This foldable camper is ready in 30 seconds, costs like a scooter and changes your life

If we saw the TakeOff passing by on the street we would never think that it is really a camper. It looks like a very simple trolley, one of those towed vehicles that cars carry behind them with materials, garden objects or other. Yet it is a camper, it is very comfortable, and it is … Read more

Drummer Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer suffered stroke symptoms during performance in Texas: “I suddenly saw nothing”

Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer performed in Houston Texas on June 26, but what should have been a great show for many turned into a medical intervention. Ashton Irwin (27) suffered stroke symptoms during the performance, after which he collapsed behind his drum kit. The drummer was taken to hospital, but is currently doing … Read more

Seconds of Laju Prima Bus in Successive Accidents on Cipularang Km 92 Toll Road, Allegedly Having Blong Brakes

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here are the seconds Prima Laju bus from Bandung to Jakarta had an accident at Cipularang Toll Road km 92, Purwakarta, West Java, Sunday (26/6/2022). Previously reported, Prima Laju bus with nopol B 7602 XA had an accident at Cipularang Toll Road on Sunday night around 20.00 WIB. The accident involved 17 vehicles. … Read more

15 seconds to overthrow the bronze “Grand Slam of Mongolia for Judo”

The bronze medal of the Ulan Bator Mongolia Grand Slam Judo Championship was lost from UAE player Mago Maarouf in the last 15 seconds, losing to Kazakhstan champion Adel Orazbayev as a result of a tactical error exploited by his opponent. Uzbek hero Lutiev Lee. The second representative of the UAE, Gregor Aram, lost in … Read more

If you cannot stand on one leg for 10 seconds, your health may be in danger.

A new study has revealed that poor balance may be linked to the first signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and therefore to a higher risk of death. Can standing on one leg for 10 seconds indicate if you are healthy? A large-scale study published on 21 June 2022 in the UK-based BMJ Journals indicates … Read more

I’m already in Goals, points, seconds after 25 years, laughs Mužík. He passes on the experience

In 1997, you were at your first top senior event and an unbeaten Czech record to this day. Did you expect such a time from each other then? Such strong experiences remain in the memory, national records do not run while you wait. This was a huge surprise for me too. A few days ago, … Read more

Can you balance on one foot in ten seconds? It’s more important than it seems

The study had the participation of almost 2 thousand people and took place over a decade. In view of the results obtained, researchers suggest that it become part of routine exams performed on older people. If you have difficulty balancing on one leg – the mythical 4 -, know that this could be a sign … Read more

Seconds are like years, “League of Legends” Morgana’s Q-skilled imprisonment description “lasts about 3 years” has become a gamer laughing meme | 4Gamers

“League of Legends” Morgana’s Q skill “Shadow Imprisonment” is a very threatening directional field control skill for the early LoL player community. In the Debuff text, it shows that it “lasts for about 3 years”, and this is likely to be an easter egg left by the Riot Games developers deliberately playing tricks. Yes, players … Read more

Electric Nio ES7 officially: One hundred in 3.9 seconds, range up to 850 km!

The Chinese carmaker Nio, which was founded only in 2014, presents another model – an electric SUV called ES7. According to the brand, it should break down boundaries and exceed expectations. If we do not count the electric sports car, which was created in only a few pieces and does not have approval for operation … Read more

The seconds of a tourism bus crashing into 10 vehicles in Tabanan, a mother dies after saving her child

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The accident occurred on the Singaraja-Denpasar Highway KM 48.9 Baturiti Village, Baturiti District, Regency Tabanan, Bali. The incident occurred on Saturday (18/6/2022) at approximately 12.30 WITA. The accident involved a tourist bus with 7 cars and 3 motorbikes. The bus was carrying around 45 students and teachers from a study tour group from … Read more