Research reveals the secret of marketing at the Ikea point of sale

The Ikea Group sold in its fiscal year 2021 42 billion dollars. This represents an increase of 2,500 million in relation to the income of the previous year. The key is its expansion in more and more countries (Mexico, India, Chile) and its careful and up-to-date marketing strategies. marketing. Entering an Ikea store, anywhere in … Read more

A summary of the latest Zamalek news today.. Ferreira reveals the secret of the decline in performance against Ismaili

Shikabala – Zamalek and Al-Ahly Sport 360 – Sports journalist Mohamed Shabana revealed the scenes of Mahmoud Shikabala, the player of Zamalek, with Mustafa Fathi, who is currently professional in the ranks of cooperation, in order to persuade him not to move to the club. Al Ahly. Shabana said, in his talk to the “Box … Read more

Index – Culture – Metallica’s frontman secretly divorced his wife

According to sources close to the former couple, James Hetfield filed for divorce from Francesca Hetfield in Colorado earlier this year. Surprisingly, the divorce was never announced, keeping the news away from the public. A lap according to his reports, the couple is still in touch, mostly because of their children together. James and Francesca … Read more

A major shock… The revelation of the secret religion of the artist “Dalal Abdel Aziz”, which she hid from everyone, even from her husband, Samir Ghanem, and revealed after the death of the poor man?

2022/08/14 It’s 09:15 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Department of English Language, from the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, and entered the field of acting and participated in many series, plays and films. And the great Egyptian artist, who has a large fan base throughout the Arab world, … Read more

[표지로 읽는 과학] The secret of the interface between cells: Dong-A Science

The international academic journal ‘Nature’ published a picture with the phrase ‘sticking points’ on its cover on the 11th. Next to the phrase are unknown hexagons, triangles, and dots. Nature explained that “the pattern of the multicellular structure was shown as a picture”. This cover represents a multicellular structure with a pattern. A kind of … Read more

Patricia confessed a secret about Eus and Luz to Diana

Patricia (Laly Goyzueta) met Diana (Maria Jose Vega) to talk off the record about the situation facing the de Souzas. The journalist and godmother of little Luz was upset as a result of what happened to her youngest and came to Lima to investigate. Like any press woman, Diana interviewed those involved and, when speaking … Read more

Discovering the secret of the “mortal bite” of the dinosaur king photo

Discovering the secret of the “mortal bite” of the dinosaur king photo It is known that the king dinosaursknown asTyrannosaurus Rex» Tyrannosaurus rex had small arms, but it turns out that some species may also have evolved narrower eye sockets than their ancestors, to allow them to bite more aggressively to kill prey and enemies. … Read more

Scientists have uncovered the secret of the most mysterious mineral on Mars

Silvery dust recovered from a rock by the Curiosity rover. The analysis showed that it contains the mineral tridymite, which was very unexpected. Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS On July 30, 2015, one of the NASA rovers noticed something strange in the rock, which is located in the center of Gale Crater. Curiosity drilled a small hole and … Read more