Facebook | Young man causes a sensation in the networks by taking virtual classes from the beach | viral | Colombia | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

Facebook | Due to the pandemic, thousands of students around the world take their classes through different digital platforms. These include videoconferencing, which allow greater interaction between students and teachers. MORE INFORMATION: As if it were a movie: dog appears every day at the door of a hospital waiting for the improvement of its owner … Read more

Sa-don’s sensation towards the client of’What do I do’… Warm advice

MBN © News1 Four counselors encounter the behavior of the in-laws in the story and give warm advice for the client. In the first episode of MBN’s’Extreme Concern Counseling Center-What Should I Do’ (hereinafter,’What should I do’) broadcast for the first time at 11 pm on the 15th, Kim Seong-ju, Yoo-ri, Hong Hyun-hee, and Jeong … Read more

The sensation in the Polish Cup was for the hair, Bednarek was Lech’s hero in penalties! Soccer ball

After two draws and just one goal scored to start the spring round, the atmosphere in Lech was average, and the defeat with Radomiak in The Polish Cup she could only add fuel to the fire. The team from Poznań played poorly and they were a hair of embarrassment, but in the end they managed … Read more

Tennis player Taylor Fritz causes a sensation with bizarre storage technique: ‘Wow, how ?!’ | Tennis

The 23-year-old American played a kind of ‘backwards’ serve during his match against Federico Coria in Melbourne. Fritz did not hit the ball with the usual side of his racket, but with the back, which resulted in a particularly strong effect. The commentators on duty could not believe their eyes. “Variation is the slice of … Read more

A sensation in Liverpool! The English champions lost to Brighton Football at their own stadium

– Brighton is a team with a clear vision that is not afraid to play the ball. I do not think I will offend anyone if I say that he is fighting for maintenance, but it is very nice to watch such walk. If you see a band that sticks to their plan, they have … Read more

What does the “golden” apartment in Satu Mare look like, which makes a sensation on the internet after it was put up for sale

The apartment, with an area of ​​50 square meters, has PVC joinery windows with double-glazed windows, Vaillant thermal power plant, completely renovated electrical and sanitary system The property “arranged in classical-oriental style, with solid wood furniture sculpted in baroque style, with specific oriental chromatics!”, As shown in the sale announcement, is located on the fourth … Read more

Hundreds of RWE fans celebrate the cup sensation with a car parade

Essen. After moving into the DFB Cup quarter-finals, hundreds of RWE fans celebrated on the streets of Essen. Police initiate 27 preliminary investigations. = vm? = mj? Qpmj {fj tjfiu jn Hspàfo voe Hbo {fo fjof svijhf Mbhf- mfjufu bcfs jothftbnu = tuspoh? 38 Fsnjuumvohtwfsgbisfo = 0tuspoh? fjo / = 0mj? = mj? Svoe = … Read more

Sensation! The Polish champion defeated the Euroleague champion! “The greatest victory in history”

– This is the greatest victory in the history of our club. I still can’t believe it! – said the general manager of Enea Zastal Kosma Zatorski after the final siren commenting on the match, when it was already certain that the team from Zielona Góra achieved a historic triumph over CSKA. At the time … Read more

KSW 58: Sensation! Salahdine Parnasse brutally knocked out by Daniel Torres! (VIDEO)

KSW 58: Sensation! Salahdine Parnasse brutally knocked out by Daniel Torres! (VIDEO) Nobody expected that! Salahdine Parnasse was knocked out in the first round by Daniel Torres at the KSW 58 gala. The Argentine won the featherweight championship belt. The fight started with calm stand-up exchanges, where the Frenchman tried to take advantage of the … Read more

Already second in the sailing thriller: Herrmann is on the verge of a sensation

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 Second in the sailing thriller Herrmann is on the verge of sensation It’s a thrilling sailing thriller with a German hero: Boris Herrmann actually fights for victory in the final at the Vendée Globe. The decision will probably be made on Thursday night, when most of the sailors have long since … Read more