Nintendo closes Wii HD ports project for NVIDIA Shield in China – Nintenderos

Surely many of you will remember that NVIDIA Shield received several ports from Nintendo in China. Well, today we get news of these versions released in HD and 1080p. After releases like Zelda: Twilight Princess y Donkey Kong Country ReturnsWe have learned that three and a half years later, these types of titles will no … Read more

New Porygon-Z distribution announced for Pokémon Sword and Shield – Nintenderos

We get an interesting announcement related to one of the most notable video games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. It is specifically about Pokémon Sword and Shield. The detail in question that has been published by The Pokémon Company focuses on a new distribution event. This allows us to get a Porgon-Z special on the … Read more

Ex Ilva, asked for the file on Mittal’s farewell to be archived: “It was not disengagement but genuine concern for the criminal shield”

There was no “Preordered design” to close theex Ilva of Taranto by ArcelorMittal, when in 2019 the French-Indian steel multinational announced its intention terminate the contract of rent of the Ionic plant signed in 2018 with the extraordinary Commissioners of Ilva in extraordinary administration. The Milan prosecutor’s office is convinced of this, and at the … Read more

Project seeks to sanction those who make fun of the anthem, shield or flag

The independent senator for the Maule region, Juan Castro Prieto, presented a bill on Wednesday morning that seeks to sanction those who make mockery or contempt of the flag, the anthem and the national emblem, all this, after that in the first session of the Constitutional Convention “the national identity of Chile was attacked.” The … Read more

The Zhurong rover found its parachute and rear shield on Mars

Zhurong was able to approach the parachute and rear shield that were dropped when it landed on Mars. The rover passed about thirty meters from these pieces of the capsule, which he photographed. Zhurong has already moved far from its landing site, which occurred on May 15, 2021. New images released on July 15, spotted … Read more

Delta strain intimidates Israel, but for a long time – virus bounces off vaccine shield

According to Reuters, the aggressive spread of the delta variety has already forced the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to return some of the restrictions and rethink the strategy to combat COVID-19. The head of government is now talking about “mild suppression” – the government wants Israelis to learn to live with the coronavirus. … Read more

The deminers removed the explosives found at the airport entrances, and the Shield was canceled

According to police, at 10.20. A report was received that on Rodūnios Road 2, in the territory of Vilnius Airport, builders had dug an alleged explosive. Less than 15 minutes later, a “Shield” plan was introduced at the scene. Loreta Kairienė, Vilnius County Police Representative 15min clarified that a mortar mine was found at the … Read more

Commodity prices have risen too high. The world began to shield them

“Commodity markets reacted with a decline, especially to the Fed’s statement in June about the earlier tightening of monetary policy. This caused the strengthening of the US dollar and literally washed away in many commodity markets, “says Václav Kučera, an analyst at Colosseum. Later, however, the Fed partially overturned and some speculators returned to the … Read more

Faris Al Mazrouei: Community awareness… a protective shield

Abu Dhabi (Etihad) His Excellency Major General Pilot Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the importance of concerted efforts between the various institutional and societal bodies to stand as an impenetrable bulwark against drugs and to combat this deadly scourge that does not differentiate between young and old, male and female, … Read more

Razer Coming Soon to Release RGB Shield with Voice Booster

In the coming months, Razer plans to start selling a unique product – a filter mask with built-in multi-color RGB lighting. The company announced this during a presentation at the E3 2021 exhibition. Here and below Razer images This is a product created as part of the Project Hazel initiative. First information about the mask … Read more