African American died after being blocked by policemen and doctors in hospital, shock video from the USA

Irvo Otieno, a 28-year-old African American with mental problems, died after being immobilized by policemen and nurses in a Virginia hospital: the shock video of what happened was released. His mother: “Treated like a dog”. Pinned to the ground and immobilized until he stopped breathing. The images captured by the video surveillance cameras are going … Read more

It was a shock, Vrana assesses the damaged relationship with Detroit. In St. Louis fires like nobody’s business

The Detroit Red Wings traded him for basically nothing, they even paid him. In St. However, Louis winger Jakub Vrána came to life and proves that he is one of the most gifted scorers in NHL hockey. “We knew he could score goals. We knew he skated great. We knew he was skilled. He’s proven … Read more

A quick victory was followed by a series of disasters. How the Americans unleashed shock and awe in Iraq 20 years ago

Former French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau once said that war is a series of disasters that end in victory. The Guardian newspaper writesthat the war in Iraq, on the contrary, began with a victory and ended with a series of disasters. Operation Iraqi Freedom, the attack by allied troops against Iraq and Saddam Hussein’s regime, … Read more

A middle-aged man sleeps on the food street! Seeing that “the posture has not changed”, the cleaner came forward to wake up and died in shock: the lower abdomen is hard | International | CTWANT

A man who had been lying on his stomach in a food mall in Singapore all day was found dead for a long time. (Picture / Recaptured from “China Press”) A sudden death occurred at the Food Street on North Bridge Road in Singapore. A man had been “sleeping” on the seat of the Food … Read more

Hyuna ‘Shock Shortcut’… I also removed my eyebrows

▲ Hyuna’s Instagram Singer Hyuna introduced a shocking hairstyle beyond the extreme. On the 19th, Hyuna showed fans a new hairstyle, saying, “It’s okay.” Hyuna was surprised with a short cut that went beyond bobbed hair. The eyebrows were also bleached to remove their shape. Hyuna broke up with Dawn in November of last year … Read more

Shock in Liberec. Slovan deprived Slavia of points, and Sparta evened the lead after the win

Last time, Slavia defeated Plzeň 2:1 in a direct fight for first place and came to Liberec as a big favorite. Especially when, before Saturday’s duel, the Red and Whites lost only one of their last twelve league matches against Liberec. However, two losses on opponents’ pitches (Teplice and České Budějovice) were certainly a warning … Read more

Identity checks at the entrance to the municipal council of Schaerbeek, Ecolo-Groen’s shock proposal

The people of Schaerbeek most concerned by mobility issues most certainly remember the last three municipal councils of the Cité des Ânes: shouting, insults, threats, yelling, etc. The whole largely maintained by some municipal councilors of the opposition. In short, a parody of democratic debate that the majority no longer wishes to relive. No decision … Read more

Jerseys without national emblem? It was a shock, the legend admits. She also suffered in Buffalo

The national team jersey was not the only one where Dominik Hašek’s change derailed. “When the first change took place at the birthday boy, I thought to myself, maybe not. I was blown away by it,” he states, and he was said to have been equally surprised years ago in the NHL, when his employer … Read more

Clashes before Naples-Eintracht, Piazza del Gesù in shock: “The Germans sniffed coke and praised Hitler”

Cocaine, chants praising Hitler and sexual harassment. There is also this in the three hours of occupation by the 400 ultras of Eintracht Frankfurt in the restaurants and bars of piazza del Gesù and via Calata Trinità Maggiore before the guerrilla unleashed against two hundred Napoli fans and the police, which then continued night, after … Read more

SYSTEM SHOCK will be released worldwide on May 30, 2023 for PC

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