Shark kills 57-year-old swimmer

A shark in a water park in Australia (illustration). – Rafael Ben-Ari/ Chameleons Eye / The emergency services could not do anything. A 57-year-old man was fatally attacked by a shark Sunday at midday while he was swimming in New Caledonia, said Civil Security. According to the first information available, the victim is a boater … Read more

Finance shark is said to have defrauded Häuslbauer by € 2 million – Lower Austria

A financial advisor is said to have defrauded Häuslbauer by almost 2 million euros, now he had to explain where the money should have gone. With the questioning of cheated house builders, the fraud process against a construction coordinator (57) continued this week with negotiation days three and four in St. Pölten: “We had a … Read more

A tourist tried to carry a dead shark in his luggage and surprised the airport workers: Animals: From life:

Workers at Syracuse Hancock International Airport in New York State marveled at the unusual luggage of one of the travelers. A jar with a dead shark was found in a tourist’s suitcase, according to a video posted on YouTube-channel Transportation Security Administration (ATB). The incident took place last fall, but the exact time and other … Read more

Human-Faced Baby Shark in NTT Makes it Stupid, Spotlighted by Foreign Media: Okezone Travel

BABY shark which was found by residents of Papela Village, Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) made a scene. Because the face of the predator fish looks like a human. This finding too viral and became the attention of foreign media. The baby shark was originally found by a fisherman named Abdullah Nuren (48). … Read more

human face shark | The sight inside the stomach of a captured shark is shocking; Human-faced shark fry

Pictures and video of a human-faced shark baby have gone viral on social media. A fisherman from Indonesia found baby sharks with human faces. Abdullah Nooran, a fisherman, caught a large shark while fishing. When it was brought home, it had three shark fry in its stomach when it was torn open. The other two … Read more

How the white shark mysteriously disappeared from Cape Town Bay

Experts are trying to find out what happened to the white shark. Last year, the government assembled a team of local and international experts. Their main conclusion was that the disappearance of the white shark is related to the arrival of a few orcas in the bay in 2015. The orcas eat white sharks. “These … Read more

The new boss of “Amazon” – a shark that smells blood 160 km

He will be an outstanding leader, says Jeff Bezos of the nomination Andy Jesse is a “professional shark” who can’t do without Buffalo chicken wings and is so crazy about sports that he built a sports bar in his basement and even bought the local hockey team. His colleagues describe him as an unpretentious and … Read more

Survival game: a crocodile swallows a shark a few meters from a woman Sputnik Mundo Sputnik A huge saltwater crocodile gave a great scare to a woman who was resting on a beach in the city of Cardwell, located in the extreme north of the state of Queensland, Australia, who did not expect to become the witness of this terrible scene. In the recording … Read more

Baby Shark could return to Nationals Park

The Venezuelan Gerardo Parra left an indelible mark on the Washington Nationals, that is why the citizens of the capital have decided to give the Venezuelan a new opportunity, after a brief internship in Japanese baseball. According to reports from Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post, the 2019 champions awarded the Venezuelan a minor league … Read more