seizure of “war ammunition” containers at the port of Dakar

Published on : 18/01/2022 – 14:15 In Senegal, a major seizure was announced by the General Directorate of Customs: a ship carrying “war ammunition” was boarded last weekend in the port of Dakar. The cargo is estimated at three billion CFA francs, nearly 4.6 million euros. An investigation is underway. With our correspondent in Dakar, … Read more

Suspicious drug waste in Valkenburg turns out to be an oil bulb seizure

A remarkable find yesterday between the A44 motorway and the Valkenburgse Meer, not far from Leiden. In the grass, police officers saw 27 buckets that appeared to be filled with drug waste. They immediately called the fire brigade. He did research and determined after measurements that it was a fermenting oliebollen batter. The police found … Read more

Vatican scandal, Switzerland confirms the seizure of 60 million in Mincione

John Sibley via ReutersA general view of the 60 Sloane Avenue in London, Britain, April 13, 2021. REUTERS/John Sibley The financier Raffaele Mincione, involved in the purchase and sale of the famous London building in Sloane Ave with the Secretariat of State of the Holy See (for which the trial is underway in the Vatican) … Read more

The United Nations: Concerned about the Houthi seizure of a cargo ship

Riyadh, Aden (Al-Ittihad, Agencies) The United Nations announced that it is following with concern reports that the terrorist Houthi militia seized a cargo ship flying the UAE flag, while the Coalition to Support Legitimacy confirmed that it had received a distress call from an oil tanker after it was subjected to armed harassment opposite the … Read more

EPILEPSY: The bracelet that signals the arrival of a seizure

While there are medications, the option of surgery, and now neurostimulation therapy, many people with epilepsy continue to have seizures. The unpredictable nature of seizures is severely crippling and a source of great anxiety. If seizures could be reliably predicted, people with epilepsy could then adapt according to their activities or take a fast-acting medicine … Read more

the seizure of assets is triggered

Investigated by the Naples Anti-Mafia District Directorate. The neo-melodic singer from Palermo Tony Colombo and his wife Tina Rispoli are once again in the spotlight. The hypothesis of a crime against them is money laundering (Tony Colombo) and fraudulent transfer of values ​​(Tina Rispoli), both crimes aggravated by the mafia method. In the morning the … Read more

Tony Colombo and Tina Rispoli, house and car under seizure in Naples: recycling with the mafia method

Laundering and fraudulent transfer of values ​​aggravated by the mafia method: with these accusations, the Mobile Squad of Naples, delegated by the Public Prosecutor, has executed a preventive seizure decree issued by the investigating judge of the Naples court against Immacolata Rispoli and her husband Tony Colombo, neo-melodic singer. MORE INFORMATION <!– #correlati article figure … Read more

Seizure of 59 weapons at the border: two Quebecers arrested

As reported by TVA Nouvelles on Monday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirmed having seized, last Friday, 59 illegal firearms at the US border in southern Quebec. • Read also: Large seizure of weapons from the Akwesasne reserve In a statement released Thursday, the RCMP said a firearms smuggling investigation was initiated after a … Read more

[Video] New seizure in Chopa: Carabineros prevents the production of $ 88 billion in marijuana

A historic drug seizure was carried out by the Carabineros in the Province of Choapa. It is a massive operation by air and by land, which ended with the seizure of 18,349 plants in the rural sector of Infiernillo, located in the interior of Quilimarí, Los Vilos commune. During the deployment, which was carried out … Read more

Entrustment with parts of rifles that went from the RM to Temuco allows the seizure of a large number of weapons | National

A man was in preventive detention, charged with the crime of International Arms Trafficking after the PDI intercepted a parcel in Santiago with parts of rifles, which triggered the seizure of a large quantity of arms and ammunition. A man was arrested in Temuco accused by the International Arms Traffic, after a parcel in his … Read more