Nocebo effect responsible for the lion’s share of the nasty side effects after corona

And that may also convince vaccination-refusers. Many people suffer from headaches or fatigue after getting the corona jab. In fact; these complaints even appear to be one of the most common side effects after vaccination against COVID-19. But is it really the vaccine? Researchers set a new study not. According to them, these symptoms are … Read more

“Shop Dee Mee Back” 2022, trading fees for stocks, funds, derivatives “tax-deductible”

Summary of the conditions for exercising rights “Tax Deduction” In the “Shop Dee Mee Back” project 2022, you can use the “Deductible Stock Trading Fee, Derivative Fund”. “good shopping, have a night2022, the right can be exercised from 1 Jan. – 15 Feb. 65 by purchasing goods and services must be in accordance with the … Read more

The tattoo that Nicole Neumann and her three daughters share to express their love

The model Nicole Neumann and her daughters decided to crown the holidays in a very special way. The girls of the clan decided to get different henna tattoos, a natural reddish dye that is removed with the passing of days, and they shared the result on social networks. In this way, the women left their … Read more

Amsyong, these stocks are down 20% more this week

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) recorded a slight correction this week. One of them is due to negative signals from the Central Bank of the United States (US) which will soon raise its benchmark interest rate. Launching from Refinitiv throughout this week, the national benchmark stock exchange index fell 0.12% … Read more

Moreno’s signing of National Athletic’s additional return to Shenhua clause is required to complete the share reform_Chinese Super League_Season_Colombia

Original title: Moreno’s signing of National Athletic’s additional return to Shenhua clause must complete the share reform Beijing time on January 16 news, the Colombian giants National Athletic team officially announced the joining of Moreno, but although the transfer has been finalized, it does not rule out the possibility that Moreno will return to Shenhua … Read more

In 1 second break, a huge loss of 28,000 baseband chips, the first share of Aojie Technology plunged 32%

1moon14On the day, Aojie Technology, which has the first stock of baseband chips, made its debut on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. However, the listing broke through and the market opened.1plummet in seconds20%, the stock price has fallen by press time32%, the investors who win the first lottery will lose money2.8million. The issue price … Read more

Chairul Tanjung’s Story Appears Again in Public: to Introduce Allo Bank

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chairul Tanjung talked at length about the reason why he finally appeared in public after a long time not seeing journalists. He conveyed this when explaining the business plan of PT Allo Bank Indonesia Tbk. last Tuesday, January 11, 2022. “I haven’t appeared in the media in 10 years. Now, I appear … Read more

Jumblatt to Al-Gomhoria: For these reasons, I will not participate in the dialogue

Emad marmalade With the head of the “Marada” movement, Suleiman Franjieh, declaring his refusal to participate in the national dialogue table “because it is of no use in the absence of the other party”, the table area continues to shrink and shrink, which leads to the question whether President Michel Aoun will remain insisting on … Read more

Record Nickel Prices, Producer Shares to The Moon

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Shares of nickel issuers soared in the continuation of the first session of trading today, Wednesday (12/1/2022), at the the world nickel price set a record high since 2012 this morning. The following is the performance of nickel stocks, based on data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), at 10.03 WIB. … Read more