Scientist proposes establishing ‘forest bubbles’ on Mars

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Since mid-November, we have been nearly eight billion human beings on Earth. Because our planet is not expandable and its resources are dwindling, some believe that the salvation of our species lies in the colonization of other planets, in particular Mars. So that we … Read more

Sleeping on your left side helps with heartburn – New Scientist

December: party month, eating month. And unfortunately, heartburn is never far away. Doctor Jeroen Schuitenmaker researched this at the University of Amsterdam and came up with an astonishingly easy solution: sleep on the left side.

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Brain measured with high precision for the first time – New Scientist

To determine the activity of human brains, we mainly look at scans made from the outside. Those methods don’t show as much detail as you’d like. Researcher Iris Green looked into people’s brains via implants and thus gained more insight into our vision.

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Leprosy bacteria stimulate liver to rejuvenate – New Scientist

The bacteria that causes leprosy can rejuvenate and regrow liver tissue without harmful side effects. Patients with impaired liver function may benefit from this finding in the future.

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Pill that works as a vaccine can prevent bladder infections – New Scientist

Tests with mice and rabbits show that a pill can act as a vaccine that prevents bladder infections. For example, recurrent urinary tract infections can be treated preventively without the need for antibiotics.

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Scientists Find Something in the Stomach of a 120 Million Year Old Dinosaur Fossil – A team of scientists in China managed to find a 120-million-year-old Dromaeosauridae dinosaur fossil with its last meal in its stomach, namely a frog. More than 120 million years ago, the dinosaurs ate frogs. But not long to eat the frog, the dinosaur died. Even though they died, the dinosaur bones were preserved … Read more

48,500-year-old virus from Siberian permafrost revived – New Scientist

Seven viruses from the Siberian permafrost have been revived and multiplied in the laboratory. Among them is the oldest ‘reanimated’ virus to date.

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500 Year Old Roman Emperor’s Secret Code Solved, Its Contents are Astounding

loading… Scientists have managed to decode a 500-year-old Roman emperor’s secret letter. Photos/BBC PARIS – For scientist French managed to decipher the secret code of a letter signed in 1547 by the most powerful ruler in Europe at that time. The letter reveals that he lives in fear of an assassination attempt by an Italian … Read more

North Korea, Kim: we will have the most powerful nuclear force in the world – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – SEOUL, NOVEMBER 27 – Nuclear-armed North Korea intends to have “the most powerful strategic force in the world,” its leader Kim Jong-un said at a ceremony celebrating the launch of a new ICBM, during which his young daughter appeared in public for the second time. Kim has awarded a massive series of promotions … Read more