The Acting Minister of Health announces the start of the work of the emergency electric scooter.. Photos

Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Acting Minister the health And the population, the start of introducing the “emergency electric scooter” to work within the fleet of the Egyptian Ambulance Authority. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, explained that the “ambulatory scooter” represents … Read more

Criticism of hip, electric shared scooter is growing: ‘Companies pretend to be more sustainable than they are’ | These are our top stories

The introduction of the first shared scooters in 2019 was accompanied by nice words. About the mission to improve the quality of life in The Hague, to entice motorists to take a scooter and to reduce CO2 to emit. ‘They do this by getting people out of their cars and offering green transport with electric … Read more

Premium Scooter 180 cc Market Destroyer Yamaha NMax and Honda PCX Launches! Comparable Performance and Features

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Has launched a premium scooter 180 cc crusher market Yamaha NMax 155 and Honda PCX 160, even a matter of performance and features can pitted. What does this scooter look like? As we know, the premium scooter market in Indonesia is dominated by Yamaha NMax 155 cc and its rivals … Read more

The Maxi Scooter, the result of the collaboration of these two Thai manufacturers, has become a market destroyer for the Yamaha NMax and Honda PCX

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind- Has rolled Maxi scooter just the result of the collaboration of two motorcycle manufacturers from Thailand that will become crusher market Yamaha NMax and Honda PCX. Referred to as crusher market Yamaha NMax and Honda PCX because, this motorbike has specifications that are similar to the two Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. will … Read more

Equipped with a 125 cc engine and a unique design, this scooter will overthrow the Yamaha Fazzio, Read more

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Friend Automotiveis now present scooter engine 125 cc to remove Yamaha Fazzio. In addition to having engine capacity 125 cc, scooter This one is also equipped with a unique design and no less interesting than Yamaha Fazzio. Even the features possessed by scooter 125 this, it’s no less sophisticated than … Read more

The court declared bankruptcy for the scooter manufacturer Čezeta

The bankruptcy court decided shortly after the second of the two executives, Daniel Gašpar, joined the insolvency proposal for the Čezeta Motors company this week. He has so far tried to find investors for the over-indebted company. Last February, the company Čezeta Motors, whose managing director and majority owner is Neil Eamonn Smith, filed for … Read more

The police fine scooter riders in Brussels: here are the offenses observed after the modification of the highway code

The rules of the road for scooters were modified at the beginning of the summer. It is now forbidden to ride on the sidewalks, you must be 16 years old to drive and it is forbidden to ride two on the same machine. These new rules are still often unknown, we were able to realize … Read more

Similar to Vespa! Suzuki Address 2023 will be released soon, check specifications and prices

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Hebo, Suzuki will soon release a motor scooter matic (scooter) who has the design retro looks like a vespa. scooter looks like a vespa this is also named Suzuki Address 125 2023 which is an upgrade from Suzuki The current address. In terms of appearance, almost 100 percent of all … Read more

The military scooter produced in Latvia has already arrived in eight countries

The unique electric scooters have already reached customers in the Czech Republic, France, Israel, Poland, Finland, Slovakia and Switzerland, this month the first scooters are also on their way to the USA. The Latvian market is not a priority for the manufacturer, but buyers have found their “Mosphera” here as well. The military industry is … Read more

Malioboro Electric Scooter Entrepreneur Complains, Has Pawned BPKB to Invest but Can’t Operate

Muhammad Ilham Baktora | Hiskia Andika Weadcaksana Friday, 22 July 2022 | 22:09 WIB A number of members of the Yogyakarta City Electric Scooter Association after complaining to LBH Yogyakarta, Friday (22/7/2022). [Hiskia Andika Weadcaksana /] A number of parties choose not to operate at all but some are then desperate to open late … Read more