Study Linked Hydroxychloroquine to Electric Scooter and Revealed Scientific Journals | Technology

What is the link between the use of hydroxychloroquine and the reduction of traffic accidents with electric scooters (scouters, skateboards or skateboards, depending on the country)? None except for a bogus study signed by Emmanuel Macron’s dog and published in the Asian Journal of Medicine and Health on Saturday, which revealed the fragility of the … Read more

Used cars cost tens of millions of rupiah, can be smooth to accord all pages

JAKARTA, – Used car be an alternative that can be chosen when you want to buy a private four-wheeled vehicle, but do not want limited credit or available funds. Moreover, the price of used four-wheeled vehicles is also getting more affordable. In fact, not a few are cheaper than the official price automatic scooter … Read more

Leuven requires oral masks for all visitors of the shopping walking zone, “also for those who cycle or scooter”

From Saturday, every visitor to the shopping walking zone in Leuven must wear a mouth mask. “We are continuing the preventive approach in recent months and are not waiting for the number of infections to increase,” says Mayor Mohamed Ridouani (SP.A) of Leuven. Specifically, it concerns the car-free zone (including Mechelsestraat, Diestsestraat, Brusselsestraat, Tiensestraat, Parijsstraat, … Read more

Mobility scooter users in Maastricht do not want to share carts with others

The proposal does not mean that all current owners have to give up their mobility scooter, emphasizes responsible councilor Bert Jongen. “If this cut is accepted by the city council, we will assess per request whether someone is able to share a scooter. Nowadays you also have loaned cars and bicycles. Why shouldn’t that be … Read more