Spotify FB Messenger sharing function is upgraded again, non-members can also use group playlists! -INSIDE

The commercial launch of 5G has injected strong momentum into smart manufacturing. The characteristics of high network speed, low latency, and wide connectivity have become the key engine of manufacturing transformation. Delta Electronics sees the new power of smart manufacturing and, with the help of FarEasTone’s 5G expertise, builds the country’s first 5G smart factory, … Read more

Tomorrow is the celebration of the last 13 lucky years: Gemini sharing happiness: Congratulations to the fans

Actor and presenter Mithun Ramesh and his wife Lakshmi Menon are the favorites of the audience. Social media videos of the two together go viral very quickly. Now, Mithun shared the joy of their 13th wedding anniversary on Instagram. Is ’13 an unlucky number? But tomorrow is the celebration of the last 13 lucky years. … Read more

The Ministry of Finance and BI continue the burden sharing scheme, this will have an effect on the market

Reporter: Yusuf Imam Santoso | Editor: Herlina Kartika Dewi KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) together with Bank Indonesia (BI) agreed to continue burden sharing through a Joint Decree (SKB) III. The burden for both parties is carried out for the implementation of the financing of the 2021 Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) … Read more

Car sharing in the Czech Republic is rising this year, the interest in the holidays is highest

At the beginning of August, 50 years will have passed since the launch of the first car-sharing service in Montpellier, France, but in the Czech Republic the form of car-sharing has only been gaining ground in recent years. Sharing or renting cars is offered by about a dozen companies in the Czech Republic, with around … Read more

Bibi did not appear at Krystian’s prize sharing! What happened?

Bibi’s absence from Krystian’s for the main prize of “Hotel Paradise” surprised her fans. There were theories that it was due to bad contacts with other participants of the show. What’s the truth? Why didn’t Bibi show up to Krystian, who decided to divide the money won between the finalists? We asked Bogusia herself, who … Read more

The Swedish royal family – Sharing the summer greeting:

In the tradition of tradition, the Swedish royal family has gathered on the Swedish island of Öland, where they have, among other things, celebrated Crown Princess Victoria’s (44) birthday on 14 July. Every year is celebrated the big day on Öland in Sweden in a magnificent way. The date has been named Victoria Day, and … Read more

She stopped sharing photos, then admitted: Monika Bagárová once confirmed the assumptions

Monika Bagárová and her friend Makhmud Muradov have been the subject of various speculations, in which there has been talk about whether the star couple happened to break up. This was due to the fact that neither of the couple had published a joint photo for several months. And it’s actually no wonder. This is … Read more