he catches the ball to take the penalty and shoots his teammate away

Federico Bernardeschi is increasingly the technical and emotional leader of Toronto: he proclaims himself the team’s penalty taker, pushing away his teammate and then scoring with confidence. At the end of the match won in Nashville, the cameras are all for him: the team boss’s speech also arrives. By beating Nashville 4-3 away, the Toronto … Read more

After a fight, he chases his wife in the car and shoots her in the street when he realizes that he has called the carabinieri

His violence finally exploded in the street, when he realized that the woman – in her escape after the dispute – had asked the carabinieri for help. The shot in front of the eyes of the military, the wife who collapses hit in the shoulder: for her – a 52 year old from Soragna – … Read more

The robbery ends badly for the 4 bandits: the 80-year-old shop owner shoots and injures one

They attempt a robbery in a convenience store, but the outcome is dramatic: the owner, an eighty-year-old, pulls out a rifle and fires a single shot, which hits one of the criminals. The surveillance cameras record everything. The bandit yells “he shot me in the arm!”, And then gets on the BMW with the rest … Read more

Credit requested by families from Younited for vacation shoots up 245% to 38 million – Credit

The requests for credit to go on vacation made by Portuguese families to Younited grew to 38 million euros in the first half of this year. The credit marketplace reveals that, compared to the same period in 2020, the amount of loans grew by 245%, in line with the recovery of post-pandemic tourism. “The year … Read more

2 Asteroids The Size of a Skyscraper Shoots Near Earth, NASA Continues To Monitor Its Movement

FLORIDA – Two asteroid the size of a skyscraper hurtling towards Earth this weekend, to be exact on Friday 29 July 2022 and Saturday 30 July 2022. The first asteroid is named 2016 CZ31 measuring 122 meters and the second asteroid is named 2013 CU83 measuring 183 meters. The first asteroid, dubbed 2016 CZ31, will … Read more

Shooting in Stokkem: 21-year-old shoots at neighbor’s house (Dilsen-Stokkem)

DILSEN-STOKEM – The residential area of ​​Veeweide in Stokkem was startled by a shooting on Saturday evening. After a neighbor dispute over a loan got out of hand, a 21-year-old man shot through his neighbor’s window and hammered his Opel Corsa with a hammer. The twenty-something has been arrested. Mark Dreesen/Olivier Simons Sunday 24 July … Read more

Specifications of Glock 17, Pistol Named in Police Case Shoots Police

KOMPAS.com – Case police shoot police beat Brigadier J allegedly shot with a gun Glock 17 used Bharada E. Police shooting incident at the residence of the Head of the Profession and Security Division (Kadiv Propam) at the National Police Headquarters, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo on Friday (8/7/2022). Pistol Glock 17 What appeared in this … Read more

Heroic Story of US Civilian Shoots Dead Gunman in Mall, in 2 Minutes Saves Many Lives All

GREENWOOD, KOMPAS.com – Civilians United States of America (USA) Elisjsha Dicken (22) is called a hero, because he shot dead a mall shooter in the state of Indiana named Jonathan Sapriman (20). Sapriman on Sunday (17/7/2022) night local time opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at Greenwood Park Mall, Indiana. The suspect killed a 30-year-old … Read more