Mervat Abu Auf reveals to “The Seventh Day” the secrets of “FourM” and the story of Muhammad Fouad’s discovery

I solved a doctor Mervat Abu Auf A guest on Youm7 TV, through a special episode with my colleague Zaki Makkawi, in which she touched on many issues since her inception in the “FourM” band, with her late brother Ezzat Abu Auf, who formed the band with his sisters, in addition to many other things … Read more

Actress Najwa Fouad exposes the secrets and secrets of the stars.. Yousra is ungrateful and Abdel Halim was helpless and could not marry like any man! !

2022/09/20 It’s 01:50 p.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Najwa Fouad, is one of the most important pillars of belly dancing in Egypt, and even dominated this field for years, and was the face behind which cinema cameras run for a long time. In the following report, we review the most prominent statements … Read more

The secrets hidden in the “lost city” found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean | Science

A scientific expedition found in December 2000 a very strange landscape. Towers of up to 60 meters emerge on one of the seamounts from mid atlantic ridge. The researchers named their finding the “Lost City”. Despite their appearance, these formations are natural. Each tower is a hydrothermal vent which spews hot liquid filled with hydrogen … Read more

Scientists Uncover Secrets Of How Ancient Egyptians Transported Pyramid Materials

loading… Scientists are beginning to shed light on how the ancient Egyptians transported hefty materials to build the pyramids. Photo/Illustration/Mozaweb CAIRO – Scientists are starting to shed some light on how people Egypt the ancients transported large and heavy materials to build pyramid . The secret of the answer is in the Nile which divides … Read more

They asked the artist Somaya al-Khashab about the reason for her divorce from all men, and she revealed the secrets of what they were asking her every night with unprecedented boldness.! !

2022/09/15 It’s 03:20 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The star Sumaya al-Khashab experienced marriage more than once and each time it ended in divorce, and each separation had reasons that Sumaya al-Khashab announced on several occasions. Somaya al-Khashab married for the first time before entering the art world when she was 23 years old, … Read more

Webb telescope reveals secrets of star birth

“Starbed” reveals secrets of star formation 0:53 (CNN) — “Majestic” images of a stellar nursery in the Orion Nebula taken by the James Webb Space Telescope reveal intricate details about the formation of stars and planetary systems. The images, released Monday, shed light on an environment similar to that of our own solar system when … Read more

Royals Declassified review reveals the secrets of the royal family of Queen Elizabeth II. Watch Thai subtitles at TrueID.

movies and series Royals Declassified reveals the secrets of the royal family This documentary presents another fascinating aspect of the British royal family during Queen Elizabeth II’s era, with behind-the-scenes coverage of Princess Diana’s media interviews. Queen Elizabeth II and her political power Or even about the family and the spies that lurk in Buckingham … Read more

He never prayed in his life, and he drank 4 bottles of whiskey daily. What happened on the night of his death surprised and shocked everyone.. Very shocking secrets from the life of the artist Rushdi Abaza.! !

2022/09/10 It’s 02:20 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist Rushdi Abaza is one of the most prominent movie stars of the twentieth century, whose names were associated with famous, distinguished and popular works on the art scene. Rushdi Saeed Baghdadi Abaza, known as “Rushdi Abaza”, was born on August 3, 1926, into a … Read more

The James Webb Telescope reveals new secrets about the Tarantula Nebula of star formation

On Tuesday, the James Space Telescope revealed new details of the Tarantula Nebula, revealing hidden secrets, and stunning images of this region of the universe where stars are born at a frantic pace, and the provision of these images will contribute to enhancing scientific knowledge of star formation. Sharjah 24 – AFP: The James Webb … Read more