In Saint-Ghislain, serious accidents are multiplying along a roadway: Bruno fights for the places to be finally secure

This evening, in Supporting Images, our teams are looking into the case of a particularly accident-prone road. “It’s accident after accident, motorcycle after motorcycle”, explains Bruno, a resident of Saint-Ghislain and more particularly of this very dangerous road. “Once, a little girl was mowed down here. Personally, two of my vehicles have already been hit.” … Read more

Real Madrid secure the quarter-finals – remain Liverpool’s nightmare in Europe

1 / 5 previous in this full screen EXIT: It was too difficult for Mohamed Salah and Liverpool. Photo: JUAN MEDINA / Reuters (Real Madrid – Liverpool 1–0, 6–2 on aggregate) It took a miracle à la Istanbul 2005 for Liverpool to still be part of Europe’s most prestigious club tournament, but this time the … Read more

UEFI boot kit BlackLotus defeats Secure Boot

March 5, 2023 – Malware called BlackLotus is able to bypass the Secure Boot security mechanism. The attackers take advantage of a vulnerability that was actually patched a year ago. Eset security researchers have identified a new malware called BlackLotus. This enables attackers to bypass the UEFI security mechanism Secure Boot Message from “Heise”. BlackLotus … Read more

For the first time, Bootkit bypasses Windows’ UEFI Secure Boot

pts20230301026 Research/development, technology/digitization “BlackLotus” is active in the wild and is offered in hacker forums Jena (pts026/01.03.2023/11:55) – Red alert for Windows users: ESET researchers have identified a bootkit that is capable of bypassing key security features of UEFI Secure Boot – a security system in Windows. Even a completely up-to-date Windows 11 system with … Read more

Windows 11: Attackers circumvent BlackLotus Secure Boot UEFI boot kit

Windows 11: Attackers circumvent BlackLotus Secure Boot UEFI boot kit Eset security researchers have observed attacks in which attackers bypass the UEFI protection mechanism Secure Boot on PCs with the current version of Windows 11 in order to nest deeply in the system. Attacks, however, are not easily possible. According to a report by security … Read more

White TUF Gaming GT502 is here! ATX 3.0 certified TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply with RTX 40 graphics card is the most secure

ASUS launched a new panoramic case TUF Gaming GT502 last year, and after players frantically knocked bowls, the white TUF Gaming GT502 is finally launched in Taiwan! For players who want to assemble a white ASUS Faith console, there is finally a suitable style to choose from. Recently, the TUF Gaming series has also launched … Read more

Darwin Ham: The Lakers’ goal at the end of the regular season is to secure a playoff spot without having to play-in – Basketball

Lakers head coach Darwin Ham spoke about the challenges the team sets for itself in the decisive part of the regular season. “Our goal is to go out on the court and be the best version of ourselves in every match. And yet, if we manage to compete for a place in the Top 6, … Read more

[스포츠타임] Hill-Spence, who couldn’t secure a starter, leaves Tottenham on loan for a while

▲ Brian Hill leaving Sevilla on loan [스포티비뉴스=김한림·장하준 영상기자]After some winter reinforcement, Tottenham is going into the last minute of the transfer market. Following the signing of Arnaut Danjuma on loan in the transfer market this winter, Tottenham are on the verge of signing Pedro Poro. If there was a recruitment, there had to be … Read more

“Bitcoin, a secure currency”. The big cryptocurrency bluff

It’s time to tell the truth: the cryptocurrencies they are a colossal fraud, a technology without any positive social function, which enriches operators at the expense of millions of small savers unaware of what they are buying and the risks they are facing. Something is moving. China has outlawed cryptocurrency mining and trading; many American … Read more

DOPO research: Ml (ex-EZ): Buying out minority shares is not for you. Unless the goal is to secure any of them

From the stopper year signs and comments about the problem appear again and again vysokch cen energy for consumers and options for this problem. One of the most talked about options is some form of restructuring of the ownership structure towards the roles sttu. In this context, among other things, for example, the possibility of … Read more