Barcelona accepts a gift Mourinho and seeks to join Davinson Sanchez!

Spanish press reports confirm Barcelona’s interest in signing Davinson Sanchez. Spanish press reports revealed today that Barcelona want to obtain the services of Davinson Sanchez, Tottenham Hotspur’s defense star. This came according to “El Desmarke” newspaper, which confirmed that the player returned to the interests of the Catalan team after years of absence. The newspaper … Read more

Messi seeks to overcome the “Curse of Ronaldo” in El Clasico

All eyes are on the fiery “Clasico of Earth”, which will bring Barcelona together with its host Real Madrid in a position that may be decisive, and determine to a great extent who will win the Spanish League title this season. According to the newspaper “S.“The Spanish El Clásico is of great importance for several … Read more

Sherif Khairallah seeks help: I ​​will work as a taxi driver instead of living on credit news

Actor Sherif Khairallah mocked his departure from the artistic scene and the new work presented to him. Khairallah wrote on his Facebook account: “Praise be to God, after he stopped working for three years. I have a new job in which I understand taxi drivers in Turkey, better than living on credit and religion … … Read more

NASA Seeks Food Ideas for Astronauts on Mars, with Prizes of Rp. 7.2 Billion

Planet Mars. (Wikipedia/NASA) – Space bada NASA is currently developing concepts for a longer initial mission at Planet Mars. Now NASA needs an innovative and sustainable food system to feed astronauts on Mars. Scientist food Grace L Douglas, Sara R Zwart, and Scott M Smith of NASA, recently published a paper at The Journal … Read more

With a prize of Rp. 7.2 Billion, NASA Seeks Food Supply Ideas on Mars – NASA has developed a concept for your longer mission to Mars. The space agency now needs an innovative and sustainable food system to feed astronauts on Mars. Food scientists Grace L Douglas, Sara R Zwart, and Scott M Smith of NASA, recently published a paper at The Journal of Nutrition, discusses in detail … Read more

LATAM seeks agreements with regional e-commerce companies to be its exclusive cargo operator

An executive from LATAM Airlines indicated that the company seeks to sign exclusive agreements with regional e-commerce companies for the transport of goods, which will allow it to further enhance its cargo unit at a time when the demand for passenger flights sinks again. According to what was reported by Reuters Andrés Bianchi, CEO of … Read more

Netflix seeks to limit shared passwords with this new feature

Foto: Chris Ratcliffe If you are one of those people who like to watch series and movies in Netflix but they use someone else’s password because they cannot afford the subscription price, this news can be somewhat alarming. And is that the popular streaming platform announced that it is working with a group of users … Read more

Dark fantasy and challenging combat in the trailer for this Action RPG for PC that seeks to conquer you

Thymesia will hit stores this year from Team17, with truly viral gameplay. When we talk about viral games, we usually refer to those successes that are born from word of mouth or from social networks. But, in this specific case, it’s time to use the other meaning of the word. Thymesia is a Dark Fantasy … Read more

Merkel seeks to extend restrictions on pandemic in Germany

The document should be discussed at a meeting between Merkel and regional leaders on Monday. For now, the current restrictions remain in place until the end of March. With the rapid rise in morbidity again, health authorities are warning not to ease any restrictions. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the incidence of the … Read more