We analyze Dead Space and Forspoken! | here-casual-the-show

We are reaching the second month of this year 2023 and in this new episode of Aquí Casuales: The Show we review, together with Klausen Hans and Klaudio Ortiz, the most important video games that will be released during the month of February. Also on the show, you’ll find our impressions of “Forspoken”, the new … Read more

Watch now.. The series, Blood Flowers, episode 27, with Arabic subtitles, on this channel

Watching the series “Zuhour Al-Dam” Episode 27 in full with subtitles, and the Turkish series attracted the attention of many around the Arab world to watch the series, and today’s episode is dubbed, which increases the suspense and the story of the series, its events, and the heroes participating in it, and since the first … Read more

Link to the official Mycima 2023 website to watch Arabic and foreign films and series

Mycimaa is one of the most searched websites. Especially after egybest, the most famous site in the Arab world, officially announced its closure, and this site is also one of the best sites for watching Arab and foreign films and series, Mai Sema is one of the most visited sites in the Arab world, and … Read more

Watch now.. The Price series, episode 18, in full, in high definition, on mbc, and watch VIP

A popular search today on Google for the series, Episode 18, especially after the end of episode 17, which witnessed very strong events. The series, The Price, has become one of the most important and powerful new and exclusive Syrian works in which a group of the brightest stars participate. The series has been at … Read more

NVIDIA product manager confirms that Discord will support RTX 40 series AV1 encoding, providing more bandwidth-efficient live streaming #ada lovelace (188748)

NVIDIA product general manager Gerardo Delgado mentioned on his personal Twitter that Discord will provide updates since January 26, so that the live broadcast function can support the AV1 encoding of NVIDIA RTX 40 series. The biggest benefit is that users can use less network The upload bandwidth provides high-definition live broadcast. Discord is currently … Read more

The dates of the series “Midlife Crisis” and the transmission channels

Series continues middle age crisis Search indicators are issued on Google, hours after showing the new episode. A series came out middle age crisis For the trend, after its latest episodes revealed a strong confrontation between Salma “Hind Abdel Halim” and her ex-husband, Omar “Karim Fahmy”, inside his hotel room. Midlife crisis series The events … Read more

The latest work in the Nintendo Switch™ game software “Harvest Moon” series “Harvest Moon Welcome!” “Life is Beautiful” will be released on June 22!

The PlayStation® 5 version will also be released on the same day! Release the latest information on beautiful animals and new crops in one fell swoop!Seya Co., Ltd. announced that Marvelous Co., Ltd.’s Nintendo Switch™ game software “Harvest Moon Welcome!” “Life is Beautiful” will be released on June 22 (Thu).In addition, the PlayStation® 5 version … Read more

Leaked early development video for a new multiplayer game in the Horizon series

The Horizon series of Guerrilla Games is scheduled to be released to the VR game Call of Mountain following the first work, Horizon Zero Dawn, the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, and is expanding into the core IP of Sony Studios and Guerrilla Games. A while ago, rumors circulated that a multiplayer game based on the … Read more

“Visiting the Cabin” releases a special series of family dilemmas in the world|Visiting the Cabin_Sina Entertainment_Sina.com

“Visiting the Cabin” Sina Entertainment News Beijing time on January 29th, according to foreign media reports, the new thriller horror film “Visiting the Cabin” directed by the director of “The Sixth Sense”, “Split” and “Undead” directed by M. Knight Shyamalan released a special feature, In the present doomsday, choose to save the family or the … Read more