PSM Makassar Recruits Former U-16 National Team Goalkeeper in the Last Seconds of the Transfer Window

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM, MAKASSAR – PSM Makasar recruited Raka Octa Bernanda in the last seconds of closing the half-season transfer market Liga 1 2022-2023. Mid-season transfer market Liga 1 open from 2 January – 30 January 2023. Raka Octa became the fourth player recruited PSM Macassar. Ex kiper national team It is observed that Indonesia U-16 has been registered … Read more

Pastrňák was three seconds away from the winning goal in the NHL. Mrazek conceded seven times

David Pastrňák gave Boston a 3:2 lead in the NHL on the ice of Florida after an assist by David Krejčí at 59:11, but the home hockey players turned the game around and won 4:3 in overtime. Radko Gudas scored one pass in the winners lineup. Of the Czech goalkeepers, only Petr Mrázek caught from … Read more

Seconds of horror. The roof is gone, there will be no national championship

The terrifying seconds are captured on video. The roof collapsed, unable to withstand the onslaught of weather changes. The water, the wet snow and maybe even the wind took their toll. Although the firefighters who were called before the accident pumped water from the dome of the roof, they were unable to prevent it from … Read more

Comprehensive Lee Yong-sik Preliminary son-in-law Won-hyeok How much do you hate… I looked for 3 seconds for 2 years and avoided my seat, Joseon Lover

Comedian Lee Yong-sik opposed the marriage of his daughter Lee Soo-min and Won-hyeok, so he avoided even meeting them. In TV Chosun’s ‘Lovers of Joseon’, which aired on the 23rd, Lee Yong-sik and Lee Soo-min had a conflict over marriage. On this day, Lee Yong-sik and Lee Su-min said that they are awkward with each … Read more

Ogier won the ninth Monte Carlo Rally, Rovanperä lost 19 seconds

With his ninth triumph in Monte Carlo, the thirty-nine-year-old Ogier overtook compatriot Sébastien Loeb. Nine-time world champion Loeb was absent from Monte Carlo this year and did not defend last year’s championship because he had little time to prepare after starting the recent Dakar Rally. Eight-time champion Ogier, who drives only selected rallies in the … Read more

Seconds of a Woman Killed by a Rantis Car in Purwakarta, Victim of a Neighbor’s Child’s Pillar Page all – Siti Masitoh (42), the victim was killed by a Rantis Kostrad vehicle in PurwakartaWest Java, wanted to return to the rented house with a neighbor’s child. Lukman, the victim’s worker, admitted that he received news of the accident from a motorcycle taxi driver. When he found out, Siti had been taken to Bayuasih … Read more

Optical illusion: will you be able to see the animal hidden among the zebras in 15 seconds?

Take a close look at this optical illusion from Your goal is to spot the animal hidden between the white and black zebra stripes. Test If your eyes are flickering with stripes and you can’t see any animal other than zebras, don’t despair and look at the next picture – it’s circled in red… … Read more

Video from inside the plane is said to have captured the last seconds before the fatal crash in Nepal

CRASHED: The plane went down in a ravine near the airport it was supposed to land on. Photo: PRAKASH MATTHEMA / AFP / NTB Everything appears to be normal in the video which is supposed to show the plane that crashed in Nepal as the plane approaches for landing. Then it suddenly starts shaking. So … Read more