The Government’s project to expand the Court could be complicated in the Senate

HORACIO ROSATTI (PRESIDENT) CARLOS ROSENKRANTZ (VICE PRESIDENT) JUAN CARLOS MAQUEDA RICARDO LORENZETT 4 new members of the Supreme Court The debate for enlargement of the Supreme Court of Justice continues its course in the Senate. Lawmakers now received the governors bill and now they must add it to the discussion in committee where there are … Read more

Justice, the Senate approves the Cartabia reform: it is law

Applications without lists Lists are not allowed; each candidate, without the need to collect a minimum of signatures, can also present himself freely in his district. There must be a minimum of 6 candidates in each binominal college, of which at least 3 of the less represented gender: if these two requirements are not met, … Read more

US House of Representatives agrees gun law that will fail in Senate

The US House of Representatives approves a broad package of measures from the Democrats to improve gun laws in the US to sharpen† Among other things, the age at which someone can buy a semi-automatic weapon can be raised from 18 to 21 years. Also the sale of magazines with more than fifteen bullets and … Read more

PvdA faction leader Kuiken speaks out in favor of joint senate faction with GroenLinks

PvdA faction leader Kuiken has spoken out in favor of forming a joint Senate faction with GroenLinks. In doing so, she agrees with her position party board. “Reducing inequality, increasing livelihood security and building a bright future for our children. We do this stronger together than alone and that is why we are looking for … Read more

In Spain, the House has approved a proposal to consider sex without consent as rape: now it will have to go to the Senate

On Thursday, in Spain, the House with a large margin of votes has approved a bill that allows any sexual act in which one of the persons involved has not given their consent to be considered rape, rather than just relationships in which there have been demonstrable threats, violence or coercion. To take effect, the … Read more

Belgian political institutions to be refreshed, even abolished: “The senate, we don’t know what it’s for”, says the PTB in QR Le Débat

Belgium has exactly 14,578 eligible places, all levels of power combined, for just under 11,750,000 Belgians. This represents 1 elected representative for 780 inhabitants. This figure may seem high, especially compared to the data from the Netherlands (1 elected official for 1,729 inhabitants). Yet in Germany, there is no less than one elected for 529 … Read more

Opposition leaders and local leaders in the Senate. Declaration signed. “Historical Moment”

On Wednesday in Senate the leaders of the largest opposition parties signed a declaration on strengthening local governments. The document was prepared by the Local Government Movement – “Yes!” for Poland. Watch the video Have you used credit holidays, the bank will lower your creditworthiness? We ask an expert Marshal of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, … Read more

Its, green light from the Senate. This is how super technicians will be trained with a diploma that is worth the degree-

from Gianna Fregonara Another passage in the Chamber but there is agreement on the text, part of one of the reforms of the NRP. Paths of four or six semesters, with long internships and teachers who come from companies. An eye on the ecological and digital transition The ITS reform is almost law, one of … Read more