WhatsApp secret chats: what they are for and how they are activated

WhatsApp became one of the messaging apps most popular in the world. With its billions of users, the app owned by Facebook Meta, needs to be constantly updated in order not to lose its leadership. In recent days, and as a result of one of his last updates, a function has been added that provides … Read more

Kim Jong-Un Always Brings His Private Toilet Wherever He Goes, Turns Out to be Part of a State Secret

South Korean intelligence agencies believe North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is indeed getting slimmer and slimmer after losing about 20 kilograms of weight. That dismissed speculation that Jong-un used a stuntman. (Source: Straits Times via KCNA) PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.TV – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reported to always carry a private toilet with him … Read more

Secret Kenmin SHOW pole! Special feature on conveyor belt sushi that is loved by Fukuoka citizens!Ken Koga also appeared | Kurume fan

TV set2022.01.27Tomonori Broadcast every Thursday at 21:00Secret Kenmin SHOW Goku (Kiwami)』。 “Secret Kenmin SHOW Kiwami” broadcast on January 27, 2022 (Thursday)Special feature on conveyor belt sushi in Fukuoka」。 Not only Hakata ramen, mizutaki, and motsunabe, Fukuoka prefecture is also a conveyor belt sushi restaurant !? Introducing high-level conveyor belt sushi from Fukuoka prefecture, where you … Read more

The enormous emotion of Angèle in “The Secret Song” (VIDEO)

Big emotion for Angèle this Saturday evening on TF1. She was the guest of Nikos Aliagas in the show “La Chansonsecret”, just like Stéphane Plaza, Dorothée or even Nabilla and Anne-Claire Coudray. The opportunity for her relatives or people who mattered to the young artist to sing for her. For this tenth edition, the host … Read more

How to display the secret menu of WhatsApp and what functions do you have access to?

One of its innovative features is the secret quick menu that can be deployed on both Android devices and those manufactured by Apple. Using it is very simple, on Android you just have to press your finger on the app icon on your mobile device and see how three options are displayed: quick access to … Read more

The Marquis’ secret daughter | Middle east

After his death in 2014, the great secret began to circulate on the tongues of close friends (1 – 2) Since the publication of the first edition of the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, in late 1967, and its transformation into one of the masterpieces of Latin American and international literature, especially after receiving … Read more

These are the functions of the WhatsApp secret menu

applications for smartphones What WhatsApp, multiplatform messaging program, are here to stay and now reinvent themselves. Hence one of the main focus of attention of his last upgrade be your secret menu. Do you know what we are talking about? Do you know where it is activated? Because there is a WhatsApp function, instant messaging … Read more

Shock shakes Egypt… The secret behind “Adel Imam”‘s concealment of the profession of a mother who is ashamed of her… She will be shocked after knowing what he was doing with the secret!! (a witness)

In the art world, news about the private lives of stars is still a breeding ground for rumors, and many people hope to find a reliable one or a gossip table story from any link. Among the stars whose private lives have moved away from the media and the camera, we found the artist and … Read more

Hundreds of fake bomb threats in Ukraine. The secret services blame Russia

Last year, the SBU registered over 1,100 deliberately false anonymous reports of an impending bombing, and since this year more than 300 have been in the pipeline. None of these reports have yet been confirmed. “Russia’s secret services are using fake bombings of social security facilities and infrastructure as one means of hybrid warfare to … Read more

Gavioli, Allegri’s former secret girlfriend, found dead | Gossip

Maria Chiara Gavioli died last Wednesday, 47 years old, former model, family of entrepreneurs, very rich, very beautiful and very fragile. She was found in the bathroom by the lifeless maid in the beautiful villa of Mogliano Veneto where she had been living for several years with her two children aged 15 and 9. Among … Read more