US sends reconnaissance aircraft, China: Stop naked provocation!

ILLUSTRATION. Two Chinese destroyer-type warships during the exercise. Source: Global Times,Reuters | Editor: SS Kurniawan KONTAN.CO.ID – HONG KONG. China protested strongly in the form of “stern representation“to the United States (US), after a US U-2 reconnaissance plane flew into a no-fly zone over a Chinese military exercise. Quoting Reuters, A spokesman for China’s Ministry of … Read more

NASA Sends Three Astronauts to Overcome Air Leaks on the ISS

Ilustrasi ISS. (Pixabay/ WikiImages) – Existence air leak small on the International Space Station (ISS) create NASA is working hard on that. Astronaut Chris Cassidy, cosmonaut Ivan Vagner, and Anatoly Ivanishin were sent by NASA to repair Russia’s Zvezda, one of the modules that is the source of the air leak. “Since September 2019, … Read more

Ramón Morales sends message after punishment to Uriel Antuna and Alexis Vega

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 22.08.2020 23:34:02 Ramon Morales, former Chivas captain, sent a message through social networks about the situation they are experiencing Uriel Antuna and Alexis Vega, elements of the Sacred Flock that were separated from the campus for an indiscipline. The now coach of the Mexican National Team Football league he asks … Read more

After careful consideration: the king accepts the resignation of De Wever and Magnette and sends Lachaert into the field

Egbert Lachaert is a fairly new name in national politics. In 2012 he came into the picture for the first time as a candidate against Gwendolyn Rutten for the presidency of the Flemish liberals. He is considered a representative of the dark blue liberal wing. He became a Flemish Member of Parliament in 2013, but … Read more

Belarus: Lukashenko sends civil servants to the streets

In the face of new mass protests, the Belarusian state apparatus is organizing support rallies for the incumbent president for the first time this Sunday Alexander Lukashenko. Media reported that state officials from many parts of the country were being pressured to take part in demonstrations for Lukashenko in the capital Minsk. The rally is … Read more

Throwback Friday? Largest Bitcoin Mining Consortium Sends 800 BTC to Binance

Bitcoin (BTC) may have rallied to $ 11,700, but miners could promptly trigger a price dropwarn the data. In an August 14 update, the chain monitoring resource CryptoQuant identified a peak in the output of mining pools. The price of BTC: CryptoQuant expects a “small pullback” After being stable this month, Outflows from mining pools … Read more

Amsterdam police sends officers to Zandvoort in case of nuisance | Inland

“We saw a lot of nuisance from groups of young people in Zandvoort in recent days. Many of these came from Amsterdam ”, says a spokesman for the municipality of Zandvoort. It has now been agreed that if violent situations arise again, extra efforts will be made from Amsterdam. How many agents are needed for … Read more

Alianza Lima Mario Salas sends awareness message, true fan stays home | League 1 Movistar | YouTube video

The technical director of Lima Alliance, Mario Salas, sent an awareness message to blue and white fans in which he urged them to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and thus contribute to a possible restart of the League 1 Movistar. The Chilean coach decided to use his position to … Read more

Known Falling Point, Basarnas Sends 1 Multazam Evacuation Team from Mount Pyramid

BONDOWOSO, – Operations Section of the Basarnas Search and Relief Post Jember sending a team to evacuate students who fell in Pyramid Mountain. It is known where the victim fell. “After getting the info, you send a team to evacuate,” said Prahista Dian, Coordinator of the Basarnas Jember SAR Post. Kompas with via telephone … Read more

Desbordes sends a message to RN: he says that “very complex times are coming for Chile” and announces that it will be “a little removed” from the political contingency

He Defense Minister Mario Desbordes, sent a message to the militants of National renewal after he left the party presidency after being appointed secretary of state. In a video of more than two minutes long, the authority explained the reasons that led him to accept the position and made a tour of his management as … Read more