His club refused to grant him leave.. A football player sends his brother to replace him at his wedding | news

10/8/2022–|Last update: 10/8/202201:06 AM (Mecca) Malmö FF striker Muhammed Boya Toray was unable to attend his wedding in person, so he decided to send his brother instead to replace him after the club refused to give him a short leave to marry. The player had planned his wedding at the end of last July, but … Read more

“Russia is burning the gas it no longer sends to Europe”: NASA images show the flames from the Gazprom plant

Flames rising from the compression station of Portovaya. According to some international media, this is proof that the Russia is burning the gas who can no longer sell toEuropaafter the cut to the supplies decided by Mosca through the pipeline Nord Stream. To reveal it, he writes The world which mentions Finnish TV Yleare the … Read more

Recalled by his club, this player cannot attend his own wedding… and sends his brother in his place (photos)

Mohammed Buya Turay has priorities in life. And obviously, football comes before his own marriage. Having just transferred to the Swedish club Malmö, this Sierra Leonean player found himself faced with a good dilemma. While he was supposed to get married, his new club reminded him of his leave earlier, as he explains to the … Read more

NASA sends ‘material similar to human tissue and organs’ to dark side of moon – Liku

NASA plans to send some female body parts into space on an upcoming mission to the moon. The unusual passengers will fly over the dark side of the moon later this month as part of the Artemis 1 mission. 2 NASA is planning to put real women on the moon, but it is thought that … Read more

If I were a Sparta scout, I would go for another player. The former representative sends Letná a tip for reinforcement

Levý and the fans believe that Sparta did not adjust the wings to optimal playing comfort at the start of the season. “They played Haraslín with Pešek, they didn’t meet their form, Minčev went there, it was something similar,” recapitulates the 64-year-old coach. In addition, the aforementioned Haraslín did not finish the match against Liberec, … Read more

Telescope sends a unique image of the “cartwheel”

The US space agency “NASA” published, the day before yesterday, a rare and amazing image of a galaxy 500 million light-years away, the Chariot Wheel Galaxy, whose rings appear in unprecedented clarity thanks to the new James Webb Space Telescope. Astronomers believe that the Cartwheel galaxy was originally a spiral galaxy, like the Milky Way, … Read more

The 15-year-old who stabbed Marta Novello released from prison for a mistake, Cartabia sends inspectors

The Minister of Justice Cartabia has asked the Inspectorate to carry out “the necessary preliminary investigations, formulating the outcome of evaluations and proposals” for the release of the minor convicted of stabbing a 26-year-old student in Mogliano Veneto last year. Martha Novello An error. This is what would be at the basis of the release … Read more

Mario confesses his heart to Janji, the woman sends a message to flirt and talk – fresh news

Mario confesses his heart to Janji, the woman sends a message to flirt and talk Follow the news, press follow, live news At this time, the young protagonist Mario Maurer Returning to claim the title of event mogul again After experiencing COVID Recently, he attended the event “The New Era of Jeans” at Central Ladprao. … Read more

“The Rock” sends a message to Taylor Swift, she replies cash!

It was a bit unexpected, but Dwayne Johnson just sent a message to Taylor Swift. Without a filter in view of the current context, the singer then hastened to answer him. This exchange between the two superstars obviously do the rounds on social media! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most popular characters … Read more