A treasure in space… NASA will send a rocket to visit a valuable asteroid of precious metals | Video

The NASA announced the launch date of a rocket that will visit an asteroid worth 70,000 times more than the entire economy of our planet. Its name is Psyche and, according to the agency, it is made of metals such as iron and nickel that would be worth an incredible amount of money, if they … Read more

– Putin threatened to send a rocket at me – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly threatened Boris Johnson with a personal missile attack, Boris Johnson says BBC. According to the former British Prime Minister, the threat should have come in a telephone conversation after Johnson had said that a war could be a complete disaster. He says so in a new documentary that will be … Read more

Direct – War in Ukraine this January 30, 2023: the United States and Germany will not send F-16s to kyiv, Emmanuel Macron remains open on the question

Days pass in Ukraine and the war never ceases to hold its share of surprises, particularly in terms of communication. Latest, that made by the Russian company Fores. The latter has in fact just announced that it will pay 5 million rubles (about 66,000 euros) to the first soldier who destroys or captures a Western … Read more

Ukraine, Boris Johnson | Boris Johnson: – Putin threatened to send a missile at me

The apparent threat came in a phone call shortly before the invasion on February 24, 2022, according to a new BBC documentary to be broadcast on Monday. Johnson and other Western leaders had rushed to Kyiv to show support for Ukraine and try to deter a Russian attack. – He threatened me at one point … Read more

The Suns and VanVleet are entangled but unwilling to send Paul away – yqqlm

On January 30, Beijing time, the Suns lineup may undergo drastic changes. According to Matt Moore of Action, the Suns are entangled with VanVleet, but they are reluctant to send Paul, but other teams are closely watching this development. The Suns and Van Fleet are linked together, but the Suns have no intention of sending … Read more

Some in the Pentagon want to send fighter jets to Ukraine

Judging by publications in the American press, one of the main obstacles in the long struggle to supply Ukraine with Western-made tanks – especially “Abrams” – was the resistance of the American military. As for the supply of combat aircraft which Kyiv has identified as the next target of its lobbying efforts, the attitude in … Read more

TikTok allows users to filter what type of profiles can send them direct messages

MADRID, 27 Ene. (Portaltic/EP) – TikTok has implemented a new update with which allows users to filter the profiles from whom they can receive direct messages, choosing to be able to receive messages from all users of the platform to opting not to receive from any. The social network of Chinese origin is based on … Read more

B.E. Just saw a picture of ‘Kruba Kai’ riding a jet ski – playing in the water. misrepresent Send the matter to the clergy for review.

B.E. Just saw a picture of ‘Kruba Kai’ riding a jet ski – playing in the water. Inappropriate, misconduct, submitting the case to the Sangha for re-examination If inappropriate, how will the punishment be considered? On January 27, 2023, Mr. Suphat Muangmatcha, Director of the Secretariat of the Sangha Sangha Association As a spokesman for … Read more

Three consecutive earthquakes in Sichuan!Luding 5.6 Extremely Shallow Earthquake Feels Strong in Chengdu Authorities Send Staff to Disaster Relief- Cross-Strait- China Times News

Three consecutive earthquakes in Sichuan!Luding 5.6 Extremely Shallow Earthquake Strongly Felt in Chengdu Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province experienced three consecutive earthquakes this morning (26th), one of which was 5.6 on the Richter Scale with a focal depth of 11 kilometers. According to China Central Television, the earthquake occurred at 3:49 a.m., and was … Read more