanov said on the air of the Nash TV channel that the quick launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is beneficial, as it will cause a decrease in exchange prices for gas, which is in short supply in Ukraine. “As soon as … Read more

Stephen Hawking Servant of His Life Reveals the Secrets of the Universe

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – January 8, 1942 is his birthday Stephen Hawking, a genius physicist who devoted his life to uncovering the secrets of the universe. He was born in the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. According to Space, Stephen Hawking is seen by many as the smartest person in the world. He studied physics at … Read more

Stephen Hawking’s 80th birthday: The life of the exceptional physicist

He was one of the most important scientists of the century: Stephen Hawking was a brilliant thinker and achieved great things as a physicist – although he suffered from a serious illness. Hawking would celebrate his 80th birthday on January 8th. For this reason we look back on his fascinating life. © 1&1 Mail & … Read more

NASA’s chief scientist resigns after presenting an ambitious plan to make Mars habitable for humans

Posted in: 05/01/2022 – 10:29 Jim Green, the US space agency’s chief scientist, has announced his resignation after presenting a plan to make Mars habitable, concluding his nearly four decades of work with the agency. As reported by the newspaper The New York Times On January 2, 2022, NASA’s Chief Scientist Jim Green is preparing … Read more