Index – Abroad – Iranian death sentences in an accelerated procedure, such is the judicial system

Mohamed Mehdi Karamit, the 22-year-old karate champion, on January 7 was hanged, just 65 days after his arrest. He was given less than fifteen minutes to defend himself before the tribunal – they claim sources for the BBC Persian broadcast. His tragic story perfectly illustrates how the authorities in Iran use show trials to intimidate … Read more

Iran sentences a mentally ill man to death over allegations of Quran burning

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s parliament failed to elect a new president for the 11th time on Thursday, perpetuating an institutional void amid one of the worst economic crises facing the country. Representative Michel Moawad received the most votes, with 34 votes, but 37 representatives returned with white papers, according to the Lebanese News Agency. Essam … Read more

Britons are stunned: the rapist is released – despite 13 life sentences | News

This case leaves the island stunned: one of the worst serial rapists in England is to be released again – and some of his victims were not informed. Andrew Barlow (66) is to be freed after being sentenced to life imprisonment 13 times. In the 1980s he had committed eleven horrific rapes. He committed many … Read more

Anti-Hijab Movement; Iran government sentences three more people to death – Malabar News

Representational Image Tehran: The government has sentenced three more anti-hijab protesters to death in Iran. The position of the religious regime in Iran is that the protesters have waged a war against God. This is considered the biggest offense against the religious administration. Following this, two people were hanged last Saturday. However, people gathered in … Read more

Iran sentences soccer player Amir Nasr-Azadani to 26 years in prison for his participation in the protests

Writing BBC News World 9 January 2023 image source, FIFPRO Iranian soccer player Amir Nasr-Azadani was sentenced this Monday to 26 years in prison for allegedly having attacked three security officials during protests in his country. Along with Nasr-Azadani, three other men were sentenced to death for the alleged attacks, Iran’s Mizad news agency reported. … Read more

The Iranian judiciary sentences the daughter of former President Rafsanjani to 5 years in prison

8 – January – 2023 Last updated: January 8, 2023 8:31 PM Faezeh Hashemi The Iranian judicial authorities issued a 5-year prison sentence against Faezeh, the daughter of former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, on charges of inciting riots and disturbing the country’s security. Iranian state television published the news of the verdict against Faezeh Rafsanjani, who … Read more

Forbidden to dream of Zelensky and write Putin with a small “p”: Moscow’s most surreal sentences to repress dissent

Throughout 2022, the Russia has been busy fighting against the naysayers of the war and the regime in power. From the beginning of the invasionthe authorities of Mosca passed a record number of laws: more than 650. Most of them restrict i citizens’ rights (such as the ban on propaganda LGBT or the prohibition of … Read more

5 ‘Crazy’ Sentences in North Korea for Trivial Cases

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — North Korea imposing ‘crazy’ punishments only for matters considered by some to be trivial, such as distributing videos or watching films South Korea. In December 2020, North Korea enacted the Rejection of Reactionary Thought and Culture Act to keep South Korean influence out. Under the law, anyone who speaks, writes or … Read more

“Three clear sentences. Nothing to hide»-

Of Giuliana Ubbiali Antonio Chiappani, head of the Bergamo prosecutor’s office, on the case of the prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri under investigation: “The disputed test tubes would change nothing” Jeans, sweatshirt and backpack, the prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri was at work yesterday morning with a certain coming and going of colleagues from her office. Greets with courtesy, … Read more

Tehran furious with Rome, the protest after the sentences of Meloni and Tajani: “Enough interventions in our internal affairs”

The Italian ambassador in Tehran, Joseph Perronewas summoned by the Iranian Foreign Ministry to highlight «the strong Iranian protest for the acts and observations of some Italian officials who continue to intervene in Iran’s internal affairs”. According to reports from the agency Irnawhich quotes some embassy officials, Perrone promised to communicate the protest of theIran … Read more