Senegal: the painter Serigne Ibrahima Dieye auscultates the dark side of humanity | TV5MONDE

A spotlight on the Senegalese visual artist Serigne Ibrahima Dieye. His works, populated by dark mutants, scrutinize human flaws and injustices. Portrait between Paris, where he exhibited at the gallery Cecile Fakhoury his last series “Jungle Noire”, and Grand Mbao in Senegal, his place of life and creation.

Fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Minister of Health presents the results of Senegal

XALIMANEWS-The call was launched in Kaolack which hosted, yesterday Monday, the ceremony marking the world day for the fight against Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) celebrated around the theme “Act now, act together, invest in NTDs”. For the Minister of Health, the urgency of the response must be commensurate with the often disabling consequences of NTDs. … Read more

two sculptors challenge ecology with a giant plastic lion

Published on : 30/01/2023 – 14:38 A monumental lion in recycled plastics: this is the bet of a duo of Franco-Guinean sculptors currently in residence in Dakar. Mamady Kanté and Fabien Borde want to pay tribute to this animal symbol of Senegal, but above all to challenge the viewer on the state of the planet. … Read more

when pigeons make Senegalese youth travel – Liberation

Reportage Article reserved for subscribers Contrary to Europe, the breeding and racing of racing pigeons is attracting more and more young generations in the country, who train each other and on the Internet in this demanding but expensive hobby. In the populous Grand-Yoff district of Dakar, it’s easy to find Moustapha Diakhaté. “When he is … Read more

In Senegal and Niger, “trees of life”

Published on : 29/01/2023 – 00:00 Close-up on two plants present in the Sahel, very resistant to drought and very useful to human populations: moringa and hanza. It is called moringa (Moringa oleifera), but the Senegalese preferred a much more telling name in Wolof: nebeday, derived from the English “never die” – he never dies! … Read more

“Let the French troops in Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Niger, Chad and Gabon already prepare their luggage”

Welcome » News » Nathalie Yamb: “Let the French troops in Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Niger, Chad and Gabon already prepare their luggage” The pan-Africanist activist welcomes the gradual departure of French troops from certain African countries. After Mali and the Central African Republic in 2022, the French army will leave Burkina Faso in the coming … Read more

Senegal 0, SNCF 1, pending extensions…

The superb Dakar station built in 1914 serves as the terminus for the new TER. Seats INVESTIGATION – A year after its inauguration, the Dakar TER operated by the SNCF is very behind on its financial objectives but also in terms of attendance. Overview of a cacophony as only France has the secret. A year … Read more

Senegal: despite his trial, Ousmane Sonko says he will be a candidate in 2024 | TV5MONDE

Senegalese justice has decided to refer Ousmane Sonko to a criminal court. The opponent is accused of rape and death threats by Adji Sarr, an employee of a beauty salon. Despite his upcoming trial, he says he will be a presidential candidate in 2024. He denounces a plot, an instrumentalization of justice.

stripped of her mandate as a deputy, the former Prime Minister Aminata Touré counterattacks

Published on : 27/01/2023 – 02:40 The former Prime Minister was stripped of her post as a deputy on Tuesday evening, after a vote by the office of the National Assembly. In front of the press yesterday (Thursday), the former loyal to President Macky Sall directly targeted the head of state, whom she accuses of … Read more

anger of transporters after the ban on imports of used tires

Published on : 22/01/2023 – 14:22 In Senegal, carriers do not understand the ban on the import of used tires, one of the measures taken by the government following the Sikilo bus accident where 42 people lost their lives. With our correspondent in Dakar, Juliet Dubois Carriers are upwind against the measures taken to fight … Read more