The composition of Light Conversion shareholders is changing

Changes in UAB Light Conversion, which manufactures femtosecond lasers and parametric optical generators. One of the co-founders was replaced by a new shareholder. 25 percent The shares in the laser company are acquired by 7-Industries, a family-owned company. Growing in global markets, the femtosecond laser manufacturing company has gone through various stages of business development … Read more

Severstal will increase dividends to shareholders 5 times – Banks of Cherepovets

Photo: RBC Although Alexey Mordashov seemed to have promised that he would invest excess profits in the development of production and the Russian economy. The Board of Directors of Severstal Cherepovets recommended shareholders to approve an increase in dividends by approximately 5.5 times – up to 84.85 rubles. per share. Considering that 77% of the … Read more

Elon Musk was sued on Monday, was sued by shareholders

Elon Musk will be the first witness to be heard in court in connection with the 2016 acquisition of SolarCity, for which Tesla paid $ 2.6 billion at the time. Investors sued not only Musk, but Tesla’s entire board. Shareholders claim that the transaction unfairly enriched the Musk family, who were the largest owners and … Read more

Aeroméxico attracts local entrepreneurs and shareholders

Aeroméxico Group reported that a group of current Mexican shareholders and businessmen intend to participate in the new capital that will be issued by the company, as part of its restructuring plan under the Chapter 11 bankruptcy law USA. To this end, preliminary conversations have been held with various creditors and potential investors of Aeroméxico. … Read more

Börse Express – Nordex procures fresh capital – what does that mean for shareholders?

Nordex (WKN: A0D655) has started a major capital increase. A total of more than 580 million euros is to be collected from the shareholders. The group can use the money, because the balance sheet has suffered enormously from the weak market in recent years. In total, more than 42 million new share certificates are to … Read more

Babišův Hartenberg invests hundreds of millions in Czech e-shops

According to information from the daily E15, Hartenberg Holding and eRockets paid a total of lower hundreds of millions of crowns for the majority shares in the mentioned e-shops. The main investor is the Hartenberg Group, which entered both e-shops through the subsidiary Enterstore. This is the third investment in the field of e-commerce. The … Read more

The shareholders of the Riga car electric power plant factory support the delisting of the company’s shares :: Dienas Bizness

The company “Demontāža” has started the partial dismantling of the “Kimmel” brewery building complex. Soviet-era annexes are being demolished, preserving the complex’s historic buildings, the project developers inform. Swedish real estate company Eastnine acquired the site of the historic Kimmel brewery for 9.5 million euros at the end of 2019 with the aim of developing … Read more

“Three million shareholders are upset”… Samsung Electronics’ ‘70,000 electronics’ crash during the day, stock market ‘positive rather than pessimistic’

Samsung Electronics fell to the 70,000 won level during the day, the third consecutive day of weakness. As of 9:42 am on the 21st, Samsung Electronics is trading at 80,000 won, down 500 won (0.62%) from the previous trading day. It has been down for three consecutive trading days since the 17th, and the intraday … Read more

Repharm Group will ask the FCMC for permission to make a mandatory share repurchase offer to Olainfarm shareholders / Day

They informed that Repharm Group has acquired a significant stake in Olainfarm – 30.84% ​​of Olainfarm shares. According to the regulation, the FCMC must request permission for the mandatory share repurchase if a significant shareholding in the company is acquired – at least 30% of the voting rights. Repharm Group operates in accordance with the … Read more