Drug trafficking at Peterbos in Anderlecht: lookouts, sellers, nurses … 30 people sentenced this Thursday

The Brussels Criminal Court sentenced, on Thursday morning, 30 of the 31 defendants in the Peterbos case, named after a housing estate in Anderlecht where extensive drug trafficking took place between 2020 and 2021. The three main defendants were sentenced to prison terms of 6, 7 and 8 years. Others received lesser prison sentences and … Read more

Toyota presents what will be one of its new best sellers in Spain

The new Toyota Prius 2023 has just been featured in Japan. The incombustible Japanese compact reaches its sixth generation and does so by improving everything seen previously. A model that aims to continue being a super sales. The Toyota Prius reaches its sixth generation. And it intends to continue to be a worldwide success. At … Read more

Ilze Tenase: Some sellers are not always honest and tend to manipulate discount prices

The survey conducted by our company and “Norstat” shows that, despite the rising cost of living, this year 23% of Latvian residents plan to shop in the upcoming sales at the end of November, which is 3% more than last year. Residents under the age of 39, especially young people, plan to use the advantageous … Read more

Food prices don’t happen by accident. Sellers are robbing the Czech Republic unfairly

Food producers have pointed out several times that traders are raising prices at a faster rate than industrial producers’ prices are rising. It means that prices are rising faster than, for example, bakers or poultry farmers deliver goods to stores. The website wrote about it iToday. According to Czech Statistical Office sales in the retail … Read more

Flower prices before Halloween: sellers don’t hide the price, but people still buy

Viktoras Bobinas, director of Floristas, a company operating for 25 years and managing six flower salons in Vilnius, says that flowers expensive, but the increase in their prices does not stand out from the general trends. “A little expensive, not particularly expensive. Everything is expensive, but not because of the holidays, but because of gas … Read more

Used petrol cars: mileage costs, prices and consumption of the best sellers

The used car market in Italy is important, especially in the current situation where the lack of supplies slows down production and delivery of the new. Through the analysis of the Aci data it was easy to identify the ten best-selling petrol cars in 2022 and calculate their costs per kilometer, estimating an annual mileage … Read more

There will be penalties for coal sellers who fail to register on the government site

The purpose of creating the Ciepo.gov.pl portal was to provide information to citizens where fuel for winter can be purchased at the best price, informed Cieszyński during the Monday press conference. Cieplo.gov.pl – website for coal buyers and sellers The Minister reminded that the obligation to register on this website – existing from September 26 … Read more

Moskvich is already rising from the dead. Builds a network of dealers – Magazine – Car

The Russian brand Moskvich, which went bankrupt in 2001, wants to send the first new cars to the market already this year. Chinese automakers and partner Kamaz will help it rise from the ashes. Sellers are already reporting from 23 Russian cities. Photo: Moskvič Moskvich – notice of a new model The silhouette of the … Read more

The Durian Seller’s Confessions Are Shame because of the Viral Says Similar to Ferdy Sambo

So – A durian seller in Demak, Central Java, Rozikin, is said to be virally similar to Ferdy Sambo, the former Head of the National Police Propam Division who is now the suspect in the murder of Brigadier Joshua. Not only in cyberspace, Rozikin is often called Sambo by neighbors and people he doesn’t know. … Read more