Vienna, Sebastian Kurz raises the flag of Israel over the chancellery

May 14, 2021 1:56 pm The Austrian Chancellor speaks of an “act of solidarity” towards Tel Aviv and condemns “the terrorist attack”. The Foreign Minister does the same thing: “We are with our Israeli partners” In the image he published, three flags are seen flying on the roof of the Bundeskanzleramt: the Austrian, the EU … Read more

Sebastian Kurz. The chancellor of Austria is threatened with resignation – he lamented about a friend

If accused and convicted of concealing the truth before a parliamentary committee, Kurz faces up to three years in prison Kurz does not admit it and has announced that he does not intend to resign The prosecutor’s office detailed the actions of his government to put a trusted man at the head of the state-owned … Read more

Tennis player Sebastian Korda and his daughter Pavel Nedvěd were sugaring on Charles Bridge –

They are young, beautiful and in love, so it is no wonder that they want to shout their love for the world. The children of famous athletes, twenty-year-old Sebastian Korda and twenty-four-year-old Ivana Nedvědová, know each other for a large part of their lives, understand each other and find love in themselves. Recently, a happy … Read more

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is under investigation for falsifying

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday he said to be investigated for having falsified before a parliamentary commission of inquiry into a corruption case that had brought down the previous government in 2019. There is a lot of talk about the investigation in Austria because in recent times several important politicians had been involved in … Read more

Sebastian Wasilewski leaves TVN24 for personal reasons. He is planning a “full blood document” about the church

Sebastian Wasilewski made the decision to leave TVN24. The journalist admitted that he wanted to focus on what he did at work, but this time on his own. He plans to work intensively on material about the Church. Watch the video “Power Couple”. Agata Rubik says about her household chores: I wash, iron Krzysztof Krawczyk’s … Read more

Sebastian Wasilewski leaves TVN24 after nine years of work

Sebastian Wasilewski is a reporter dealing with matters in the socio-political area. He joined the TVN24 station in 2012, and recently he has worked mainly for TVN24. His most popular materials include one of the first reports from the Hungarian-Serbian border during the migration crisis in 2015 and reports on election campaigns – in 2015 … Read more

Sebastian Wasilewski leaves TVN24

Wasilewski – a socio-political reporter on a daily basis – got involved with television THE T.V in February 2012; now he works mainly for TVN24. He was the author of one of the first reports from the Hungarian-Serbian border during the migration crisis (2015), coverage of the election campaigns (2015 and 2019) or a TV … Read more

Sebastian Kaleta assesses the opinion of the Advocate General of the CJEU in the case of the Disciplinary Chamber

Tanczew found that the Court of Justice of the European Union should rule that Polish legislation on the system of disciplinary liability of judges is contrary to EU law In 2017, Poland introduced a new model of disciplinary liability of judges of the Supreme Court and judges of common courts In the opinion of the … Read more

OMG! Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka has a crush on a popular Polish star?

Paulina Krupińska and Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka they got married in 2014. The musician was alone for a long time before. When he met Miss Polonia, he immediately fell in love with her. Paulina in Agata Młynarska’s program “Agata is spinning in styles” admitted that at the beginning of the relationship it was not so colorful, but … Read more

“Forever Joan Sebastián”: why Livia Brito did not want to kiss José Manuel Figueroa in the series | Telenovelas nnda nnlt | CELEBRITIES

In June 2016 the biographical series “Por siempre Joan Sebastián” was released, which narrated the life of “El Rey del Jaripeo”, whose role was played by his own son José Manuel Figueroa, while the role of his wife Maribel Guardia was by the Cuban actress Livia Brito. MORE INFORMATION: Livia Brito reinvents herself after scandal, … Read more