A source responsible for choosing Ahmed Issa for Tourism and Antiquities: an economic figure capable of attracting foreign investment to the tourism sector

An official source revealed the scenes of Ahmed Issa’s selection of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, as part of the latest amendment made to the government of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly. The source confirmed that choosing an economic or banking personality for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities was not the first precedent, as Dr. … Read more

The crisis has so far eluded them, but our ítečka members have already encountered it. The sector reports impoverishment

There is a shortage of qualified people in the IT sector. PHOTO: Orange ” onerror=”imageFallBack(this, ‘site’)” data-fallback=””/> There is a shortage of qualified people in the IT sector. PHOTO: Orange For more than a year, computer scientists did not have the highest earnings in the country. Applicants’ salary demands are increasing, but they are hitting … Read more

Analysis of financial statements: two-thirds of the retail sector increased revenues and operated profitably

Last year, the retail market experienced an upswing – after the end of the quarantine restrictions that had been in place for a while and as the society slowly returned to the normal rhythm of life, consumption grew, a significant part of which also went to physical stores and retail chains. The increased consumption was … Read more

Conservative MP Znotiņš plans to focus on the private sector while remaining civically active

“At the same time, I will remain socially active, I will be involved in the political environment with my advice and initiatives,” Znotiņš asserted, stressing that every citizen must be civically active. He plans to express civic participation both through involvement in non-governmental organizations and also by advising the “Conservative” party, based on his experience. … Read more

Enac: boom in air traffic, quadrupled in the first half – Economy

The air transport sector resumed in the first half of Italy even if it has not yet recovered its pre-pandemic levels. As ENAC points out in a note, between January and June 2022 the volume of passengers is 4 times that of the first six months of 2021. “We are not yet in the pre-pandemic … Read more

The contraction of non-oil private sector activity in Egypt in July

A survey revealed, today, Wednesday, that Non-oil private sector activity in Egypt It fell again in July, but at a slower pace than a two-year low in June, as high inflation continued to weigh on demand and a shortfall in supply pressured supplies. The Standard & Poor’s Global Purchasing Managers’ Index in Egypt rose slightly … Read more

Is the fintech sector really dying?

Photo Last year was extremely successful for the fintech sector in the world and in Lithuania. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, energy and commodity price shocks, and inflation challenges have accelerated some fintech trends. Accelerated to such an extent that there were prophecies of the death of the traditional fintech sector. How should the Lithuanian … Read more

The slowdown in the growth rate of the economic activity of the manufacturing sector

An economic report published today, Monday, showed a slowdown in the pace of growth in the economic activity of the manufacturing sector in Japan during last July, compared to the previous month. According to the report of the Japanese Jibon Bank issued today, the manufacturing purchasing managers’ index fell last month to 52.1 points, compared … Read more

Economic forecasts become reality: how e. commercial sector?

Today, we face economic challenges beyond even the least positive predictions of recent years: the Russia-Ukraine war, spiraling inflation, global food price spikes, and already-prolonged supply chain disruptions. These recent difficulties are the most important, but not the only, signs that we live in extremely unstable times. The accumulation of these problems will have a … Read more

Motivational ministerial decisions for the public sector.. And the Employees Association responds: The strike continues

The Ministerial Committee to address the repercussions of the financial crisis on the functioning of the public utility, which met yesterday headed by the caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, took a series of decisions to address the public sector employees’ strike, most notably In terms of granting additional financial assistance equivalent to the value of … Read more