Scarface 2 gameplay leaked, a canceled game from Radical Entertainment

One month ago art and details leaked of the sequel to Scarface: The World Is Yoursa game that Radical Entertainment (The Simpsons: Hit & Run, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Prototype) was in development in 2008. However, the merger with Activision Blizzard around that time prevented Scarface 2 pass the pre-alpha phase; the channel Mafia … Read more

Covid: How symptoms differ between those who are not vaccinated and those who are – Health

Runny nose, headache, sneezing, sore throat, and persistent cough. These are the five most common symptoms among people who have had covid after receiving two or more doses of the vaccine. In individuals who have not been immunized, the most common complaints of the disease are, in descending order, headache, sore throat, runny nose, fever, … Read more

Three new functions arrive in WhatsApp groups: what is it about

In recent months, WhatsApp put the focus on the group chat. A few days ago, the platform announced that it is developing an option that will allow administrators to approve or reject the entry of new participants. Now the company adds three other functions. One of them allows mute other contacts during a voice call … Read more

Oil exploration: dollar at 7 thousand and effects if it stops in Colombia – Sectors – Economy

In the campaign for the Presidency of the Republic, whose definition is this weekend, one of the issues that has been raised the most is the possibility that the country abruptly changes its policies on energy transition, outright banning the signature of new oil and gas exploration contracts, as candidate Gustavo Petro has said repeatedly. … Read more

Zahra Hindi: “I invite Moroccan artists to perform abroad”

1. Does this diversity of musical genres in Morocco make it possible to appropriate all the music of the world? Moroccan music, whether traditional, modern, or postmodern, has a dazzling ability to appropriate all musical forms capable of producing artistic works that are highly appreciated by the public. 2. What do you think of the … Read more

Mafe Walker, the Colombian who has become famous for “talking alien” – People – Culture

Mafe Walker is a woman who has become famous on social networks after claiming that she can speak the alien language and that she herself is a portal between dimensions. The woman frequently shares on her TikTok account her “contacts with other dimensions”, in which he speaks an unrecognizable language and almost all his videos … Read more

Spelling: tricks to know how to use gerunds correctly – Music and Books – Culture

Quote: “Today Luis Manuel I was retired from El Cerrejón if nothing bad had happened, but his son was not the best player in Colombia” (PluralidadZ). Comment: The main problem with this quote is the use of the past subjunctive (“was”, “out”) as a function of conditional tensethat is, instead of “would be”, “would be”: … Read more

How effective are the flu vaccines applied in the country?

Fewer mobility restrictions, lower collective immunity due to lack of exposure to the virus, return to face-to-face classes, lower coverage of vaccination: It is expected that this year the season of gripe sea more active and longer than in 2020 and 2021. This year, the campaign was advanced and started on March 25. It includes … Read more

WhatsApp: what to do if your phone runs out of the app this May 31 – News Technology – Technology

starting next May 31, WhatsApp will start making modifications within its application and the phones of several users will be compromised It should be noted that the computer services company is targeting suspicious activities for criminal and misinformation purposes in order to sanction them. This, in order to encourage the proper use of digital platforms, … Read more

Images of a Silent Hill in development by Bloober Team (The Medium) are leaked

For different years insider have reported a revival of saga Silent Hill. Those rumors began to take shape, or at least become more credible, last year. Konami announced an agreement with Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear) and several sources told the outlet VGC that the Japanese firm bring back horror series, Castlevania y … Read more