Sharp increase in ad fraud in apps – gaming industry particularly affected

A study by Adjust found a significant increase in ad fraud in apps. The problem seems to affect all regions and app categories. The gaming industry has been particularly hard hit. Incidents of ad fraud in apps have risen sharply in recent months, according to a study by Adjust, a global app marketing platform. The … Read more

Sharp drop in credit card rates | Inf …

Within the framework of its now classic report on the characteristics of family indebtedness, the Center for Economic and Social Studies Scalabrini Ortíz (CESS), released a significant level of low interest rates on credit cards, loans and consumption of up to 50 percent year-on-year. “With data up to September we have been able to detect … Read more

The analyst who called 2018 Bottom Fears that Bitcoin will see a sharp drop

Bitcoin could undergo a sharp correction in the coming weeks as it forms a short to medium-term bearish outlook. This is compounded by an “excess” of positioning in the futures market observed by analysts at JP Morgan. Historically Accurate Analyst Fears Sharp Bitcoin Fall Bitcoin could see a sharp drop towards $ 10,000 once again, … Read more

Awaiting sharp change in Bitcoin price as BTC volatility has fallen to a 16-month low

The aggregate open interest of Bitcoin options (BTC) has risen to $ 2 billion, 13% below the all-time high. Although open interest remains heavily concentrated in the Deribit exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has also reached $ 300 million. In simple terms, lOption derivative contracts allow investors to buy protection, either up (call options) … Read more

Italy advises wearing a chinstrap inside homes and registers a sharp increase in coronavirus cases – Télam

Mandatory quarantine for positive people drops from 14 to 10 days The Italian Government issued a “strong recommendation” for citizens to wear the chinstrap inside their homes every time they receive people who are not living together and called to avoid private meetings of more than six people, when decreeing today new measures to deal … Read more

Venezuelan opponents denounce a sharp increase in the repression of the Maduro regime against those who protest due to lack of public services

The Bolivarian National Guard, one of the repressive forces of the regimeSeveral Venezuelan opposition deputies denounced this Saturday the “increase in repression” that they believe has been carried out by the Nicolás Maduro regime against the protests that have occurred in September due to the gasoline shortage. During an extraordinary session of the Permanent Commission … Read more

Traders discuss what Bitcoin holds after a sharp 3% drop overnight

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell sharply on September 29 from $ 10,950 to $ 10,630 overnight, registering a fall of 3%. Following the rejection at $ 11,000, sentiment from traders remains mixed. Some are cautiously optimistic under the premise that BTC regains the $ 10,700 level. Technically, analysts say that the $ 10,700 area … Read more

The Russians were promised a sharp cooling: Society: Russia:

Scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand promised the Russians in a conversation with RIA Novosti rapid cooling to 10-15 degrees by the end of the week. According to him, on Monday, September 7, it will be warm, even hot. Then “real autumn” will come. “A dramatic change in wind flows, northern air masses … Read more