United Releases Medhat Saleh’s propaganda song for the series “Counter Attack”

Tamer Morsi, Chairman of the United Media Services Company, revealed, through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, the song of the series “Counter Attack” starring Ahmed Ezz and Hend Sabry, which will be broadcast exclusively on the channel DMCIn the coming month of Ramadan, the song bears the name “Kol Kalam Al-Hob”, and … Read more

Le Serpent series: “We give Marie-Andrée a role she does not have”

The lawyer Daniel Rock who met Marie-Andrée Leclerc, convicted of murder in India in the 1980s, has nothing against the series The snake, currently on Netflix, but he claims it doesn’t claim to be accurate. • Read also: The snake: a Lévisienne at the heart of a Netflix series about a famous killer “The series … Read more

ZHANG SHUAI 2021AW series

Music and fashion all originate from creation, and creation originates from a beautiful past and a bright tomorrow. If life is an unpredictable drama, then youth is a piece of beautiful music rewinding, returning to a familiar melody, recalling the past youthfulness and surging. The Zhang SHUAI brand 2021AW BACK WARDS[Rewind]new product launch conference will … Read more

Matthew Perry posted a photo from the set of Friends. Chandler Bing is back, but fans haven’t liked it for long

Actor Matthew Perry posted a photo from the set of the Friends special, but soon removed the spoiler. HBO appears to have said “Stop” to the leaked shot, but that didn’t stop the content from Monica’s apartment and the Central Perk props from going viral on the web. On Saturday, April 10, the star of … Read more

Sony full-frame lenses, G Series design, compact, lightweight, easy to use.

Sony Launched three full-frame lenses in the G-series E-mount lineup: FE 24mm F2.8G (SEL24F28G), FE 40mm F2.5G (SEL40F25G) and FE 50mm F2.5G (SEL50F25G) lenses. All 3 lenses produce high quality photographs. And gives a beautiful bokeh The lens is designed to be compact and lightweight. At the same time, when used with a Sony full-frame … Read more

You don’t need to sleep! Introducing the 10 Netflix series worth watching this weekend 2021

During the past year The era of Korean dramas has grown a lot. And there are almost all forms Plus diligently creating a new series Come out continuously Of course, each of the titles brought to Netflix was wildly popular. For anyone who has not traveled anywhere During the long holidays like this Just try … Read more

Štěpán Kozub and Robin Ferro in the film from the creators of the Okresní přebor and Most series!

They are now collecting contributions for a project whose script already has the tenth version Donio.cz. Because, as they say, you won’t film France in Moravia. Why Formula 1? Is this your childhood dream?A few years ago, a friend told me how he traveled to Portugal for football Euro. I realized how common such trips … Read more

La Casa de Papel 5: Change of release date, details and more of the Netflix series | Argentina | Chile | Mexico | CDMX | ar | cl | mx | TRENDS

La Casa de Papel has been a resounding success around the world since Netflix acquired the series, which had first premiered on Antena 3. Therefore, this title will have a fifth season. MORE | La Casa de Papel 5: why the premiere date was changed, leaks and more The story of the most feared robbers … Read more

Grandpa sat down at Skyrim, but lost control. The way he asked for help offline moved gamers

The German retiree wanted to slaughter mobs in the vastness of Whiterun, but the treacherous PS4 gamepad interfered with his immersion. So he understood: urgent help from young people is needed. And he achieved it – with the help of leaflets posted in his area. Klaus-Jürgen Langner, an 88-year-old Berliner, suddenly discovered his passion for … Read more

The official price of IDR 2 million, this is the price of the latest Polygon Relic series mountain bikes for April 2021

KONTAN.CO.ID – / strong> Polygon through the Relic series presents children’s mountain bikes with prices ranging from Rp. 2 million. Suitable for rider who has a tiny posture, check the price list for the latest Polygon Relic series mountain bikes April 2021. Sepadian is still an attractive alternative sport when the corona virus pandemic hits … Read more