PHOTO. The well-known doctor Anatolij Danilans, celebrating his 80th anniversary, reveals the secret of his eternal youth

Professor, doctor Anatoly Danilans in different moments of his life The well-known professor, doctor – gastroenterologist Anatoly Danilan just celebrated his 80th birthday. The attractive doctor revealed to the magazine “Privatā Dzīve” what is the secret of his eternal youth. “I like movement, so I walk a lot. Swimming in icy water also recharges me,” … Read more

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has revealed a great architectural secret

During the restoration works of the cathedral, the former architectural innovations were revealed, which allowed the building to become the tallest cathedral of its era in the 12th century – at that time it reached a height of approximately 32 meters. This height, it turns out, was largely achieved thanks to the use of iron … Read more

Apple leads the sale of ‘premium’ mobiles worldwide. And this is your secret weapon to conquer the mid-range

Apple may have had a weaker last fiscal quarter than it would have liked, but what the global estimates reflect is for the Cupertino offices to throw a party. Counterpoint Research has launched a report that strengthens Apple as leader in sales of high-end mobiles. And it is that segment, the mobile premium, which for … Read more

Audi makes no secret of testing the electric Q6 e-tron prototype in the Far North | Business

Twists and turns through rush hour: Audi is currently playing its trump card in the far north of Europe, testing the production-oriented Q6 e-tron prototype under strict safety regulations. The upcoming model series is the first to be developed using the new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) technology platform. An 800-volt electrical system, powerful and efficient … Read more

Blueberries could be the secret to getting fitter and healthier

A team of scientists at California Polytechnic State University and the Department of Kinesiology and Sports Management at Gonzago University investigated whether a concentrated dose of blueberries could speed up the fat burning process during sports. The study included 11 healthy male cyclists who did moderate cycling for 40 minutes, for which they took a … Read more

The Belarusian secret service killed a foreigner

Grodno, which has about 350,000 inhabitants, is located near the border with Poland. The KGB said no civilians or security personnel were injured. She did not state the nationality of the foreigner killed. Russian agency TASS referring to the authorities in Minsk, she wrote that the person neutralized by the Belarusian secret service was supposed … Read more

Paulina Krupińska in “Asia Express” revealed her secret: she does not wear panties

Gossip Sunday, March 19 (08:33) Paulina Krupińska (35), as she herself confessed, had long dreamed of participating in “Asia Express” and finally managed to satisfy this desire. The model and wife of Sebastian Karpiela-Bułecki is doing well in the program, although not without mishaps. As it turned out recently, he saves on underwear … Paulina … Read more

Becoming a secret agent: these trades and skills sought by State Security

The intention to spy on one’s neighbors is probably as old as history. But as in History, we only work with tangible and interpretable traces, we know today how to affirm that if nowadays we spy on each other with atmospheric balloons and spying applications to find out the next technological secret of competitors , … Read more

Secret document leaked about what Russia wants with Moldova: ‘Putin’s handbook doesn’t work very well’

“If it is correct, everything is a preconceived plan,” says Russia expert Helga Salomon. Secret Russian plans reveal what Russia plans for Moldova. Russia does not want to conquer the country, but does want it back in its own sphere of influence. The document, This is published publicly by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), … Read more

Secret meeting in the Kremlin. There are guidelines on Putin – WP Wiadomosci

share Tweet Although the matter seems obvious, Vladimir Putin has still not declared whether he will run in next year’s presidential election. According to the Russian portal Meduza, despite the lack of confirmation from the dictator, a special staff is already working on his campaign. Theses from the perspective of the West are absurd. War … Read more