Micasa is building 215 senior homes in Enskede

Micasa Fastigheter is building 215 new senior housing units in Enskede. The empty old service house in Kv. The valley will be 215 new senior housing units. Existing service house apartments in Kv. The valley is being rebuilt from old dark apartments to smaller and modern bright apartments in different sizes, mostly twos but also … Read more

Senior Lionel Messi Says Nobody Cares When Romelu Lukaku Leaves Inter Milan

TWITTER.COM/90MIN_FOOTBALL Senior Lionel Messi in the Argentine national team said that no one cared when Romelu Lukaku left Inter Milan. BOLASPORT.COM – Senior Lionel Messi in the Argentine national team says that no one cares when Romelu Lukaku leave Inter Milan. The beginning of the 2021-2022 season, Chelsea managed to repatriate their former assailant, Romelu … Read more

Maryla Rodowicz surprised in “The Voice Senior”. She started speaking Czech

Władysław Czepiec is 68 years old and lives in Zaolzie. He came to “The Voice Senior” from Ostrava. He was his great inspiration Placido Domingo and this is what the participant modeled after learning to sing. On the TVP stage, Mr. Władysław sang the song “Adagio” Tomaso Albinoniego and turned three armchairs – Maryla Rodowicz, … Read more

“The Voice Senior”. Maryla Rodowicz complains that she has no grandchildren

Maryla Rodowicz is the undisputed queen of this winter. On Christmas, the documentary “Maryla. That’s what I loved ”was watched by over 3.5 million viewers. On New Year’s Eve, we will see the artist during the “New Year’s Eve with Two” in Zakopane, and on the first day of the new year at 20:00 on … Read more

With a hadith and a verse.. a member of senior scholars in Saudi Arabia provokes an interaction after a fatwa on the conditions for congratulating non-Muslims’ holidays

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars and an advisor at the Saudi Royal Court, sparked an interaction after a fatwa in which he cited a Quranic verse and a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad “to allow” to congratulate non-Muslims on their holidays, according to conditions. … Read more

Listen to TV | Thursday 23 December 2021. The Voice Senior grows (19.8%) and scrambles Caduta Libera (12.1%), Rai2 at 6% with the Christmas film, MasterChef theaters (3.2%)

The Voice Senior Yesterday evening, Thursday 23 December 2021, on Rai1 The Voice Senior from 21:41 to 00:09 it won 3.736.000 spectators equal to 19.8% share. On Canale5 Free Fall Campionissimi from 21:44 to 00:37 it glued 2,084,000 viewers in front of the video with a share of 12.1%. On Rai2 A timeless Christmas it … Read more

Nuove Blind Auditions a “The Voice Senior”

A new session of Blind Auditions is at the center of the appointment with “The Voice Senoir”, the talent show hosted by Antonella Clerici which, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, is broadcast on an exceptional basis on Thursday 23 December at 21.25 on Rai1. Through the “auditions in the dark”, the aspiring competitors … Read more

[스타in X 록킹돌] Roa “I decided to become a singer thanks to BTS senior” (interview)

Rocking idol Roa (Photo=SRP Entertainment) [이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] [스타in X 록킹돌]is a corner introducing SRP Entertainment’s new girl group, Rocking Doll. “What made you decide to become a singer… ” Rocking idol Roa revealed that she dreamed of debuting as a singer after attending a BTS concert. In a recent interview with Edaily, Roa … Read more

“The Voice Senior”. Maryla Rodowicz in the first trailer of the new edition

“The Voice Senior” is a music program that debuted on TVP2 in December 2019. It is attended by people over 60 years of age who have vocal talent. The third edition will premiere on January 1, 2022, which means that the program will once again take viewers on a journey full of music, fascinating memories … Read more

An important development for cryptocurrencies.. a senior international official reveals new scenes

With the accelerating growth of decentralized finance, the head of the Innovation Center sees Bank for International SettlementsFrance’s Pinot Courier says financial regulators must agree on a global framework for cryptocurrencies next year. Courier told the Financial Times that conversations about high-level global principles for cryptocurrency and decentralized finance have intensified in recent months. The … Read more