Snaigė’s shareholders have approved the company’s restructuring plan

The shareholders of Snaigė, the only refrigerator manufacturer in the Baltics indirectly controlled by the Russian group Polair, have approved the restructuring plan, the company announced on Friday through the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange. The restructuring plan envisages the company’s intention to produce and sell more professional and medical refrigeration and exclusive equipment and to … Read more

The Ministry of Finance has proposed that ČEZ pay a higher dividend to shareholders

CEZ presented its proposal for dividend payment on March 15. He proposes to pay shareholders CZK 44 per share. The total dividend payment would thus amount to 23.7 billion crowns, while the state, which has a majority share of 70 percent in the company, would receive just over 16 billion crowns. The Ministry of Finance … Read more

Many Discussed, What is the Relationship between Erick Thohir and GoTo Shareholders? page all – PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Persero) investment decision in PT Goto Gojek Tokopedia (GoTo) became a national polemic. The loss of this BUMN investment was then widely discussed in the social media world. The investment money was disbursed to the Gojek and Tokopedia merger companies through Telkom’s subsidiary, Telkomsel. The DPR then summoned Telkom’s … Read more

The small shareholders of Sura sing the table to Jaime Gilinski

In order for the Gilinski Group to obtain control of the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA), in addition to the current relevant participations it has in Nutresa and Sura, it must control one of those companies that have been the object of the Public Acquisition Offers (OPA) that It has been launching since November of last … Read more

More than 10 times the number of participants!Longxing Chemical Co., Ltd. united more than 200 small and medium shareholders to pass the “pressing line” of the fixed increase in A shares_Stock Channel_Securities Star

(Original title: The number of participants has exceeded 10 times! Longxing Chemical has united more than 200 small and medium-sized shareholders to pass the A-share fixed increase proposal by “pressing the line”) Source: Financial World Author: Liu Yue Longxing Chemical held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, and the on-site voting shareholders were enthusiastic. On … Read more

Reasons for XL Axiata’s Parent Shareholders Reject the Plan to Acquire Link Net

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Shareholder Axiata Group Berhad rejected the plan of PT XL Axiata Tbk. (EXCL) acquired PT Link Net Tbk. (LINK). Previously, Axiata Group Bhd–the parent company of XL Axiata–announced the plan to acquire Link Net at the end of January 2022. Based on the conditional share purchase agreement, XL Axiata acquired LINK’s shares … Read more

Net Profit Soared 483 Percent, This is the New Composition of Directors and Commissioners Results of PT Timah’s General Meeting of Shareholders

BANGKAPOS.COM-The board of directors and commissioners of PT Timah Tbk has changed again. The reshuffle was carried out through the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) for the 2021 Fiscal Year. In the GMS, shareholders appointed Fina Eliani as Finance Director and Sufyan Syarif as commissioner. Fina replaces M. Krisna Sjarif and Sufyan Syarif replaces Satriya … Read more

‘Latvijas gāze’ plans to pay 15 million euros in dividends from shareholders’ profit for the first quarter

“Latvian gas“It is planned to pay 15 million euros in dividends to shareholders from the profit of the first quarter, according to the company ‘s first quarter report. Content will continue after the ad Advertising It is planned to pay 0.37593985 euros in dividends per share. The remaining part of the profit in the amount … Read more

Profits skyrocket, 2022 BRI shareholders can be full of dividends

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The performance of the banking sector shone brilliantly last year and has become a highly sought-after issuer in the capital market, particularly the banking sector. Several large banks recorded a compact record of brilliant performance in 2021, as economic conditions recovered after the COVID-19 pandemic, for example PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia … Read more