Shopee cuts free shipping with no minimum value and changes rules for sellers

Shopee is taking a more restrictive stance on its benefits policy in Brazil. This week, the platform cut free shipping with no minimum value on purchases made at official stores. The measure caught the attention of consumers and resulted in a series of complaints on social media, since this is Valentine’s Day week and many … Read more

At a glance, you can see the technical condition of the used. Sellers often point out problems unknowingly – Autozine

Buying a used car is not easy. There are a number of things that need to be looked at in the future. And the older the car, the more problems it can bring. Choosing the perfect car is sometimes challenging and can be a long run. But there are ways to easily tell if a … Read more

Central Market Order: ‘Illegal sellers must register’

The Crisis Team recently set up by District Commissioner Ricardo Bhola under the Central Market Paramaribo (CMP) by the District Commissioner of Paramaribo North-East, has in a short time brought many peddlers who sold their goods outside the market, along streets and on sidewalks, again under the roof of the CMP. The aim of this … Read more

Sales in Japan: Nintendo Switch Sports and Kirby lead the list of best sellers

Magazine Famitsu has shared (goes Gematsu) sales data for physical consoles and video games in Japan over a period of time between April 25 and May 8, 2022. As expected, Nintendo Switch Sportsthe new party game that promises to revolutionize parties in living rooms, has managed to position itself as the best-selling game in the … Read more

Watch out for Viagogo. Complaints against ticket sellers are increasing

Why is Viagogo’s business problematic? She sells tickets to cultural events of various types. Prices are often higher than if the customer bought them from the organizer or competitors, however, this in itself is not a legal problem. Czech law does not prohibit the resale of tickets for cultural and sporting events at a higher … Read more

Etsy sellers on strike against fee increases All the news in Senegal today: sport, Senegalese politics, people and miscellaneous facts in Senegal

Etsy sellers are on strike against the platform, a move that follows several controversial moves. The sellers kept their promise to to strike. The Wall Street Journal reports that some creators who sellEtsy are protesting the latest Marketplace fee increase by putting their store on “holiday mode” until April 18. Movement organizer Kristi Cassidy and … Read more

Autocaz offers intermediation between sellers and buyers of used cars

Date :avril 13, 2022 50Vues Subsidiary of the Auto Hall Group celebrates its 1st anniversary A new service is now offered by Autocaz. The subsidiary of the Auto Hall Group thus completes its business model by offering, as it announces, “intermediation of trust between private sellers and buyers of multi-brand used cars”. As a professional in … Read more

The Viral of Faith-Tempting Fried Food Sellers! Similar to Roger Danuarta and Drama Actor Kang Tae Mo

Viral videos of buyers, who are mostly women, remain loyal to buying fried food at street vendors even though it is raining, circulating on social media. The seller turned out to be a handsome man. [Instagram/@lame_turah] – Video viral the buyers, who are mostly women, remain loyal to buying fried foods at street vendors … Read more

The (very) low cost “Glasses for All” arrives in Brussels: “The prices of classic sellers are completely crazy”

“Sorry we only open Thursday“, launches an employee of the brand Eyewear for all to a passer-by who has already crossed the steps of the store, while the team is still in the preparations. And this is not the first. It must be said… Take advantage of our current offer and access to all our … Read more