Brazil Reports Huge Death Toll, Senate Investigates Drifting Corona Policy | NOW

The Brazilian Senate announced an investigation into the corona policies of President Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazilian government on Thursday (local time). A special investigation committee will be set up next week on the order of the Brazilian court. Brazil saw the number of corona-related deaths rise again on Thursday to near-unprecedented heights. In one day, 4,249 … Read more

Chris Aalberts – Theo Hiddema fits perfectly with FvD: he also has no idea what the Senate is doing

Theo Hiddema is back at Forum for Democracy and enters the Senate. Nicky Pouw-Verweij has been a Member of Parliament for JA21 since last week and has left an empty seat. We hear loud curses from the group of Otten (GO): there it was undoubtedly thought that the seat would go to GO Member of … Read more

Berdimuhamedov also takes care of the Senate deputy

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedovs took his place in the new upper house of parliament in the Senate on Tuesday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In Turkmenistan, elections of the newly formed Senate took place on Sunday, in which opposition candidates did not participate. Berdimukhamedov and 47 other politicians were elected to the … Read more

Vice-President of the Polish Senate: the real danger to the West is not gay parades, but Russian tanks

A Polish politician who participated in the International Forum of Konstantin Kalinauskas held in the Lithuanian Seimas for the second time believes that two opposing geopolitical sides have now re-formed: the Western world and Russia with China. However, according to him, it is Russia that is the main cause of division in the West, as … Read more

Pd, the reformist base gets in the way: in the Senate, ahead with Marcucci

ANSAThe intervention of the PD group leader, Andrea Marcucci, at the resumption of work in the Senate, Rome, 7 October 2020. MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI / ANSA A meeting of the reformist base senators took place this morning in the Senate, the area of ​​the Democratic Party which refers to Lorenzo Guerini and Luca Lotti. “The line, … Read more

Pd, battle ahead for the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate: first troubles for Letta

The respite between the currents in the house Pd which followed the appointment as new secretary of Enrico Letta it already seems to be wavering. It took less than a week, in fact, to break the harmony that had been created between the various dem souls, perhaps with the exception of the Riformista Base which … Read more

Senate approves MP that increases payroll deductible margin to up to 40%. See simulations

RIO – The Senate approved on Wednesday the bill for the conversion of provisional measure (MP) 1006/2020, which increases from 35% to 40% the margin that retirees and INSS pensioners will be able to commit with payroll loans. Military and civil servants from all walks of life were also included in the text. IR 2021:retirees … Read more

Senate takes ‘huge step’ in approving Biden’s COVID-19 recovery plan | Business

The bill, passed strictly along party lines by 50 votes to 49, now travels back to the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives, where it should be passed if there are no obstacles at the last minute. “I promised the American people that the aid was on its way,” Biden of the White House said after the … Read more

US Senate votes by one vote in favor of Biden’s $ 1,900 billion bailout package Abroad

After a marathon session, the United States Senate has just approved a $ 1,900 billion bailout package proposed by President Joe Biden. The aid package to help the Americans out of the corona crisis was passed by 50 to 49 votes. One Republican Senator was absent due to a death in the family. The billions … Read more

Doubling of minimum wage falls in Senate partly due to Democrats | Abroad

Wanting to more than double the minimum wage, Sanders seized the colossal $ 1,900 billion (nearly $ 1,600 billion) aid package to get it through both chambers of Congress. The entire ‘giveaway package’ does not seem to have any problems in the Senate, which will continue to discuss it on Saturday from 4 p.m. Dutch … Read more